125 Wolf Tattoos with Meanings


Tattoo is a form of an art—it expresses your individuality and personality to the world. Just like any art, there are hidden messages behind tattoos, and they are something special and personal to the person wearing them. Wolf tattoo is one of the most expressive and meaningful art that we should appreciate. Whether you’re looking for wolf tattoo inspirations or you’re trying to decode the meaning of the wolf tattoo itself, keep reading on our guide so you’ll appreciate the creative body art.

Is Wolf Your Spirit Animal?

Do you know that animals were used as an instrument to reveal our inner selves? Yes, a spirit animal is a reflection of you, and a reminder of your strength and courage. Most of the time, tattoo represents the character of the person wearing it. Depending on your personality, wolf tattoos can be a powerful symbol of contrast. Do you perceive a wolf as a loyal animal with a peaceful nature, or a ferocious and violent creature when provoked?

In your childhood, you might be familiar with a fictional character of a lone wolf that seemed popular in bedtime stories like Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. Some men even think of themselves as a rebel in today’s society, making wolf their spirit animal. Do you feel being hunted yet you’re able to survive on your own? A wolf tattoo can be a symbol of strength too, so it can be perfect for you. Wolf tattoos are complex—their symbolism can be perceived differently depending on the personality and lifestyle of the wearer.

There are a lot of ways to make sure that wolf is your spirit animal, and all of them start with you. If you already know your flaws and strengths, then you’ll also know if you have the spirit of the wolf within you. If you believe in the interpretation of dreams, then, keep your eyes open. Wolves might have come across to you and reveal what your spirit animal truly is.

Apart from it, do you find the wolf animal attractive or something that should be feared? Do you love wolf art above anything? Remember, we do not choose our spirit animal, as it’s our spirit animal is the one that chooses us. These are some of the things you need to consider before getting inked with a wolf tattoo.

Reasons to Get a Wolf Tattoo

Tattoos are personal, and they should reflect your individuality. Whether you like wolf tattoos because wolf is your spirit animal, or you’re just impressed with the characteristic of the magical creature, then incorporating them in your life as a tattoo can be great. But before getting the body art, here are some reasons that should urge you to get wolf tattoos:

  1. You want to be the guide in your own life.

Do you know that wolves are often portrayed in mythologies and stories as a guide that helps humans? Yes, they are great on trusting themselves which makes them the guardians and leaders in nature. Do you trust your own guts and intuition? When you rely heavily on your instincts, then it’s a clear sign that you’re wolf in spirit.

In the ancient cultures, wolves are characterized as the powerful leaders that strongly rely on their instincts. Native Americans consider wolves as teachers or pathfinders—and even in the modern times, hikers take advantage of their formation to guide them on their journey. Also, the wolf is considered as a symbol of light since it has the ability to see in the dark, guiding your path. Indeed, having a wolf tattoo will remind you to trust your instincts and intuition.

Do you even know that the wolf spirit people are often known for their wise words and great wisdom? If you find yourself an experienced individual in life with a lot of stories to share, then you’re a great guide for your family and friends. If you feel lost in the forest of life, your wolf tattoo can serve as your guide to find the right path and conquer your greatest fears.

  1. You’re family oriented.

Of all the animals, wolf is considered as the most loyal when it comes to valuing the company of others and family. According to mythologies, wolves are discreet creatures that make life-long commitments. If you find yourself as the bread winner of your family or you make everything for the welfare of your loved ones, then a wolf tattoo is perfect for you.

Do you know that wolves are known as caring parents? They live and hunt in packs, and they take care of their pups, reflecting a strong family bond between them. Yes, a wolf tattoo can be a means to show your devotion to your family.

  1. You’re discreet and intelligent person.

When you have the wolf as a spirit animal, you’re lucky. It only means you’re smart and a strong person. If wolf is you spirit animal, then your instincts play a big role on how you interpret the things around you.  If you’re an achiever, think of a wolf tattoo in a dynamic form to show how eager you are to achieve your life goals. Have you ever wondered how wolves have survived in harsh locations for thousands of years? Yes, they’re intelligent and they are skillful enough to survive on their own.

  1. You value freedom above anything else.

If you’re brave enough to defy the society or you’re searching for a way to quench your thirst for freedom, then a wolf tattoo is perfect to show your courage and dynamic personality. You’re independent, yet you’re able to handle any consequences you face. Wolves are independent and have a strong appetite for freedom. In fact, they are considered in various cultures as the symbol of power and grace.

If you want to live your life more freely, then trust your gut and do the things that you love. If you feel like being restricted by social norms and traditions, a wolf tattoo will remind you to live freely and powerfully, making your dreams come alive. Remember, your passion to live freely can be a great sign that a wolf spirit is present in your life. Eventually, a wolf tattoo can be your inspiration to cope up with your everyday struggle.

  1. You have a loyal heart.

If you’re a loyal person, a wolf tattoo is perfect for you. A wild creature can still be translated into something majestic and powerful, where you’ll be able to express your honesty and sincerity with a sassy wolf tattoo design. Yes, a wolf can be a defender and a devoted friend too. Do you know that a wolf will only mate with one partner while the pair is alive? That’s the reason why a wolf tattoo is a great reflection of your loyalty.

  1. You are strong enough to conquer any problems you face.

The wolves are some of the most feared animals in the forest—they’re fierce, bold, and strong. Have you seen growling wolf tattoos? Yes, it might be a bit intimidating, but the aggressive design of the tattoo will just show how brave you are in facing your life’s ordeals. You can be a discreet person, but you can also transform into a wolf nature when you need to. Wolf tattoos can also reflect your fearless attitude when making big decisions in life. So, if you need a reminder that you are a strong warrior, a wolf tattoo can reflect your warrior spirit and strength too.

Inspiring Wolf Tattoo Designs

Tattoo is an art, and just like any masterpiece, you can create various designs as your imagination allows. If you see yourself in the eyes of the wolf creature, then channel your inner wolf with a creative tattoo design. To better reflect your associations with a wolf, you can also sport some wolf-themed jewelry, for instance, a werewolf ring. If you’re still wondering what kind of wolf tattoo you should get, here our inspirations:

  1. Mystical Wolf Tattoo Designs

If you want something symbolical and mystical, think of wolf tattoos in a scenic view whether depicting a wolf howling in the forest, facing the moon at night and such that can create various atmospheres and impressions. Do you even know that the ancient legends say that bad things will happen when a wolf howls while the moon is full? Whether you believe it or not, the tattoo design can give you a mysterious vibe.

According to the legends, the howling of a wolf shows the act of asking the guidance from the Great Spirit. Also, some people believe that hearing a wolf howl at the full moon is a sign of fulfillment of your desires and goals in life—that could be possible as long as you follow your instincts.

Whether you’re looking for guidance to fulfill your life’s purpose, or you need to find the right path to achieve your desired goal, then you might consider a wolf tattoo with moon in the scene. Once you’re open enough to accept the spiritual guide, then you’ll hear it loud as wolf howling at night.

  1. Geometric-Inspired Wolf Tattoo Designs

Whether you want to tap into all things primal or to be guided by your spirit animal for you to be more intuitive in your life, then having a wolf tattoo can be great. Remember, the wolf is associated with intelligence and freedom, so your tattoos can be a reminder for you during the times you feel loss—they will inspire you to follow your guts and instincts. Just stay closely connected with your true feelings.

If you wish to make everything creative and modern, think of geometric-inspired tattoos that features polygons along with wolf’s face. This can show your edgy and bold personality while keeping everything art-inspired. Whenever you feel lost and misguided, a wolf tattoo can be your guide to find the right path. Remember, the spirit animal could help you to deal with issues in your life.

  1. Colorful Wolf Tattoo Designs

If you wish to make your life more fun, or you find a wolf animal as an inspiration, think of colorful wolf tattoos that can brighten your day. In fact, it’s a great means to personalize your wolf tattoo and perceive it as an art. Do you know that you can even pick various chakra colors on your wolf tattoo to help you meditate? Yes, you can even make a body art a form of healing.

Apart from it, you can choose your wolf tattoo’s color that could reveal deeper interpretations. While a black wolf is believed to help us bring the balance in our lives, a white wolf is the one who’s teaching us the lesson to learn our purpose in life. The brown wolf on the other hand teaches the lessons of health and healing, and a golden wolf symbolizes peace, wealth, and good health.

  1. Graphic Wolf Tattoo Designs

Whether you find the wolf as a tame or wild animal, graphic wolf tattoos are perfect for you. They can be expressive and meaningful while keeping everything mysterious. If wolf is your spirit animal, then it provides guidance to your inner self, along with the purpose of your life, and insights on how to face your greatest obstacles. If you keep a positive attitude in life even in the darkest of tunnel of life, your wolf tattoo will be the symbol of your victory and courage.

Indeed, wolf tattoos are a form of art that expresses your personality. So, embrace your spirit animal and be the guide in your own journey.


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