5 Healthy Date Ideas: Romance Does a Body Good


Well being is one of the universally-discussed topics of today. All of us receive encouragement, from all angles, about how beneficial it is to look after ourselves in terms of sensible dieting and regular exercise. If we happen to be in a relationship, whether long-term or with someone we’ve recently met through a dating service, this status can be a driving factor in ensuring we look after our health. Couples often encourage each other to pay close attention to maintaining a positive fitness regime, along with a desire to eat favorable foods. So when it comes to healthy date ideas which will do a body good, here are five of the best.

Keep fit together 

Exercise isn’t always an activity which is anticipated with any great sense of excitement. In fact, more often than not, people who are inspired to take out a gym membership as part of their New Year resolutions, end up losing interest long before the summer months when they’d originally thought they’d be revealing their new toned physique on the holiday beach. But when you have a partner to impress, this gives far more incentive to take your keep fit regime seriously.

A joint membership will ensure you spend more time connecting at your local leisure center. So when you’re huffing and puffing on those exercise machines, there’s always someone there to encourage you or simply to chat with while you aim for whatever target you’ve set on the treadmill.

Strictly having fun 

One of the most beneficial and entertaining activities you can undertake as a couple is one of the simplest of all: dancing. Spending time gyrating beneath the flashing lights down at your local nightclub might seem like an obvious date idea, but it is also so worthwhile in terms of the way frenetic exercise can work wonders for your help. Prime-time TV dance competitions have created introduced a whole new audience to ballroom dancing, with clubs springing up everywhere, devoted to teaching enthusiastic couples everything from how to perform a fiery tango to Hip Hop moves. Dancing is a wonderful cardiovascular exercise which will burn off about 500 calories per hour.

Enjoy the great outdoors 

When you and your partner are considering date ideas, there may be a tendency to focus on traditional outlets, like restaurants or a trip to the cinema. But there is a whole world out there waiting to be explored. So why not pack appropriate cooling and head into the country to take in some scenic hill walking? Not only will this invigorating form of exercise be good for busting calories, but you’ll also see parts of the countryside you may never have experienced before, filling your heart with inspiration.

Your just reward

One issue with exercise is too many sessions or routines which are overly repetitive can leave you worn out and lacking in inspiration to go back for more. So why not introduce incentives – treats to look forward to as a reward for completing a particularly strenuous workout? Chocolate or red wine will always go down a treat, and while these items may seem counter intuitive to a healthy diet, sampled in moderation they are actually very good for your health.


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