10 Cheap Travel Hacks for Students


Student years are a period of new discoveries and adventures. At this time, young people often travel to see the world while professional experts from WriteMyEssayOnline will write an essay for you, get a memorable experience, and decide what to do in the future. But, students’ desires do not always coincide with their financial possibilities because their income is usually low. However, there are several ways to save money and not give up traveling. The following are Ten Cheap Travel Hacks for Students that can help with this.

#1 Consider several transport options for traveling

Having chosen a specific place for traveling or going on a trip that you dreamed about, do not rush to buy a ticket for the most obvious and advertised transportation. Sometimes, you may stumble upon popular options offered by an airline or other transport company. But often, these are not the cheapest. Therefore, do not hurry to pick the first offer, but compare the options on the Internet or contact a travel agency to see the most low-budget ones.

#2 Check for sales seasons

Of course, winter and summer school breaks are the most popular time for students to travel. But this time also coincides with the holidays, peak of tourist activity, and the high travel prices in many regions. Therefore, when planning a trip, choose the time outside the tourist season or look for places where this period does coincide with summer or winter. Thus, you will have a chance to travel when prices for housing, entertainment, and transportation are decreased.

#3 Book your tickets in advance

Often, even anticipating time and travel opportunities, young people may be in no hurry to buy tickets. This is one of the main mistakes that can cost a lot of money. The fewer days left before the trip, the less available tickets become, and the price for them increases. Often, even a few weeks before the trip, the ticket price can more than double from the original. Therefore, buying tickets in advance is always more cost-efficient.

#4 Prepare clothes for different weather

When preparing for a trip, people often choose clothes judging from the nearest weather forecast. However, taking a spare pair of closed footwear and a raincoat is always appropriate. Even if you are traveling to a warm country to relax on the beach, changing weather can ruin your plans. Therefore, take one set of clothes in case of cold or rain so as not to buy them during the trip.

#5 Minimize your luggage

Despite the previous advice, try not to put too much into your luggage. Besides the fact that the minimum baggage can facilitate your transportation and movement, it can help save money while traveling. In particular, airlines and some other transportation companies may charge extra for baggage when calculating the price from the weight. Thus, if you only pack hand luggage, you can carry it for free.

#6 Plan tour itinerary to avoid public transport

Please note that public transport services can be quite expensive, even though it is the most attractive way to travel, especially abroad. To avoid using public transport too much, try planning your tour itinerary in advance to travel mostly on foot. This is not only more healthy and allows you to view new landscapes and places, but also helps to save money.

#7 Take a small first-aid kit with you

Unfortunately, there is a high probability that during the trip, you may feel bad or get injured. In this case, you may need to buy medicine or seek first aid. However, health services in other countries can be expensive, especially if they were not included in your budget travel plan. Therefore, it is best to always bring a small first-aid kit bag with a set of essential drugs. Of course, it will not be enough in serious cases, but in case of a minor injury or a cold, it can help avoid treatment expenses.

#8 Choose hostels instead of hotels

Housing is one of the first necessities when traveling. Sometimes it is hard to find an affordable hotel to spend a few nights if you have a small budget. The solution is hostels. Today, the hostel business is developed almost all over the world, and an inexpensive option is easy to find on the Internet. Although they are not as comfortable as hotels, they are much cheaper.

#9 Cook the food for the ride

Usually, flights and trips while traveling to other countries or remote places are quite long. Therefore, it is reasonable for you to consider what to eat at this time. Provided paid meals or food in the shops along the way can be expensive. Therefore, it makes more sense to prepare a bottle of water and a package of lasting foods like sandwiches or cookies for the journey.

#10 Visit local markets for cheaper food options

Additionally, finding a place to eat in the new area can be a problem. Please note that eating in a cafe or buying food in supermarkets abroad may not be the cheapest option. Try going to the local grocery markets. Usually, here, private farmers and sellers vend fresh food and beverage at lower prices.


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