9 Tips for Students who Love Traveling


Are you a student who wish to explore the world, experience a new culture and learn something different, but you worry about finance? There is good news. Nowadays, student travel is big business for various tour operators; some of them offering even work experiences that can take you to your dream destination. Not only that, you have the opportunity to explore the world. Have a writing assignment to complete before going on your trip? Order essay online and get the job done quickly and professionally.

There are many ways to find amazing student travel deals. With your internet-enabled computer, you have access to thousands of great deals to choose from. Just like every other vacation, planning is essential.

The Best Age to Travel as a Student

Is it a great idea for teens and young adults to plan a vacation overseas or leave home to study in a totally different environment? The answer is a resounding yes. Plenty of opportunities are waiting for you out there – so pack up and start exploring. Whether it is an international internship, a volunteer program in under-developed nations, solo travel or group travel, the best time to book that flight is now. At this stage, you have little or no commitment – no mortgage, no kids to cater for. Make the most of it.

Basically, there is no substitute for exploring the world, learning new things and meeting people from a totally different background first hand. That’s why it is important for students to grab any travel opportunity that comes their way but not without planning accordingly – and parents should give them 100% support.

Useful Tips for Students Planning to Travel 

Student travel comes with its own perks, so make use of expert advice judiciously. Here are some useful tips for students planning to pack-up and spend time overseas.

Traveling Abroad is Not as Expensive as You May Think

Traveling comes at a price, no doubt. Nonetheless, you don’t have to let finance hold you back from achieving your dream. What you probably don’t know is that taking a gap year is cheap. You don’t have to be rich or from a wealthy background before you can travel the world. You could possibly use your financial aid for this trip. Search for amazing student deals online – there are lots of them. Traveling abroad is achievable only if you make it a priority.

Take Charge of Your Life

This is not the time to dwell on excuses. You have absolute control over your life and more importantly your education. You have the power to decide where and how you learn. There is a slight difference between the dreamers and those who actually do it – and that is action. Don’t just stay in one destination – go out, explore and see what the world has to offer. As a matter of fact, the best and efficient way to learn is by traveling. Plus, it helps you discover your hidden potential and that’s more important knowledge to have.

Seek Professional Advice

Not sure of what awaits you or need some first-hand travel tips about a particular travel destination, seek advice from someone who has been there. You could get help from family, friends or relatives who live or have been to your preferred destination. Keep in mind that no two travel experience is the same. While some may be pleasant, others may find the city or town disgusting. But the good things is, you get a feel of what to expect prior to your visit

Make Friends with Locals 

If you truly want to learn more about the unique culture and traditions of a particular destination, it is best to make friends with locals. Mixing with locals offers a wide range of benefits, particularly with regards to learning more about the place and local language.

Get Your ID

A passport is an essential item for international travel. It is a must. And what about your student ID? You’ll most likely need it for discounts on many things such as visiting popular tourist attractions, hotel deals and much more.  Your official student identification card helps you get a break on price.

Travel Safety

Traveling can be fun and exciting but you don’t have to let your guard down else you’ll lose your most prized possessions – phones, cameras, laptops, iPods etc. It is imperative to be more aware of your surroundings. Here are some tips to keep you safe while traveling overseas:

  • Don’t leave your properties unattended. Always keep an eye on your luggage.
  • Travel insurance is a necessity. Accidents can happen when you least expected. With good travel insurance, you get full protection against emergency medical cases. Travel insurance covers a wide range of medical needs such as trip protection, travel accident protection and emergency medical assistance 24 hours a day.
  • Don’t show off how wealthy you are. Keep your valuables, camera, smartphones, laptop or jewelry away from prying eyes. Carry a small amount of money in your wallet. Make extra copies of your travel documents and keep them in your hotel room.
  • Book your accommodation ahead of time. Even if you arrive at your destination late due to flight delay or bad weather, you have a safe place to rest your head.
  • Remember, you are a guest so act like one. Dress appropriately and learn to put on your best behavior. Respect their culture and be friendly to locals. And one more thing, learn the basic language of the destination you’re headed – they’ll be useful
  • Research and get useful information about your destination of choice. There are lots of online travel resources providing detailed information on the layout of the town or city.

There are obvious benefits to travel. According to research, students who travel earn a college degree or higher, compared to those who don’t go on vacation or educational tours. Not only does educational trip make student aspire for great things in life, they are open to more employment opportunities. Most students are lacking in the critical thinking development. And the only way to develop critical thinking skills is by traveling. Of course, they will encounter challenges on their way but it helps them think on their feet.


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