130 Cool Box Braids Hairstyles and Inspirations


Box braids are a fashionable look that originated from Africa. These are the hairdos that are close to the culture and tradition of the African people. You can see women of the black culture sporting these hairstyles with a lot of oomph and confidence. We are sure that if you have never tried on these hairdos, you will be surprised at how beautiful they can look on you. There is so much variety in these hairdos and multiple ways to style them as well. You can look extraordinary as you try them out on yourself. Lately, there has been a lot of celebrity influence on these hairdos as well.

There is no other hairdo like the box braids. They are called so as the style requires you to take square sections of hair before you braid them. As a result, your hair appears like it has boxes on them! They can look as beautiful as you want them to. You can also mold them to form different hairdos. Be it a ponytail or a stunning updo, and you can look perfect with this style of braids. So try out this trendy look and get ready to get massive compliments for your look!

Here are some fantastic box braids that we cannot wait for you to try out!

The perfect purple

There are many box braids styles out there, and we are thrilled to show you some of them in here! You can see that there are some stunning shades of deep and light purples here that are eye-catching and captivating. If you want to look extra, then you can try out some of these hairstyles. For anyone who wants to try this shade on, you need to have some patience. For these hues do not show off that well on the first try!

box braidsLoose ends on the box braids

There are many ways to style some box braids, and we are here to show you some. You can leave the ends of the braids loose in this way to make them get this relaxed look. There are ruffled ends in here, and they are rough as well. They are ideal for women who want to try out a fresh and youthful hairdo. There are many other ideas like this so you can check them out before you try it out for yourself.

The spunky hues

There are some spiky sides to this look in here. We are sure you will adore the way your hair looks when you add on these stunning platinum blonde shades in them. We are always looking for hues that can make an impact, and we are confident this one here will please a lot of people! The hair will look like this when you take them out of the tight box braids. You can also keep the dark tones on the base to get this depth.

Longer and better!

When you check out some box braids gallery, you will find these hairdos to be trendy. You can see how there are some longer hair sections in here. If you are willing to look unique by adding on some long extensions, then this section will amuse you a lot. Add bigger braids and also some of these golden hair clasps on them to make them stand out. You can also add some top bun to get the appeal of a well done polished look for yourself.

Thinning ends on box braids

If you go on searching, we are sure you will find a lot of box braids sizes to get on board with. There are thicker ones and also some thin twists. You can see that there are some fantastic looks you can create from these hairdos. You can try out the best of both by adding on the thicker ones on top and then thin the sections on the base! If you are not sure how it will look, then here are some images to show you!

Get some patterns

You can add on some beautiful braids on your hair and on doing so you can also create some designs on them! Here is a look that shows how the hair can have the design embedded on the scalp. The star sign in here is stunning and also intricate. You need to get them done at a salon to get the same clean and neat effect. There are jumbo box braids in here that support the whole look as well. Try different patterns to enjoy this hairstyle!

The half up knotted bun look!

Here are some box braids hairstyles that have the charming half and half hairdo on them. You can see that there are sections in here with the top half made into a bun. Then the rest is left out to get the loose and relaxed vibe. You can add on some fun elements to this look by adding on some beautiful colors! The reds, browns, and blonde hues are working well together and forming the perfect balance. You can also blend them in with black tones to add depth.

Yarn on the box braids

There are yarn hairstyles out there, and you can try them out if you want to. They are done by adding on some yarn to tie around the braids. You can choose colorful yarn to make the hair get some color without using hair dye! Here we have some ideas for you to get inspired by. The pink and blue ones in here are adding the needed oomph. You can also go for some white, plain yarn as well if you are not into colors!

Headbands to try on

When you add on some fun accessories, you can make your hair look polished. You can see that adding on something as plain and simple as a headband can amp up your look. You can choose the grey one like the one here or get some funky colorful ones to show off your fun side! There is a youthful vibe to them and is growing exceedingly well with the teenagers. Add on some golden hair clasps to add some traditional touch to the hairdo.

The beautiful ponytail

For a lot of years, women and children have been wearing these ponytails, and they are still quite popular. They are also ideal as you need not follow a lot of hard steps to get them done. If you are looking for ways to add on these box braids on to a pony, then here are some images. You can try out the full head of braids or also leave the front sleek without them. Choose the one that makes the most sense to you.

Thick box braids

Having thick and luscious hair is an idea of healthy hair. You can see that the addition of some hair extensions can make you get the same look. There are some ideas in here that you can get on board with. You may need to add on some more bundles of hair weave for your stylist to get this look on point. There is a healthy and fun appeal to this hairdo. This is one hairstyle that gives others hair envy when they look at you!

Space buns to try!

One of the best hairstyles that work out for most women. You can try out the fun and funky hairstyle by adding on some bright colors. You can also add on some beautiful hair accessories to add some flair. If you are not one to try out these hues, then you can try out the muffled version with no colors and patterns as well. You can also try on some designs on the scalp to make it stand out. Make the buns as tiny or as thick and bigger as you want!

Some box braids for teenagers!

There are some fun ideas to manipulate the box braids, and you can try on some of them to get the fresher look. You can see that the makeup has been kept to a minimal and fun in most of these looks. When you try out some classy makeup and pair it up with some braids, half of the youthful side is done. Push it to the side or part it in the middle to give it an oomph. As they don’t get worse for some time, you will be looking beautiful every day!

Hair clasps

These are some traditional box braids in here. You can add on some hair clasps to add to the authenticity to this look. Here are some ideas to add on to your hair! The golden touch that your hair gets is fabulous. You can also tie them on to a high pony to make them look easy on you. There is a beautiful comfort level that comes up to these hairstyles. Check these out and get them done as soon as you can!

For kids

These box braids for kids are ideal if you are a mom who is always busy and have little time to spare. These hairstyles last for at least three months. So as a parent, you will be relieved about not having to worry about doing their hair every day. Hairstyles like this can be worn to school, and here we have some excellent option. Your little princess will surely love the look you create for her.

box braidsTop Bun

Buns are easy, and they also have this classy charm to them. These are perfect for days when you need to head out and look formal and professional. Here are some ideas that we are showing to you. You can try these out for yourself if you need to head out to a special event or an office party where you need to look polished! The colors here are stunning as well. The hues of red are deep, and they are adding this fiery base to the hair.

Medium length hairstyles

If you want to get a fresh appeal, then you can try out some box braids medium cut in here. You can see that here we have these thick to thin box braids in here and they work perfectly with this length. The hair length you choose can have a significant impact on the total appeal of your look. You can keep it sleek by leaving it loose. If you want to keep it out of your face, then you can take some sections and pin them away.

The colors to wear

We have compiled some box braids styles pictures here that can be the look you try on next. Here there are some bold colors, and they can amplify your look a lot. There is no color that you cannot try out. Teenagers and stylists are always trying on some of the other form of bold hues, and they are creating new trends to follow. If you are looking for such tones, then you try out these long hairdos.

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The addition of hair weaves

These box braids cannot be completed most of the time without adding on some hair extensions. You can see how all you need is to add some weaves on to get a fuller look. This is ideal for women who do not have the length and thickness that they desire in a hairdo. You may need to ask your hairdresser about how many packets of the hair packets you need to add on get the look of your dreams.

Ringlets and curls

Adding on some texture to the hair is perfect for getting that stunning and feminine look. You can see how the box braids work well with these curls and ringlets. You can check out this section here which we recommend to most women. We love the dimensions that are added on by the waves in here. You need to take your hair curler to get this look in here. If you want to add some colors, then here are some brown hues as a reference as well.

The Celebrity hairdo

Beyonce is one fashion icon that sets trends with whatever she wears. Her style is ideal for women of all ages, and there is a charm to them as well. Here she has a half up and half down looks going on in here! The colors in here are what stand out the most. There are waves as well that add the slight touch of texture to the hair. You can try out the same if you want to copy the singer!

Bangs to add

Bangs are a classy addition to any look, and they work out so well for most women. You can see that there are some bangs on these hairdos as well. There are some classy ideas we have here. They can be as long as you want them to be. But you need to be sure that you feel comfortable while working through this. The ones in here are closed upbraids that add this thickness and body to the hair.

Jumbo box braids

When it comes to twists and hairdos, size does matter! Here are some fabulous ideas of box braids jumbo that we adore. You can see that here are thicker sections in here and they are adding on to the effect of the squared braids. This braiding style will take on less time, and you will look your best as well. This one here is one of our favorite looks!

DIY box braids

This one here is a hairdo that you can recreate on your own. The stunning top bun look has a tilt to it, and you can try to get the same by following these quick steps. This one here shows a sequence of pictures to you following which you can recreate the same look on yourself at home. Have the patience and follow through, and we are confident you will love the way it turns out!

Shaved Hairstyles

Shaving some section of your hair can be a daunting decision to make. You can be scared when trying this on for the first time. But we are sure you will love the way your hair looks when you try on these hairstyles. There is a bold side to this hairstyle, and the top bun looks even better when you add on these sections on the temples. You can try checking this out to get an idea!

The process

When you decide to get these braids, you will need to work on a few things first. You need to get a salon appointment and then have the time to stay through the long hours necessary to get the look. We are sure you will be bored during the time. It can take anywhere from three to five long hours to get the completed look. So eat well and get ready to binge watch the new show you picked out!

For a day out!

When you need to head out and look cute, these are the braids that will work out great for you. The side shave look can be a bit bold for some, so for everyone else out there, and we have these beautiful options! You can see that there are pulled back and top tied looks in here as well. There is a chic and fun factor to these looks! You are sure to get a fun vibe when you wear them.

box braids

The one to wear to parties

Heading out to parties and are looking to try on something fun with these braided looks? Look no more for we have just the look you need. You can see that the hair in here has these charming shiny headband on them and they add this bling factor to the whole attire! You can look great as the lights reflect off and away from the hair in the night lights. Here is a look that can set you in the right direction!

Box braids for thin hair

As the days pass by, the weather is getting hotter and hotter! The summers make us sweaty and irritated for the most part. In such days the hair is one thing that can bother us a lot. Thus here are some ideas involving braids to keep them out of your way. These are also ideal for days when you need to hit the gym. We are sure these will come in handy for you!

box braids

For hot days

As the days pass by, the weather is getting hotter and hotter! The summers make us sweaty and irritated for the most part. In such days the hair is one thing that can bother us a lot. Thus here are some ideas involving braids to keep them out of your way. These are also ideal for days when you need to hit the gym. We are sure these will come in handy for you!


The hairstyles in here are ideal for women of all ages. You can try them out for yourself if you want a relaxed and protective hairdo. They are not only beautiful but also they are ideal for all seasons. You can check out the social media feeds under the fashion tag, and we are sure you will find countless ideas! There are many hairstyles to take inspiration from! Create your style and make the most of these hairdos. You can add on some fun accessories as well to amplify the appeal of these hairdos. We are sure you will be thrilled to try them out!

The hairstyle you wear can make you look and feel a lot different. There are some exciting ideas in this article here, and we can assure you that these are trendy looks that will not go out of fashion any time soon! There are celebs like Beyonce and Alicia Keys sporting these twists! So you can also recreate these hairdos for yourself if you want to look like your favorite celebrity! In case you liked this article, you can share it with others in your close group! Make sure to check out some other beautiful articles in our collection while you are here!


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