80 Blonde Balayage Inspirations to Revamp Your Look


Your hairstyle frames your face and says a lot about your personality. One of the hair trends that give you a modern, chic look, blonde balayage is great for creating depth and dimension to your hairstyle. Whether you wish for soft, natural highlights or you’re aiming for something edgy and modern, keep on reading for the 80 blonde balayage inspirations that will revamp your look.

What is Blonde Balayage?

Balayage is a freehand hair coloring technique used to get natural-looking color while adding depth and dimension to your hairstyle. Unlike the traditional technique of foiling or cap highlighting, this method only uses hand to apply hair color. When it comes to blonde balayage, you’ll add depth and dimension to your hairstyle by mixing a blonde hue with another light brown.

A great thing, you can lessen your trips to salon since the grown out hair won’t need too much touch ups. This is also perfect for brunettes who wish to go blonde but want to keep everything natural and subtle. Whether you got that shortest pixie crop or mid-length hairstyle, blonde balayage will surely look great on you.

The History of Balayage

Do you know that Balayage is a French coloring technique developed in the 1970s? In fact, the term “balayage” comes from the French term “to sweep” which plays with your hair texture and movement.

Originally called as “Balayage a Coton”—a coloring technique that uses cotton strips to hold the colored hair away from the non-colored ones—balayage actually originated at “Carita” Salon in Paris in the early seventies. The hair coloring technique is also an art since only the skilled hairstylists are able to play with hair texture and movement, knowing where to place the color to create the look.

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Even though foil highlighting was popular in the 80’s, Balayage was introduced to the US in the early 90’s. The hair coloring technique became popular and embraced by women because of its practicality.

When someone chooses the foil technique of coloring your hair, you’ll get an unnatural appearance since the whole hair section is saturated in color within a foil. In a few weeks, you’ll see your hair growth and you’ll need some touch ups to cover up the lines.

When it comes to balayage technique, the color is hand painted on the surface of your hair so you’ll get more natural-looking finish that plays with your hair movement. Apart from it, you can skip frequent trips to the salon because your hair growth will complement the blonde balayage look, adding beauty to your hairstyle.

The Difference of Highlights and Balayage

Hair coloring trends like highlights and balayage became a part of our vocabulary, but do you know that these two are actually different? While getting some highlights are done with the help of aluminum foils, balayage technique uses hand to sweep or paint the color to the surface of your hair.

In highlights, the hair color is applied to the section of your hair and is wrapped in aluminum foil. You can also choose where to place your highlights, its size and color. With traditional foils, the highlights are uniform and defined.

In balayage, the hair color is applied around the middle and ends of the hair, not from roots to tips. Since balayage technique is freehand, the coloring is less systematically placed, so you’ll get chunkier highlights with more contrast and more random hair color streaks.

You must also know that highlights aren’t just streaks of blonde hair in brown base color. They are actually sections of your hair that are lighter than your natural hair color or base color. That’s the reason why women with naturally blonde hair will look great in honey highlights, while women with dark brown hair will look great in light brown highlights.

When it comes to highlights, you can choose the degrees of highlighting whether you like splashlights or babylights. Splashlights are highlights in smaller sections or laser-like blonde in dark brown hair, mimicking sharp flashes, while babylights are much finer.

The latter is the most costly and time-consuming since your hair will be divided into smallest sections and the color will be applied to each of them. Most of the time, babylights works best for women with naturally blonde hair.

The Difference of Ombré, Sombré, and Balayage

The trend of dark roots and lighter ends are in vogue, and if you’re aiming for sun-kissed and slightly unkempt look, these hair trends are perfect for you.

Balayage is more of a hair coloring technique, while Ombré is more of a style. In balayage, the color is applied to the surface of your hair without affecting its roots to ends, and the transition of color is deeper from the roots and lighter on the ends. In ombré, the color will be applied in a hair section from roots to tips. Do you know that the French term “ombré” translates to “a color that is graduated or shaded in tone”?

When it comes to the hair color application, ombré is done with lightener placed horizontally, while the hair color in balayage technique is painted on the surface of your hair. Technically speaking, ombré is done in a more horizontal placement and balayage in more vertical. While ombré features a stark dark-to-light fade while sombré is more of a dip-dye look. In sombré, the highlights are a bit higher and the lower portion of the hair has dark color in a more gradual transition.

Do you know that balayage, ombré, and sombré will give you a great look in a low maintenance result? But still, you might need more beauty budget and more time in the salon since these hair trends are more specialized. On the contrary, highlights achieved with the help of foils are easier, but it will require you more visit to the salon for touchups.

Reasons to Get Blonde Balayage

  1. Blonde balayage is easy on your hair.

We all know that traditional highlights of using foil uses lots of color to saturate the portion of your hair. But when it comes to blonde balayage, a little goes a long way. Your hairstylist will only need to hand paint the color on the surface of your hair. Yes, you don’t need to place the hair color on your scalp since the hair coloring technique is designed to be placed to the sides of the face and bottom half of your hair.

It would be great to place the blonde balayage highlights through the top of your head and around your face to brighten up your look without harming your hair with too much chemicals. Do you know that the technique don’t have to use harmful heat too? Yes you can get a healthier hair with blonde balayage.

  1. It is low maintenance and economical.

If you drastically lightened your hair—from dark tresses to light brown or highlighted it—you definitely need frequent trips to the salon especially if the hair growth is visible. If you’re a woman on the go and busy prioritizing more important things, you don’t have the time to be in the salon every few weeks for a touch up.

Do you know that blonde balayage look is low maintenance as even your hair grows out it will still give you more time between touch-ups? With blonde balayage, you won’t have that unflattering hair growth after you colored since the appearance itself is natural-looking.

You can actually ask your hairstylist to remove the brassy tones from your hair from time to time, but you don’t have to go every few weeks to the salon. In fact, some women only need around three to four touchups in a year. Yes, it will save you lots of money.

  1. It’s a great hairstyle for all seasons even if you love summer.

Have you noticed that blonde balayage actually resembles the shimmering effect of a summer spent at the beach? If you feel bored this fall and you feel like your winter will make things worse, then spice up your life with blonde balayage.

It will give you a look as if sun is shining brightly on you. The time of the year makes things a bit rubbish, and the weather lessens the time we spend outdoors in the sun, so it’s the perfect time to try out the hair trend. After all, your natural hair color is a combination of natural highlights and natural lowlights.

  1. It is versatile, cool, and stylish.

Your hairstyle is actually an outward expression of yourself, and a great thing, balayage can make things more creative and personal. Do you know that hairstylists have many tricks to change your hair? Apart from having blonde balayage, you may also ask your hairstylist to combine some traditional highlights or place the color around your face to brighten up your look.

The blonde balayage can actually use lots of hair colors for a more natural-looking finish. Simply think of chestnut, honey, gold and copper highlights that will look more flattering and cool.

  1. Blonde balayage can make your thin hair look thicker.

The hair coloring technique is designed to add depth and dimension to your hair. If you’re a woman with fine hair, then it’s time to get blonde balayage. It will give your hair the illusion of fullness especially the highlights are on the middle and ends of your hair, not around your roots.

You might also consider getting some lowlights or one-to-two shades darker than your blonde balayage to add depth and dimension, therefore, creating the illusion of a thicker hair.

  1. Blonde balayage is unique and personal.

Unlike haircuts and full-on hair colors, no two blonde balayage are the same. Even if you and your friend get the same hairstylist, no brush sweeps will match so you’re free to boast your hair. The key is to look for a professional hairstylist that can play with your hair texture and movement so you’ll get the best blonde balayage for you.

  1. Balayage isn’t just for blondes; it’s for everyone.

The balayage actually offers every shade of hair so it will definitely work for blondes, brunettes, and redheads too. The key is to select the right color for your skin tone, so it will lighten up your face and give you that natural-looking hair color.  If you have naturally brown or blonde hair, balayage can freshen up your locks with splashes of color. Yes, no strands of color will look too bright or unnatural.

  1. Blonde balayage will give you an effortlessly cool style statement.

Have you tried styling your hair in 10 minutes with a flat iron and curlers just to keep it sleek and polished? If you’re a woman on the go, top buns and sleek ponytails are your go-to. A great thing, blonde balayage will make the statement for you. It will also allow you for quick styling without much second thought.

Things You Should Know Before Getting Blonde Balayage

  1. You should let a professional hairstylist do the job for you.

Compared to traditional full-on hair colors, blonde balayage are more complicated so forget thinking of DIY hair projects this time. This is especially true if you have a curly hair, as fine highlights will just get lost in your curls. On the contrary, thicker, chunkier highlights will define and enhance your coils.

Hairstylists know how to choose the best shades and color placement to flatter your haircut and your face. One of the mistakes women make when coloring their own hair is making the highlights get too frosty. Hairstylists know how to balance your hair color with some warmth, and without balancing it, your highlights will look gray. So simply go to the salon and save yourself from DIY hair color mishaps.

  1. Highlights should not be placed too close together.

The goal of the blonde balayage is to get natural-looking hair color and lessen the frequent trips to the salon. But if you place your highlights too close together, then it will result to a uniform and solid hair color, showing bold contrasts and will require you to visit salon frequently for touchups. Also, you should choose highlights around two to three shades lighter than your natural hair color or base color, or else you’ll get that stripe-y cartoonish look. 

  1. Think of highlights and lowlights when getting blonde balayage.

While lowlights are the quick fix of hairstylists then your hair becomes too light over time, they can also be used to add some depth and dimension to your hairstyle. Generally, lowlights are one to three shades darker than your natural hair color or base color. Lowlights are applied the same way as your highlights so expect a natural-looking yet more creative hair.

Blonde Balayage Inspirations

Most of the time, blonde balayage looks best with flowing hairstyles with loose curls or beachy waves, but it will also look great with sharp, strong haircuts. Balayage can be used for a natural look too, but remember, embracing your natural hair texture doesn’t always mean you have to embrace its natural color too.  If you want to ease your way to the blonde balayage trend, think of going for muted tones, perfectly blended look, and even monochromatic style.

Blonde balayage in muted tones features more subtle shades that will blend with your natural hair color or base color, though going for perfectly blended will give your natural hair color some upgrade without showing the lines of your highlighted hair. If you’re aiming for a gradual fade, then go monochromatic with your blonde balayage. Think of two to three shades like dark brown, honey, and chestnut that will give your hairstyle a more dramatic look.

If you want to make things more playful, think of color trio or even mixing cool and warm tones to your basic blonde balayage. It’s creative to see the darkest shade of your hair fading into a lighter shade, but a pop of color at the ends will make everything unique and unexpected. Yes, balayage is a great hair coloring technique for everyone who likes to experiment with colors. A great thing, not only does balayage will let you create multilayered hair color, but it allows you to skip frequent visits to the salon.

How to Make Your Blonde Balayage Last

Regardless of your haircut or hair color, your overall appearance will look its best if your hair is in good condition, so take care for your blonde balayage hair at home. Do you know that balayage can dry your hair easily? When you colored or highlighted your hair, the chemical used will actually change the pH balance of your scalp.

That’s the reason why you should use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to prevent further damage to your hair. Also, not taking care of your blonde balayage could result to premature fading of hair color or dull-looking hair color. Yes, you can get the most of your hair investment by keeping your hair healthy.

Trends come and go, but a gradient hair is here to stay. So, it’s the perfect time to get blonde balayage to revamp your look and add some spice into your life.


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