Best website design trends for inspiration in 2021


2019 is all about being bold and confident in your website design. While 2018 was a great year it is time to move on and give ourselves more space for creativity. The design trends are often contradictory to each other and 2019 will not be an exception. A brave and colorful 3D design will be seen alongside with the minimal design and negative space and everything will be about colors and confidence. This year will be no different from previous years in one thing – if you are not following design trends or perhaps if you are not setting them – you will follow back. Be sure that it will not happen to your website. Here are some of the inspirations how can you make your website lively, modern and trendy in 2019.

Bright colors are the must

The competition is on and the websites ill need to grab the attention of the visitors to make them stay longer on the website. The best way to do so is to implement the colors that cannot be unseen and cannot be forgotten. According to Forbes, hot pink, ultraviolet purple, sunbeam yellow, turquoise, and harvest orange are the colors to pick in 2019. The trend has begun in last year and is expected to gain more power in the ongoing year. Forget the colors that do not empower you and choose the most vivid ones to be memorable.

Going back to retro

It might seem that retro has never gone from our eyesight and somehow it manages to stay relevant. But in 2019 it will be brought in a whole different level. A retro and pop art design will be one of the leading trends of 2019. It can be used and seen on websites that offer more playful space and content to its visitors, starting from the various blogs or fashion websites to the online casinos like casinopop (read the whole review of casinopop on that shows all the retro elements we love.

Say goodbye to symmetry

If you are a lover of symmetrical design and can always tell that the lines are not equally remoted from corners – I have bad news for you. In 2019 you should forget everything you know about symmetry and embrace the asymmetrical layouts. Template-based design websites were providing beautiful readily available shapes for the users that did not even know what grid was. Today, we are imagining that the grid never existed and let the figures break out from it. Asymmetrical designs will let you keep visitors interested and intrigued and they will spend more time on your website.

“Unfinished” compositions

Who can tell us about the graphic design and website design trends better than Adobe? According to Adobe we should not only forget the grid but the frames as well. The finished compositions will no longer be interesting in 2019. Instead, we will be intrigued by the unfinished compositions where the objects are flying out of the frame which creates a beautiful illusion. It will make visitors wonder what else is there to see and will be one of the leading design trends this year.

With the new trends, 2019 is promising to be more interesting, intriguing, competitive and interactive. If your website is still neat and ordered it’s time to give it a new spirit. Choose the boldest and brightest colors that emphasize your brand, implement the asymmetrical design with unfinished compositions and if you’d like, give it retro aesthetics. It will help you make your website memorable and interesting for your visitors to explore over and over again.


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