3 Easy Ways You Can Prevent Hair Loss


Hair is such an essential part of our bodies. We are all born with it, and it defines a person. You can use hair to describe what someone looks like, it can be a tale of where someone is from, the body uses it as a sort of defense mechanism against extreme weather conditions like excessive heat or cold. The most crucial part is that it accentuates our look by being a literal fashion accessory, and brings out our facial features even more.

So, knowing this, you can see how hair loss can be a bummer. Below are some ways in which you can prevent hair loss and keep looking good.

  1. Using oils

Oils are essential in hair care. Your hair does grow with its natural oiling, but you need to boost it, and the perfect oils for this are coconut and olive oil. Oils prevent breakage of hair due to dryness, which leads to shedding, and massive hair loss. Coconut oil also prevents your hair from getting exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun, while olive oil prevents the effects of genetic hair loss.

  1. Washing it regularly

Washing your hair on a regular basis can also be very helpful since you can get rid of all the dirt that comes from sweating and everyday activities. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner, since harsh products can end up hurting your scalp rather than cleansing it.

  1. Use friendly styling methods and safe products

It is important to wear hairstyles that are easy on your scalp and hairline. Avoid styles that are too tight, or pull hair back from your hairline, since this will severely stress your scalp, thus leading to breakage of hair strands. This could also result in slow hair growth or none at all due to the damage on your scalp. As earlier mentioned, safe products are also crucial in preventing hair loss. Avoid products filled with chemicals and other harsh ingredients.

If you have already started experiencing hair loss and need something to stop and reverse the effects, it is essential to remember that Finasteride can treat hair loss. You will most likely even start noticing changes three to four weeks after you begin treatment, and within six months, there should be a considerable amount of hair growth, as long as you regularly take your prescription. Pair this with the prevention tips that have been mentioned above, and you are assured of having beautiful and healthy hair with a fantastic hairline.


We have seen the different ways in which you can prevent hair loss, which mostly affects people in their elderly years, for example, the statistics being that 80% of Caucasian men above the age of thirty start experiencing it. Finasteride can treat hair loss and is just one among the many ways to have your hairline and edges back to being as vibrant as they once were. Make sure to consult your doctor first before you start on a new drug though.


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