55 Chestnut Hair Inspirations That Will Make a Bold Statement


As the seasons change, we all want to change our hair color and adapt to the new and trendy styles of the time. And one hair color that we see never running out of the fashion is the chestnut hair. Many swear by this color, and the hues are especially well-loved as they flatter all skin tones. You can try out the variations of the same to look extra special this season. There are some remarkable ideas that you can get on board, and we are sure you will look admire yourself once it is done!

It is essential to keep changing the style you have on time and again. It not only makes one look good but also gives us a boost in our confidence like nothing else can. Every once in a while, it is crucial to change things up a bit and enjoy the trends that catch your attention. This article here will guide you into the beautiful world of the chestnut hair, and we are confident you will get enough ideas to replicate on yourself the next day! These are shades that are close to the mixture of browns and reds and were named after the nut of the chestnut tree as well!

Here are 112 stunning chestnut hair ideas so you can make your pick!

Kristen Stewart’s chestnut hair

The actress who gained massive fan following and popularity after appearing as Bella in the ‘Twilight Saga’ has had her fans in awe of her looks! Her chestnut hair has given us some hair goals, and we are sure you are also stunned by how well it suits her. Take ideas from the deep roots and the lighter chestnut hues and ask your stylist to hook you up with the same!

chestnut hair On the browner side

This one here is on the more brownish side of the chestnut hue for sure. You must have seen how the hair comes to life when it has the bright shade of sunshine golden brown on it. Your whole face will light up to make you look extra special when you get a color as fun and vibrant as this. This is a hue that will manage to stay relevant for a lot of time before it goes obsolete!

Slight Highlights

This is an exciting combination of colors that we are cannot wait for you to try out. You can get the dark tones on the base and add the lighter shades on the sections where you want to break the monotony. The play of colors are beautiful, and it will work out for anyone. Women with pale skin tones will be able to add on the warmth to their face and get that summer look!

Reddish tones

Women who are inclined more to the red tones will love this hairstyle for sure. We have the chestnut red hair ideas in here that have the complete balance of depth and elegance. Everything is wrapped up in a beautiful blend, and the reds shine out without it being too loud. You can see these are the styles that even celebs cannot keep their hands off from.

chestnut hair

Shine and luster in chestnut hair

Shades that you have on your hair can make your hair look out of this world. There are so many hair dyes that come with their pouch of shine tonic that you can add on to the mix. Once you apply it on your hair, you will get the luster as the one we are showing off here. When the sun hits your locks or as the flash comes on, your colors will reflect them and strike this fabulous balance.

Going for a glam look

Themed parties or proms are perfect for trying out some beautiful hairdos. You can see that the hairstyles we have in here work for such occasions well. The one on top has this bouffant and a rhinestone-infused headband on it as well. The makeup in that one is also giving a vintage look. You can get on board with the next one if you want to head out to a prom or a wedding as well.

Vacation hairstyle

Heading for a vacation soon? Then you need to try these ravishing colors out. There are deeper to lighter tones to these hairdos, and they have this relaxed vibe attached to it. Add on some waves, and you are good to head out and click pictures. For an easy way out, you can get on some fun shades and carry off the look with all your swag. These are the images that can get you all the likes in your Instagram.

Blunt cut

The blunt ends in these images are something to get inspired by. They add this chic vibe to the hair, and it also gives a youthful appeal to you. This is an idea that is very famous among teenagers. Styling them in curls makes the whole attire come to life. Add some bangs on, and you can frame your face as well.

Flaunt your natural look

The best look on a woman is when she shows off her natural beauty. You need to be confident in your skin and not worry about anyone else’s opinion. Here are a few images that show off the relaxed and effortless approach to the chestnut hues on the hair. You may just get inspired to try on the same for yourself. These women look fantastic and perfectly imperfect.

For deeper skin tones

This is the tone that shows off how well the chestnut hair can work out for women who have a darker skin tone. The reds in this hairdo are complementing the face and eye color as well. Add on the hues on some layered hair, and you will also frame the face well. We have the dark tones on the roots of the hair that adds the depth and a new phase of dimension.

Celebrity hairstyles

This is the section that works for every woman who is interested in some fabulous celebrity hairdos. The stylists that these trendy celebs have are gorgeous, and it has this deep tone on it that we adore in all forms. You can see Emma Stone, Kristen Stuart, Mila Kunis, Katy Perry, to name a few in this section. The sultry tones they wear is admirable in all forms.

Deep dark tones

Some celebs here are rocking the deep chestnut hair color, and we could not be more impressed by the way they carried it off. It is hard to get the color that has a deep tone and flaunt it without adding on some light shades on it. The chestnut hair, when done in a deeper tone, can give that intense look. You can check out some of these hairstyles in here if you are looking for inspiration.

Sunshine coppery hues

There is a touch of golden sheen on these chestnut hair ideas. The long layered hair looks great when you pair with it a fun color like the reds and golden browns. If you are not sure how it will look, here are some images to take on as reference! You can get the red hair and get the touch of some subtle bright brown to tone it down as well.

Fun and flirty hairstyle

While choosing a color, you need to keep in mind how it will work with your skin tone and the color of your eyes. And from this section in here, you can get the shades you want to try out chosen. You can take the chestnut brown hair color chart and use it as a reference to get the ideal hue for yourself. The colors that complement you and the ones that can be used as highlights can be figured out once you use it.

Medium cut hairstyles

This section here shows you the medium chestnut brown hair that cannot be ignored. The typical median between the long and short haircuts, this one has the flexibility of the former and the youthful appeal of the latter. There are some fantastic ways to get your hair styled once you get the cut. The ones here are colored in chestnut hair, and then subtle waves are added on to give it some body and movement.

The short bangs to try

Have you paid attention to the section of hairstyles with bangs recently? There are some fun ways to get them on to your locks and make them work out for you. And here we are showing you some classy ways. The idea of bangs is to frame the face and help you get a feminine and youthful look. Try them out by checking out how stunning they can be. You will be distracted by your beautiful hair for sure!

Variation of colors

There is a wide variety of colors that you can try out in this world of fun hues today. And if you choose to get the chestnut hair, you still have a wide plethora of colors to choose from. Since there is a mix of two hues here, there is a wide range to work with. Here we also have the ever so trendy ashy chestnut hair that you cannot miss if you want to look fashionable!

The one for special occasions

When you need to steal everyone’s attention, you can try out this look in here. The brightness in the hair is what attracts us the most and makes us want to try it out today! The excitement of these colors is contagious for sure. The central part gives this chiseled look and paves the way for you to look fabulous. So set this one out to try for some special event, and you won’t be disappointed.

Casual everyday hairstyles

Not everyone is looking out to be a perfectionist with the polished look each day! We do realize that and are showing you some ways to get chic and cheerful looks. The casual hairstyles in here are ideal for all teenagers. You can see how they are secure and only will take a few minutes to complete! The chestnut hair color does half the work for you already.

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The expert’s touch

When we lay eyes on the hairstyles that some of the celebrities are wearing, then the first thing we notice is how good they look with their perfect hair! You can see the details in them and know that it is the work of an expert. It has the finesse that you would love in your hair. So we encourage you to head to a salon rather than trying to get the colors on yourself. For they are professional who can do it better!

Make a bun!

There are many ways to get ready for a formal occasion. But nothing beats the casual yet chic vibe of a bun that is well-done! You can see some ideas of the hairdo in here. Try out the knotted hairstyle or choose the easy way out and get the braided bun. They are comfortable, and they work for women of all ages as well. We are sure you will adore the vibrancy of these hairdos for an occasion like a wedding!

For thin hair

When you have thin hair, you keep thinking of ways to add that oomph the whole thing and make it look better. You can leave that idea once you try on a fun hue! It is better to accept your features and get them to work for you rather than trying to mold them into something else. Here is an idea that you can get on board. The tinges here move slightly to the redder side, and that is adorable!

Curls and waves to try

Once you get your hair colored, you will want to make it better by adding on some fun elements and trying on new hairstyles as well. And the one that gains a lot of popularity is the addition of waves and curls to your hair. It can be a tight ringlet or a soft wave, but no matter what you try, you will look fabulous for sure! Get your hair styling tools out and get them in form or opt for some heatless curls instead.

Long thick hair

The idea of healthy hair for most women is the image of a thick and luscious looking hair that has enough body on its own. You can notice these to be a big trend among many. Teenagers are also loving the idea of growing out long hair and showing off the tangle free locks in their Instagram posts! Here we collected some of the combinations of chestnut hair looks with the length of locks!


A fun style of the ponytail is admirable in all sense, and we adore how it looks from all angles. You can see there is bulk in this look and they give this lift to the whole pony. The color in here adds that lightness to the hair, and we adore how it all works out to provide you with a magnificent hairdo. Add some hair extensions if you want to get that thick hair appeal and you are set!

Looks to get inspired by

If you are battling the idea of chestnut hair vs. Auburn hair, then this section will clear all your doubts. You can see that there are bright and deep hues in these images and they show off the range you have when it comes to the chestnut hair color. Chestnut hair inclines more to the browner side of things, and the Auburn tilts towards the reds! That is the only difference, and thus, the choice depends on your preference!

Short bob

The bob is one hairstyle that we are sure will be here even long after we are gone. They have been ruling the fashion industry, and we see women of all ages and work backgrounds wearing this chic hairdo. It can be sexy as well as classy and formal, and that is the most significant strong point for a hairstyle like this. You can try out the chestnut hair with a short angled bob like the one we have here!

Red hues all the way

Chestnut is a color that is a mix of both reds and browns, and we are sure you are aware of it as you reach this part of the article. You can be inclined to any portion of these hues, and we are showing off the red ones in here. The fiery shade has our heart feeling all kinds of good, and we recommend you try this out for a bolder and sexy appeal!


By now, we are sure you know that hair color can make a big difference in the way you look. It not only gives your hair a lift but also adds on some luster and dimension to them. Here are a couple of images that show off the chestnut hair. This is an ideal color that you can try on for your vacation days. As the sun hits the hair, the real charm of this hue starts to reflect as well.

Some variations

We are always looking to try out some casual hairstyles. And it is needed for anyone to check out their options and here are some excellent ideas that you can check out in here. The chestnut hair ideas in here are classic, and they look stunning as they reflect the light that falls in them. We are sure you will love the way your long locks shine as you get this sun-kissed version of the chestnut hue.

Natural look!

You can get an unnatural tone in your hair when you get it colored with a harsh shade. We are sure that you have seen it in some women when their hair looks a bit stiff and overly shiny once they get it colored. It is hard to get a natural looking color for yourself if you try to get it done at home. Here are some ideas that you can try out if you want to get a sleek look.

The office look

Getting a hair color can be tricky for several reasons. You need to make sure that your hair is not only good enough for a day out, but you also need it to fit in with your office codes! There are a few hair colors that fit well between the two. And they also transition well from casual to the official day! You can see that these are the shades that look good on women with all skin tones and undertones as well so you can get on board without a doubt!

We are sure you adored some of these hairstyles. A lot depends on the way you color your hair. If your hair color looks terrible, then, undoubtedly, the hairstyles you try on will also not flatter you. So make an informed decision when it comes to coloring your hair. You need to understand the consequences that you bring about once you get the hair bleached! They will get damaged to a certain extent and can also be prone to other issues like breakage and dryness! It is better to prepare beforehand and get your hair enough moisture. You can also get to conditioning so that you can avoid causing more stress to them.

Here we compiled the best ideas regarding the chestnut hair, and we are sure you found some to take to your salon! When you like the way your hair looks after getting chestnut hair on, then share your experiences with us here! It will also help out some of our readers. Get ready to gracefully accept the compliments that come your way as we know this hair color will get you to that point. It can be subtle or wild as you style it, and the intensities can make a big difference. So pick the ones that excite you the most!


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