72 Pretty Black Braid Hairstyles to Wear Now


Masses adore black braid hairstyles for a reason. They are comfortable to wear and have a chic glam appearance to them. Young women and teens mostly favor these! Get them done on your natural locks or head out and get yourself some hair extensions of your choice. That way you can keep your hair from damage and look stunning as you do so. There are so many fun ways to play with your braids, and we are going to show you some!

We have some updos for a formal approach and some unusual ones for a day out. There is no limit to the styling and the accessories that you can add on to this hair. Get the idea you need from this article and book an appointment today to get them done fast! Stun everyone with your new look this summer. We are sure you will look as stunning as some of these actresses wearing them nowadays.

So get ready to check out our collection of 101 black braid hairstyles with a fresh appeal.

The multi braided options

There are many forms of braids hairstyles out there. They all have their appeal. If you want to look extra polished, then you can section off your hair and start with this style here. There is a fresh feel to this look, and you can recreate it back home for a sporty occasion. You can also wear it as a casual, everyday hairstyle. They start thin, and it bulks off as we reach the end. This is perfect for the summer.

black braided hairstyles Short cornrows to try

These cornrows braided hairstyles are great for anyone who wants to try out black braid hairstyles out. This is one look that most women love to wear. You can also sport celebs in these sectioned clean braiding styles. The scalp is visible in this look, but as you move below, you can see that the sections become thicker and compile into a healthy look. If you are not a fan of thick jumbo twists, then this is an ideal option for you.

Tight box braids

There were some ravishing black braids 2018 saw and the most fashionables ones are all put together in this section of our article here. These are box braids on these women, and you can wear the same if you want to change up your hairdo. Take some sections of hair from the top and secure it at the back to recreate the second look we have here. We love how the sheer elegance of these hairdos. Keep it classy and fun and try them on.

Front braids on the top

We are sure you want a hairstyle that makes you feel good about yourself. And so we have an enticing look you need to try out. Take the deeper side of the front section and braid it. You can start from a side and tie it down as you reach the temples. This is a quick and easy fix for your hair, and it enables you to head out the home faster. The cute look is ideal for young women who want a way to manage their locks!

The ones Inspired by hip hop dancers!

If you are a person familiar with pop culture, then you are sure to have noticed some pop dancers try out this hairstyle! So you know how cool it is to try out black braid hairstyles and get that funky appeal. If you are not sure how it looks like, then you can refresh your memories by looking at this hairdo hair. Take some tiny sections of braids in between the thicker ones to get a popstar vibe. Get some Marley hair extensions and head to a salon today!

Crimped sections

If you are a ‘90s child, then you surely do remember the precious crimps. Some women went on to buy hair straighteners with particular function to add these textures on the hair. You can see they are still relevant and can form a beautiful updo. This look has a rolled section with blonde hues on them. The dark brown on the rest helps to balance out the look. We love the unique yet approachable hairstyle, and we do recommend it to everyone.

Youthful hairstyles with hair clasps

Black braid hairstyles are an excellent option for everyone. The convenience it has is the major reason it has managed to stick around for so long. The braiding styles also help us to stay closer to the tradition as well. You need to head to your stylist to get them done and then you can start the process of styling it yourself after that. These are also an ideal choice for models on fashion shows. Add these clasps and you are set for the day.

The top bun ideas

Braided hairstyles for black girls can be molded into a lot of different styles. The one we love is the high bun with these braided sections. They are thick and keep the locks away from your face. That way, you can go through the day and get work done quickly. Check out these braided bun ideas in here and recreate them for days when you want to look elegant. The first one has no layers on them, and the next two have these stunning mini braided sections on them.

Thick braids for a healthy look

For short hair

Here are some African hair braiding styles pictures for you to consider if you want to change your hairstyle this season. We have these short black braid  hairstyles that have all sorts of texture on them. Keep them as thick or as thin as you want to. Once the braiding is done, you can leave them loose or get them into some delicate hairstyle. This can be the highlight of your look. To make it even better, you can get them in some layers and add on some beautiful jewelry as well.

Alluring black braid hairstyles

There is an alluring factor to these hairstyles. You are sure to get attracted to the thin braided sections in here. They are placed down on the scalp closer to each other without much gap. There is a shaved portion on the deep side section here as well. The curls on the bottom are adding a romantic vibe here. If you are looking to make an impression, you can go on board with this hairstyle. It is a hairstyle enough to entice everyone.

Black french braids styles

These French black braided hairstyles are adored by most. Look at the detailing in them to see why we love it so much. The thinning braids in between these thicker twists make this a bold look. Some shorter sections of baby hair are curled up on the front, and it works well with this hairdo. Add some big hooped earrings, and you are set to look fabulous. If you have never tried on such detailed hairstyle, then now is your chance to do so.

Black braided hairstyles for thin hair

If you have thin hair, you are always looking for ways to get them to look thicker. But we suggest you try to embrace the natural locks you have and style them in black braid hairstyles like the ones we are recommending to you. Start the braids on an angle, and you will get a hairdo to swoon for. Make it up into a bun or leave them loose after you get some cornrows on them. The curls on the bottom add that chic touch to the whole look.

Half up black braid hairstyles

Braided buns are a great look for work. And when you try them out as a half-up look, it gives you a youthful vibe, and you can sport it to any informal occasion. These are great for women of all ages, and if you want a chilled vibe, you need to get on board with this look. This is a solid choice for teenagers and young women. The top bun is locked on the top, and it adds length to the face for a slimmer appearance.

Best styles for African women

Some black braided updo hairstyles we have here are ideal for a fancy occasion. You can see there are some beautiful sections of tiny braids on to one side. The rest has the loose segments on them that fall loosely on top. The effortless styling is what gets out attention in the first look itself. If you have short and thin hair, this will work out for you well. The makeup also goes off well with this whole attire.

The space bun ideas to try!

Space buns can be of any size! These are a fun take on the black braid hairstyles. Here we are showing off a couple of ideas for you to choose from. The top one is ideal for a gym day when you want your hair to be in place. You can also try out a tinier version of these buns. Leave the rest of your braided hair loose, and you are set! Check out that style in these images here.

Black braided hairstyles with a bob!

Bob hairstyles are nothing new, but you can find ways to make them look fun! These are a great combination of fashion and elegance. You can try out any of these hairstyles to enjoy a short to medium length as well. On top, you can keep the twists as thick or as precise as you want it to be if you need a bit of bling on your hair. You can keep things shiny by adding on a few golden clasps.

Some fun colors

The braids hairstyles 2019 were all about following the bright and vibrant colors. There are some classy choices, and the ones we have here is a bright purple. You can also try out any shade that you find appealing. Some exciting colors are ash blonde, bright pinks, pastel tones, and even some bold reds! Black braid hairstyles have never been more appropriate for a fun appeal. Check out some of our favorites down below to get an idea.

Fulani black braid hairstyles

There were a lot of braided hairstyles 2018 saw as popular ones. The Fulani braids are also one such hairstyle. These originated from a tribe in Western Africa with the same name. You can characterize these braids by looking at the traditional rings, and clip-on added on to them. The use of these multi-colored beads is adding the needed vibrancy to the hairdo. You can add as many of these fun elements on your hair as you want to and rock this look.

Twists with braids

This is the right mix of two hairstyles together. You can see the twists cover the whole section of hair. And the one on the side has some beautiful braids on them. There is a high level of comfort that comes with such a hairdo. You can wear this on its own and also add some fun accessories to make them shine. Such black braid hairstyles are ideal for teenagers as well. From this image here, you can see how charming it is.

The high ponytail ideas

Are you ready to rock this high ponytail? If not, then let us convince you. We collected some fun ideas for you to try in this segment here and we are sure that you will want to try it out soon. You can take sectioned braids or simple thick braids and get on to this look. Check out these images in here if you want to see the options you have. We are getting summery, carefree vibes with this look. Add on some fun sunglasses and big earrings and you are done.

Black braid hairstyles with designs!

Stylists and even general women are experimenting with their hair to get a fabulous look as time passes. And we are witness to the fact that there are so many ideas floating around in there. You can see some fun look at someone and might get inspired to get that same on yourself. So here we are showcasing two excellent ideas to choose from. The first one has sectioned details on them and the second one is bulky. The one you want can give you a fab look.

The effortless hairstyles

We are showing you a lot of ideas to get your hair to look managed and polished in here. But the thing is, when you get your braids on, you can look good on your own. There is no need to style your hair in a million different ways to look fab. There is an effortless appeal to each of these braided styles. The relaxed charm is loved by many, and you can also get on board the same. If you want, then sport the one we are showing off here.

Looking good every day

You can slay each look every day without having a lot of hassle. You can try out any of these braided hairdos out here to get look that stuns everyone each day. Try leaving them out loose or get them to a side to attain a style worth showing off. If not, you can try out a low bun or high bun options as well. Check out the ideas we have and get to look your best as soon as you can. Firstly, decide what you want to try!


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Adding them beads

No article about the black braided hairstyles would be complete without talking about the ones with some beads on them. Here we are showing off an ideal style with some brown and light beads on them. You can add that glam and fun element on with these beads and head out to a party! There are so many ideas you can get on board with. Get these beads to match the outfit you are wearing, and it looks well-balanced. If you want, then add on some hair clasps too and look fantastic.

For young kids

Are you looking for a black braided hairstyle that your kids can wear? Then you are going to thank us for showing you these sections. You can see these exciting design patterns we have here. The before and after pictures are also clearly visible. You can find more of such inspirational ideas on some Instagram posts too. Your kids can look pretty and polished and at the same time, enjoy their free time with a hassle-free hairdo. Thus we are recommending you do your research on this one.

Messy styles

Some black braid hairstyles have tiny sections on them and a messy appearance overall. This one here falls under the same category. Take the parts up high and create a high pony to add length to your hair and attain an oval face shape. That is what is recommended by most stylists as well. If you crimp your hair, you will get the same look as well. This will be enough to set you aside from everyone else. So give it a try for days when you want to look extra special.

The expert style

Braids seem like an easy hairstyle to pull off. But what you may not know is that there are some designs that you cannot recreate at home. These are the patterns that have a unique appearance once they are completed and the best thing being that they last at least four to eight weeks. You need to start them at a curved angle and achieve a swerve like these here! These excellent ideas are presented in pictures down below. Take a screenshot wherever you feel swept away!

Casual black braided hairstyles

Cornrows are an excellent choice as it has this glamorous approach while looking simple at the same time. You can get the black braids hairstyles on yourself any day to get a fantastic look. There are some intricate details on these hairstyles here, and you can see that there are some sections that are crossed over as well. Go as thick as you want by asking your hairdresser the right choice for you. You will notice people’s eyes on you all the time as you walk down the streets with your locks on.

Some blonde hues

Are you a fan of some blonde shades and are looking to add on the same to your choice of black braided hairstyles? Then this is the section that will entice you the most. You can add it on to your natural locks. These colors can be adjusted as per the skin tone of the wearer. This way, it can flatter anyone. If you are not so keen on trying out colors on your locks, then you can opt for the hair extensions with the same to avoid the damage.

You can sport a lot of women on these fun hairstyles, and we have some celebs trying them on as well. Pop stars and hip hop dancers are some who have stayed loyal to this look and worn it for a casual day out and music videos as well. Beyonce and Alicia Keys are seen on these styles frequently. You can follow these stars to get a look to flaunt this season. Pick your style and head to a trusted salon today. Choose the right hair extension as well if you want a fuller look.

All of these ideas sure enticed us out here, and we are confident you will feel the same. There is no age limit to trying these styles out so you can get them on without any thought. Make them your own by experimenting as much as you want.  There are some fun colors on-trend right now, so you do not need to stick to the same old brown and blonde. If these ideas entertained you, then stick around for we are coming up for more on such styles frequently. We are sure we can inform you about any fancy hairstyle that you want to wear. So do stay close by for more!


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