125 Wolf Tattoos with Meanings


Tattoos have always been a way of showcasing one’s inner desire, their rebellious nature, and a window to that world one’s still want to create. You can get inked with a wolf tattoo and get a thrill of its own. There is a lot of ideas out there that take hints from the animals in the tattoo world. And you are surely going to enjoy these after you get them inked on your body. Take cues from the art we are presenting here and head on to your artist to get it done. You can surely feel good about yourself when you are set!

Wolves are stunning, and when you look at images, they are showing off some mysterious vibes usually. People tend to love these animals as they represent loyalty. Thus the men seem to consider this as an important one! Most men of the middle ages love to get inked with the wolf on their chest or arms. But these are also adored by women. You can get them to look stunning even if they are short and sweet! These fierce animals are also representatives of love, and thus, it has a romantic angle too! You can make the best of your appointment by asking your tattoo artist all about the meaning they hold!

Here are 125 beautifully inked images of the wolf tattoo that you cannot get your eyes away from! Make sure you bookmark this article to get them done soon!

Meaning and origin of the wolf tattoo

A voracious predator with powerful hunting skills and morbid howls, an image created as we speak of the deadliest predator of the wild that has survived from the time of ice age. Associated with mythology and gods wolf represents and symbolizes differently with different region and tribe around the globe. For the native American wolves are a symbol of a totem animal and a spiritual guardian believed to be guiding them through life. ­­­­­­For the people of Rome, the wolf is seen as a sign of power, and they have paid particular tribute to the she-wolf who is believed to have taken care of founder of Rome Remus and Romulus which significantly tells us about the compassion and warmth a wolf holds. To the people of Scotland, it means destructions and death.

Originated from the natives Americans wolf tattoos for them represents masculinity, devotion, triumph, and courage. Hunting in a pack and protecting it Wolves show loyalty towards their pack; hence, wolf tattoo represents a strong family bond. To showcase such relationships, people often choose to get inked themselves with a pack of wolves chained together. Choosing to mate with only one partner for the rest of their lives, a wolf tattoo represents loyalty towards their partners. To depict this, people often decide to get inked with two wolves in a heart-shaped form. To our surprise, this mythological creature’s tattoo can symbolize courage and evil at the same time. A symbol with a full moon and a wolf howling represent death with mystery in the dark shadows of the night. Like such a wolf tattoo can have a variety of background such as mountains, rocks, tree, snow, and rivers to depict the true raw nature of this untamed animal.

Types of wolf tattoo designs to try

There are various ideas regarding tribal wolf tattoos. Here are a few ideas and the depictions they hold. Mostly a tribal wolf tattoo is created with a single wolf that represents a person’s inner desire to go ahead in life alone. If you feel in life that you need to move forward in life and choose a life of your own, choose to show you can you are self-sufficient, independent you can get inked with this tattoo. This kind of tattoo is also called as a lone wolf tattoo. Men always have shown a protective nature toward their family. And they depict the nature of a guardian and an aggressive nature if done any harm to their family. Hence tribal tattoos are done by men represents warriors, masculinity and protective guardian and aggressiveness.

A woman even if she is not a mother, has nurturing, caring nature and shows affections towards any child. A she-wolf is morbidly protective and nurturing in nature and can take anything for her cubs. For women, it symbolizes a high level of intuitive and nurturing nature. For this most women get inked with a tribal she-wolf tattoo and with cubs. These kinds of tattoos are mostly made with geometric shapes and can be customized as per one’s desire. To have this tattoo, a fair amount of skin is needed. The most general area to have a tribal tattoo is around the chest, shoulder, and back. In addition to this, a tribal tattoo shows a secure connection to the person’s culture and their roots. While creating a tribal tattoo mainly has strokes of green and other colors.

Ideal place for a wolf tattoo

A tattoo is depictions of what you want in life and what you wish to other needs to see in you, a tattoo beholds storied untold. The symbol it holds, the colors it displays has significance to the narration of the story a tattoo holds. So when getting inked ideal place for a wolf tattoo is around the chest, on the shoulder. You can also try around the forearm on the neck and at the back. In this way, the actual formation of the tattoo will not be compromised and will stand out for the perfect reason it was created. The strokes of color will shine better, and it would come out to look more faltering as the curves will not hinder the beauty it holds.

One of the ideal places to have a wolf tattoo is at the back where it can be created with more space and can be created on a more creative level. If you want to get inked but want to have it in a small area chest area seems a perfect place. If you’re going to be more than that around, then shoulder area can be an ideal fit where you can ink with more texture and by adding more objects to the surrounding. You may add a pack of wolves, a full moon on a night, or have a think forest with a pack of wolves. Around the calf area legs, it gives you more area to showcase your love toward the tattoo. Last but not the least people also choose the neck area to get inked with a wolf tattoo that comprises of a wolf’s head with striking eyes and an aggressive face.


wolf tattoo

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The ideas that men love the most!

When it comes to men, among the most loved animal tattoos are of the lion and that of a wolf. As like for anyone else, any tattoo should be able to narrate the story of the individual same goes for the men. For men who want to show that they are the leader of their family, an alpha that all should be following and respected ink themselves with an alpha male wolf tattoo. Among many wolf tattoos that men around the world loved to get inked with here are some of the wolf tattoos that men around the world loved to get inked with here are some of the best-loved ones.

A snowy landscape and a white wolf:  this symbolizes the ability to blend into nature and courage to convert any situations into their favor.A tribal wolf tattoo: this tattoo symbolizes a strong sense of bond towards their family, friends along with this it shows loyalty responsibility toward their family. A wolf howling in a full moon night: this tattoo is one of the most loved tattoos among the others.People who want to depict themselves as a mysterious person, who wants to make people think there is more to the story than what meets the eye. The black wolf tattoo: for those who are a rebel, have been different shows mischevious this tattoo is perfect for them. This symbolizes a powerful and bold statement.

Wolf Tattoo ideas that are best for females

Compare to men, and women prefer tattoos that are more realistic and with less area coverage. They would go for tattoos that are more vibrant and more meaning full rather than tattoos that monochrome and covering a vast area. Women try having symbols that show their inner strength, the beauty they hold, and the aggressive nature they have.

Depiction of these attributes women hold is mainly done using striking bold colors that includes color red: which not only shows passion, anger but also denotes love and compassion. The other color chosen by many women for their wolf tattoos is shades of blue which does wonder to the wolf tattoo that makes it come to life even more and makes it even more real and authentic. Color blue not only defines calmness and silence, used as a raising flame color blue can symbolize a steady, intense flow of focus.

One of the most preferred and loved tattoos by women around the globe for wolf tattoos is of a she-wolf. A she-wolf tattoo portrays almost all attributes, and aspiring features and women hold. Like a she-wolf, a woman carries a protective nature towards her child, an emotion to nurture, affection that no other can show. In addition to this, she-wolf holds more loyalty towards her partner. Another wolf tattoo made mostly by women is that of a wolf and some cubs.

Small Wolf tattoo to get inked with

Are you not fond of the ink ideas that are too bold and big? Then this section is for you! You can get on to trying out some small tattoos if that is the case. They can be inked on your hands and also on a particular finger. All you need is the time to get them wrapped up! When you choose the image and the color, half the work is done! You can then head on to a salon and get them done. But mind you, when you choose the hands and fingers, it can hurt you a lot even though they are small!

You may need to prepare yourself mentally for something like this. It may hurt more as there is not a lot of muscle near your fingers, but there are bones close to them. So if you are someone who has a lower threshold for pain, you may want to skip this. You can get inked on the shoulders and the back where it will not have as much impact. We also want you to know that if you bear through the pain, the ink will show your bravery! It will be a great conversation starter, and you can get people to admire your ink as well!

As wolf tattoos are mostly tough and men love them, there are few options for a wolf tattoo small idea! You may need to sketch it out yourself if you want something specific! But if you are not looking for so much work, you can search for some on Instagram as well. There are hashtags for the same that can help you find a way! We hope you get the picture you want to recreate and have the strength to do it too!

 The cost of the wolf tattoo

When you think of getting inked, you also need to consider the amount that you need to pay for it! They are not cheap for sure. The size and colors you use can make them rise in cost, and thus your salon can charge you anything from two hundred to five hundred dollars. We do not recommend going to places that are cheap just for the money! You may end up with a bad infection if the tools they use are not clean. So you do not want to take chances when it comes to taking good care of your ink and getting them done!

You need to think of the size and the pattern of the tattoo you want. They will make a significant difference in the cost. The range of price can differ from shop to shop as well. If you decide to get a small ink, you can get it over within about a hundred dollars too! You can also look for local shops that may do it for about fifty dollars! But you need to be prepared! You cannot ask them to draw the pattern for you, as that may increase the cost. So if you are in a budget, you may want to get the design with you as you enter the salon!


How to choose between all these options

When you look at all of these ideas, they can make you feel scared and lost as well. And if you are a beginner, there are more issues for you as well. There is no rule of thumb when it comes to wearing these inked tattoos and choosing them as well. You can do what you want to for sure! But there are a few things to consider before you decide.

  • The cost of these tattoos

These are tattoos that are loved by most to be majestic. So if you want the same deal, you need to think about the cost as well. They might go up to five hundred dollars, so think of your budget and decide!

  • The chances of infection

When you choose a cheap place to get inked on, then you can get infected with wrong needles! There are minor infections in some cases, but you can also get some major diseases, so make sure you evaluate the risk you have before you get inked.

  • The size and place you want

When you are thinking of the tattoo, you need to decide how big you want it to be. You also need to make choices as to where you will place it. There are options that you can choose from beforehand, so do your research!

  • The pain factor!

It can hurt badly when you get inked for the first time. So make sure you consider that before you choose to get them done!


How can you maintain and take care of tattoos?

Now that you have your new tattoo, we are sure you are thrilled! But what are the things you need to consider after that? There are some crucial steps you must follow if you want your ink to look good every day after that! These are ink under your skin, so when they are fresh, if you do not take care, they can fade away! So make sure you pay special attention to what your artist tells you once they are done. We are also here to give you some tips! Follow these, and you will be suitable for a long time!

You need to put on some good antibacterial cream on your tattoo. These are recommended by the artist most of the time. That can keep you away from infections. We also recommend you to stay away from tight clothing. Keep the area of the free so that you can get the wound you have to heal well. You do not want the pus to get stuck to your clothing as well. It is best to avoid the sun and water for some time. Let your wound heal, and then you can let the ink settle. Then you can go on with your daily routine as you did before.


How to prepare for a tattoo as a beginner?

Are you getting inked for the first time? Then we are sure you have a bunch of questions on your mind. They are some common queries, and we are here to help you sort them out! You may wonder if it hurts and how much it costs. You can also be thinking about the time it takes to get it done. So we are here to bunk some myths for you and tell you what you can expect!

You need to crank down the anxiety and nervousness when you get your ink done! You do not want to be too hyper when there is a needle near you! So mental preparation is necessary. You may get a headache from the sounds and the lack of relaxation. So try to get a good sleep before and also try to keep calm by thinking about something else!

You also need to be well fed before you go in for the tattoos. You do not want to be hungry and thirsty when you are going through the procedure. There are pain levels that differ from people to people. But we assure you that you can tolerate it and you can get through it! They do not hurt as much as everyone says! So you can relax.

With this, we are here to conclude the article and wish you good luck. We made sure to cover all the sections that we thought were necessary for a beginner to know about! There are some beautiful ideas you can take inspiration from, and we made sure to capture the intensity here! You need to make sure you understand the meaning of the ink you are getting! They are not all about aesthetics; they are also about what they represent. As they are a permanent reminder of the meaning you hold near it, make sure you decide well before going on with the process.

We also urge you to take the time in choosing the artist you get it done with! There are plenty of talented people out there, and you can check their work before you trust them! Otherwise, you may end up with a failed version of what you wanted to get! There are some platforms that these artists show off their work from, and we want you to follow them. You can also check the review of the place before you head on to the parlor. Lastly, if you thought this was a good article, support us and keep following us. We will bring you more content that you can enjoy, so stay with us!


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