9 Sure-Fire Things to Do on Your First Date and Win a Second


After trying for days, weeks or perhaps months, the girl you have been trying to steal her attention has finally agreed to go on a date with you. Typically, you will get excited after getting that “yes, we can meet” text. But that excitement won’t last for long after the reality of the first date unfolds to you. What will I wear? How will I impress her? How will I make sure I get another chance? Those are some of the questions that won’t give you peace of mind on that night before your arranged meetup.

That’s okay. Of course, after your first meeting, you want to continue seeing that person, and if you don’t make it happen on that first meeting, your hopes will be shattered. We have scoured the internet and compiled these amazing tips from experts who tried them, and they worked like magic. You can too!

1.      Don’t Be Boring

I will not lie to you by telling you that you won’t be nervous whenever you meet her/him. Remember this is a new person you haven’t met or seen before (unless you had her pictures which can be deceptive) and you don’t know the turn the events may take.

However, does that mean you should present yourself like you are attending a top position interview? No!

It is essential to create an active environment by being cheerful and relaxed. Don’t take the date so serious-after all, remember the chances are 50-50, so you should be ready for anything. To create that playful environment, have an open conversation. Most people make mistakes of turning a first date into another interview or police probe. No! Keep everything low and flowing, and see what comes out.

For sure, you are not going to know your date in one sitting. Knowing each other is a gradual process. So, take time and ask relevant questions on that day!

2.      Confidence Is Key

Some people are never shaken when it comes to being confident. However, for others, confidence is cultivated after interacting with someone or something for some minutes, hours or even days.

So, you may not feel confident at first when you meet her. But don’t let that out. Act like you are confident, and as you converse with each other, you will cultivate the latent confidence in you.

Confidence is a magnet for both men and women. So, try to feel and look confident. Remember the reason you are there in the first place- because you managed to convince her to meet you.

3.      Be Yourself

Perhaps, you have read so many books about who you should be to have a successful first date. I beg your pardon to differ with that. You cannot be anyone else, but yourself. When you are yourself, the right people will be attracted to you, and that is what it takes to create a healthy relationship bond.

Take it this way; you pretend to be the person you are not, and you end up attracting the wrong person. That is equal to “impersonation” and sooner than later, your real you will reveal itself to the person you attracted. That is where chaos start!

4.      Bring Sense in Your Conversation

On your first date, you want to keep the talk going, and that cannot be accomplished if you don’t talk about meaningful and exciting things. Typically, most people will start with questions such as “where do you live? What do you do?…blah…blah”. Well, while these questions are necessary, they are not essential. They cannot bring you close to knowing the personality of the person. Similarly, I don’t mean you should start discussing about large glass dildos to keep the talk going and exciting! You don’t know how your date will react.

Rather, take the risk and go more in-depth and discuss with your date something personal and on target. This can be a bait for her to open up to you, and thus, you get to know her better. Do that and see where this leads you.

5.      Your Body Language Matters

When you are excited, many things can happen. For instance, you can end up mumbling or talking very fast. The nervousness may be exemplified in other forms such as moving body parts such as legs and hands unintentionally. That might not send the right signal to the other person and might get bored and call it quit prematurely.

When talking, try to smile. When it’s time for your date to talk, lean forward and listen carefully. Don’t take your eyes away. So, face your date and make her feel welcomed.

6.      Be Optimistic Of the Second Date

Whenever you want to be successful in anything, you need to be hopeful that you will succeed. That one alone will increase your chances of getting the second date as you will approach it, believing you can, and that cultivates your confidence too.

If you anticipate the second date, you will not rush things because you know you will get another opportunity to know that other person better. It will also help you to live in the present and pay attention to your date; that is quintessential.

7.      Don’t Get Drunk

Well, most people believe that taking two or more bottles of alcohol will help them converse better. While there is truth in that since alcohol calms down your nerves, if you have to drink, don’t get drunk!

This is mainly for women. Remember the person you are meeting is a stranger to you, and if you are drunk, anything can happen. In any case, you need to be in sound mind. So, understand your limits.

8.      Stay Alert and Read Your Date

Your date is a stranger to you, and you are not sure how she will respond to your questions. Read your conversation to know how things are going. If the other person is not interested, change the subject.

On the other hand, if they are responding pretty well to the conversation you are having, don’t hesitate to send your signals of interest. So, read all the signals and never underestimate your instincts.

9.      Discuss the Future

When I talk about the future, I don’t mean arranging a mega marriage in Miami Beach and having kids after two years. I mean you and your date seeing each other again and hanging around together.



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