Aging in Place: How to Make it as Safe as Possible


As you age, there are various considerations that need to come into play, especially if you are living at home. Making small but simple changes can help you keep control of your independence, as well as keeping you safe. Here are a few adaptations that you can make to your home to keep it safe and secure.

Don’t Use Area Rugs

The flooring you have in your home can make a massive impact when it comes to reducing the risk of having a fall. Instead of using area rugs, make sure to pick carpets that are firmly fixed to the floor. You should feel confident when moving around your home, instead of worrying that you might trip and cause injury to yourself. Laminate or hardwood flooring can also be another option that you should consider.

Replace Handles

The handles you have on your faucets or doors can be harder to turn and open as you age. If you have handles that are stiff, it’s important to pick ones that are comfortable and easy to use. Also, make sure that the handles are placed in areas that you can reach. If you are in a wheelchair, you should fit handles at a level that you can access, otherwise, you will struggle and potentially fall.

Install Grab Bars

As we age, our balance can decline, which can make daily tasks much harder than they used to be. Therefore, you should install grab bars near your toilet and in the shower, helping you maintain your personal hygiene and giving you some much-needed support. Make sure that the grab bars are in easy to reach places, so you can grip onto them when getting in and out of the shower.

Reduce Fall Hazards

There are all sorts of hazards around the home that you can change to reduce the risk of falling. For example, placing non-skid mats or no-slip strips on wood and tile floors can be incredibly beneficial. You should also use mats and strips on surfaces in your bathroom as they tend to get wet. It can be easy to not see water on the floor, especially as our eyesight tends to deteriorate as we get older, so having safety mechanisms in place can keep you protected.

Light Switches

Knowing where to place light switches around the home is incredibly important as you get older. You should place them at the top and bottom of your stairs and make sure to turn on night lights when it gets dark outside. If you need to use the toilet in the middle of the night, having a night light on can help guide you around your home.

Medical Alert System

If you do have a fall and you’re on your own, installing a medical alert system in your home can keep you protected. You can wear a medical alert system on your wrist, which puts you in contact with a 24/7 trained live operator who can get medical assistance to your home in a matter of minutes. What’s more, the team at Bay Alarm Medical can contact your family and friends in emergency cases. You can’t put a price on life so using the best medical alert device on the market is essential.

If you live on your own, it’s important that you make changes to your home to ensure you are safe and out of harm’s way. Replacing handles, installing grab bars to give you support, as well as placing light switches in easy to reach places are just a few ways to keep you protected. You should also install a medical alert system, which can notify an operator if you have a health emergency.


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