Why You Should Traveling Somewhere Spontaneous Every Year


Have you ever had the urge to just hit the open road with no destination in mind?

It’s like a real-life game of Chose Your Adventure – where every turn leads to a new and exciting possibility.

But you don’t even have to get in your car to get that free feeling.

You can plan a trip. Just keep some spontaneity in the process.

Try finding last minute deals right before your vacation. Choose the most appealing place with the best deal. Or take a spontaneous weekend getaway.

There are so many reasons why you should do this at least once every year.

And if you need some more convincing, here’s why you should travel somewhere spontaneous every year.

Get out of your comfort zone

When we talk about spontaneous travel, we’re not talking about an on-the-fly trip to grandma’s house. Those are great too, but they aren’t exactly getting you out of your comfort zone. Actually, a trip grandma’s house is probably getting you deeper-rooted into your comfort zone.

Let’s break that mold!

Make a last-second decision to travel somewhere you’ve never been. It could be a faraway land that’s on the flipside of the earth. Or it could be a daytrip to a town you’ve never visited.

Obviously one of these will take you further from your comfort zone than the other, but the one you choose may have a lot to do with your budget. The important part about this exercise is to experience completely new things.

Create new memories

Do you remember that time you went on a completely spontaneous weekend getaway to Nashville?

No? Well, maybe that should be your plan for this weekend!

You can bet that a spontaneous trip is going to be a memorable one. Especially if you’re not the type to take spontaneous action, this is going to be the trip of a lifetime.

Take lots of pictures while you’re there because you’re going to want to remember every moment.

Follow your intuition

When you were a kid, following your gut came naturally. You had a thought and turned into action. But after years of being told no or getting in trouble for your actions, you’ve learned to tone it down.

Most adults have toned it down so much that they’re almost completely out of touch with their own intuition.

A spontaneous trip is great way to start thinking intuitively again.

You’ll have to feel your way towards your destination. And then, once you’re there, you’ll have plenty of other decisions to make. And you’ll naturally start following your intuition. Intuition tends to take over whenever we’re out of our comfort zone.

Make new friends

If you aren’t vacationing every year, or if you’re going to the same places, you’re missing out on major opportunities to meet new and interesting people.

When you take a spontaneous trip, you can meet people from all over the world. Stay in touch with everyone you meet, and you may encounter them again at some point. If not, you’ve got a list of interesting Facebook friends who you’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting in person.

Get better rates

Depending on where and when you’re travelling, you might be able to take advantage of last-minute deals.

Start planning your spontaneous trip by using services like Priceline or Hotwire. From here, you can take things a step further and email hotels to see whether they have any unadvertised specials.

Oftentimes, hotels are willing to discount their rates significantly to fill more rooms.

If you’re traveling at peak times, discounts are unlikely. Still, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Expect the unexpected

There’s a certain thrill that’s associated with a spontaneous trip. This is one time in your life when you have absolutely no idea what’s going to come next.

You might be the kind of person who plans an itinerary for every vacation. But in this case, you won’t have time. It’ll be a fun challenge to find new and exciting ways to fill your time in this unfamiliar location.

Some vacations are meant to be planned. Others work best with some level of spontaneity. Just be sure to take all of your normal safety precautions while being spontaneous.

This type of trip elicits a “throw caution to the wind” type of mentality. And this can be fun and helpful in letting loose. But don’t forget to keep yourself grounded – if even just a little.


Are you ready to take that spontaneous trip?

Grab a map, close your eyes and point! That’s your next destination. Unless it’s clear across the world and you can’t afford it. In that case, get a smaller map and repeat.

A spontaneous trip is very likely what’s been missing in your life. So get out of your comfort zone and have a great time!



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