Journee is a community working to improve the lives of restaurant professionals. We connect individuals through events, provide educational content, and promote career advancement through mentorship and networking.

Our mission is to create a world in which restaurant professionals can thrive in pursuit of their dreams.

The opportunity to build a meaningful career is real.


Americans work in full service restaurants


of Americans had their first job at a restaurant


of managers and chefs started as hourly employees


of restaurant owners started their careers at entry level


We’ve been taught that this industry is about sacrifice, that doing what you love will cost you your financial stability, your health, your relationships. We’ve been told to get a “real job.”

It’s time for change.

Community Supporters

These companies get it. They understand the impact restaurants have and the people that work within them have on communities. They believe in helping you reach new levels and conquer your dreams. They also help to keep your membership costs low.


Restaurants are the cornerstones of communities. The people who bring them to life are noble for doing so. We nourish. We nurture. Our work matters. Because when people connect over a great meal with warm hospitality, the focus shifts to what we share rather than what keeps us apart.

We believe serving others has the power to change the world but only if we put authenticity, integrity, and transparency into our work. This starts with serving ourselves first. This community is built for us, by us because we must stand together. We must always choose collaboration over competition in order to thrive.

We reward ambition. We applaud the unconventional. We admire resilience. We are here to help you pursue your dreams. Show up because you love what you do. Show up for yourself.