61 Stylish Disconnected Undercut For Men


The Hairstyle is a means of distinguishing one’s personality from the rest. Men often tend to fashion a different hairstyle to enhance their looks. The undercut and disconnected undercut has often been the go-to hairstyle for men, after the 2010s era. While undercut may feel like a new hairstyle, it was familiar to men in the early 1900s to early 1940s. The jazz era hairstyle requires medium to long hair on the top with a hard line on the sides.

The hairstyle is noticeable to the eye yet attractive which made it resurge after a period. Early look of the disconnected undercut hairstyle was pretty much about trimmed sides with long hair slicked back. The hairstyle in current days differs a little from its predecessor as it is generally disconnected these days. Unlike, plain undercut, the disconnected undercut requires a hard line on sides, one side, or both sides to partition hair. A hard line on side marks the end of long hair on top and softly trimmed edges on the side.

The buzzed sides and back of disconnected style provides a clean look from the sideways and back with an effect of highlighting hair at the top. Even guys with thick or thin hair at the top can sport this look because of its highlighting effect.

The List Consists Of 61 Undercut Hairstyles For All Men To Use.

No Slick Disconnected Undercut Hairstyle


The slick-less undercut style is pretty plain and simple. The hair on top is usually left messy for a natural look. It saves the time required to slick or partition hair at the perfect position.

 Disconnected Undercut With Buzzed Sides And Beard

Trimmed short beards and locks, add some more glamour to the undercut. This undercut is for slim men with a diamond cut face. Buzzed sides highlight edges of the face and short beard.

Fade Back Disconnected Undercut Hairstyle

The voluminous hair on top is slicked backward for fade back undercut style. Hair needs to be a little pompous when faded towards the back. A little hair wax with a glossy finish will leave any guy looking smooth.

Silky Side Swayed

Barbers are a creative artist who can create hair tattoo or add a shaved line for a finish to your hair. Ask your mate to add a hard line on sides for a partitioned look for your silky haired undercut, next time he puts scissors on your hair.

Curled On Front

Sometimes a soft touch is better than going overboard with your looks. The hairstyle requires a 2-3 inches long hair on top for curling sideways. The disconnected hair looks can be managed easily with a handy comb and some water even if its messed up.

Pompous Side Slicked

Square Faced? Don’t worry side slicked pompous hair has you covered. This one looks especially good on guys with a square face. The hard line on one side of hair makes you look younger than you are.

Long Haired Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected undercut hairstyle comes with a wide range of choices for long-haired men. The long hair can be swayed back, slicked to sides with little or no hair to fit beach, casual, and party wear looks.

Trimmed Undercut With A Difference

The difference is the need of the hour, a disconnected undercut without a hard line is perfect for guys who want to be different. Get your gear, trim off sides and leave hair long on top to flick it back.

Long Swayed Back Haircut With Stubble Beard

Stubble beard with long sidelocks goes perfectly with a long-haired undercut. The pompously spiked hair on top suits perfectly with a beard for those who want to look classy and casual at the same time.

Rough Beard With Clean Shaves

Rough beard doesn’t always exhibit your untidiness. The beard with a clean disconnected undercut on sides can make your appearance look fresh with a distinct style.

The Casual

Are you the guy who loves to tuck your shirt inside casual jeans? Then, this casual disconnected undercut hairstyle is just for you. This haircut requires 2-3 inches of hair on top for spiking it off. If you are light skinned, coloring hair blonde can work charms.

Back Slicked With Plugs

Earrings are another essential part of men’s look. The disconnected undercut with long hair can be slicked back to suit plug style earnings. Little soft beard enhances the overall looks of this style of haircut.

Long Bearded And Long Haired Style

A well managed long beard perfectly matches long haired undercut style. For achieving this masculine style, long hair on top must be slicked to sides, accompanied by buzzed sides and stylized mustache with a long beard.

Pompous Undercut With Hard Line On Sides

Long hair on top can be raised to look pompous to go along with a disconnected look. Use undercut highlighted in a picture; one must trim sides completely for a clean look.

Split Undercut Hairstyle

The split disconnected undercut hairstyle requires you to keep your hair on top slightly longer than the hair on the side to attain it. The somewhat short hair on sideways and longer hair up top should then be split on the side to achieve the look.

Side Lock Less Hairstyle

Hate side locks, you’ve come to the right place. The disconnected undercut hairstyle shown in the picture is just for you. While you are getting a haircut, ask your barber to leave hair on top long with a cleanly shaved sides and regular beard.

Classic Undercut Hairstyle

Who says you can’t rock undercut hairstyle in a tuxedo? The classic undercut hairstyle will complement your outfit. The swayed back long hair on a top with mildly trimmed sides, and you’re good to rock the party or meeting.

Hard Line Partition With Hanging Hair

Confused? Before you decide to chop off your long silky hair all the way, Why not trim your long hair on the sides with a hard line? A small strand of hair should be left hanging in front with a large part of hair swayed to the opposite side.

Raised Hair With Light Line

Light line complements pompous hair. If you want to avoid a hard line for your looks, to top off your looks with this hairstyle, mildly trim off your beard with hard trim on locks.

Tunnels And Undercut

Medium length hair with a mustache and tunnel earrings in the ear is perfect for getting an undercut looks. A well managed manly mustache and tunnels can go well with a medium length hair on top and lightly trimmed hair on sides.

Spiky Style

The brilliance of undercut cannot be outlined; it can go with the different hairstyle. If you are bored with the usual cut, you can choose to mix it with a spiky hairdo. The hair on top can be spiked all the way from front to back for a relaxed style.

Colored With Wayfarer

The fresh in trend wayfarer sunglasses make a perfect companion for your undercut hairstyle. A little blonde or white color on hair can help improve your looks when you decide to put on those shades.

The Mild Trim

Trimming hair mildly on sides to achieve the undercut hairstyle can help you become attractive. The mild cut on sides leaves an effect of highlighting the spiky top and give you that beautiful style.

Curly Outlook

Curly hair is distinct and very few people have this natural gift. The curly hair can be stylized in various ways unavailable to smooth hair. The hair left untouched on top can be left rough after buzzing of sides.

Pompadour And Hard Line

A nifty shave on sides can be a lifesaver to provide you a fresh look to your pompadour style hair. The split effect left by a hard line makes your pompadour look different from rest.

The Spiky Fade Back

This fascinating undercut combines three styles. The fade back half with a spiky hair upfront and cleanly shaved sides creates a distinct disconnection to match your long beard.

Skin Fade Angular Comb Over

The angular comb over to the right or left leaves with mild buzz creates a skin fade to your undercut looks. The slight skin fade appears like a hard line without the need of shaving your hair by a blade.

Super Back Fade

The super back fade requires you to comb your hair on top completely to the back. The thoroughly combed hair gives a beautiful smooth finish to your hair, a little gloss from hair wax, gel, or handy olive oil takes it to that extra mile.

Long Side Fade

Seven to eight inches hair on top can be faded on sides to create the wavy look. The extreme disconnection between the hairless side and long side faded long hair creates look never seen before.

Light Fade Back With Soft Faux Hawk

Well, as previously mentioned, undercut is versatile and its flexibility can allow it to mix with various style. It is trio which blends fade back look along with mildly trimmed sides all the way to back for a fantastic hairstyle. A faux hawk, fade back, and undercut, What more do you need?

Brushed Hairstyle

Combing your hair leaves you with lines like shape on your hair. If you want to raise your long, voluminous top for a quiff or a pompous look, use the hairbrush. It makes your hair look bulky and stylized when swayed back.

Natural Razor Fade

The natural fade back blown dry by a hair dryer looks good with a little razor cut. The slightly razor cut hair leaves a sharp look to your hair on the back, the slight mid fade makes your hair on top look bulky even though its short.

Low Skin Fade Back

Generally, men choose high skin fade to leave a clean look on sides while getting an undercut done. However, slicked back undercut can be achieved with a light skin fade to avoid shaving sides completely.

Skin Fade Pomp

Brushing your hair and beard to the back adds a glamorous style to your overall looks. Trim your hair on sides to a lovely skin fade to add an extravagant look to that pomp made by light brushing.

Fringe Curl Look

The fringe curl undercut is another level undercut. It is another choice for men who have curls. The curly hair can be fringed up front to stylize mid fade on sides and back for disconnection.

Parted Flick

The flicked back top can be parted on two sides with a comb to create a different variant of this hairstyle. The hairstyle is completely like a standard disconnected undercut with sides trimmed, and hair swayed back.

Wavy Long Style

Ask your barber to run through a trimming machine at its highest to get a skin fade leaving long, voluminous top fidgeted a little roughly to achieve this look. The fidgeted hair has a beautiful wavy outlook to it.

Messy Fringe Cut

The messy fringe cut is pretty, plain and easy; its a fringe style haircut converted into a disconnected undercut. The long hair is left fringed with a high skin fade trim on sides to make you look fantastic.

Brushed Angular Fringe With Trim

High skin fade with a brushed finish is excellent for your next hairstyle. The angular look stylizes your long hair in such manner it will make you a center of attraction at any event, party or function. Brush your long hair sideways after you get that undercut.

False Army Style Undercut

The false army style undercuts merge your regular undercut with army cut. You should trim sides all the way to back like army cut with a high skin fade. It leaves effect like army cut while the long hair on top gives you undercut finish.

Left Back Slick

The name says it all if you want an undercut finished with new variant look no further. In this undercut, the hair on the side is trim, but long hair is flicked a little to the side when flicking back. It’s entirely on you to decide whether to flick it a little to the right or left.

Slick Back Pomp

It is an easy looking haircut, to achieve this hairstyle you need to keep front hair on top longer than those on back. Gradually shorten hair on the back and stay front long to slick it back for this haircut.

The Shortwave

The shortwave haircut is one of a kind hairstyle. The short remaining hair is combed to a rough finish with a hard gel for leaving it looking wavy. The use of hard gel leaves your hair looking same for the entire day.

Youthful Undercut

No one can remain evergreen and youthful entire life. The kick to staying young depends on your overall look. This hairstyle can leave any guy looking youthful, get very low fade on your sides to leave your hair looking bulky on top and slick it back for this style.

The Hang Back

The hang back hairstyle is the exact opposite of front hanging haircut. This hairstyle requires pretty long hair on top. The hair on the side is trim with high skin fade, and the front is left hanging on back through a backward flick.

Hard Part Line Up Pomp

The hard part line up pomp is pretty convenient hairstyle. Get a slicked back pomp with mid skin fade to leave hard part on sides, and you end looking good with this hairstyle.

Front Fringe Faux Hawk

The front hanging faux hawk puts distinct new style to your disconnected style. The distinct undercut style brings a twist to faux hawk, instead of spiking your hair, a front is fringed down to highlight part on sides.

Normal Mid Fade Undercut

The typical mid fade undercut is classic looking cut. The hair is comb back, and sides are typically left mid fade for disconnected feel. A well-managed beard comes handy when you get this look.

Short Spike

Unlike long spiky hairstyle, the short spike is brilliant hairstyle which requires you to spike your medium length hair on top. The clean shaved hair on side highlights your beard and helps your spiky hair outshine your looks.

Natural Cut

The natural undercut is probably the easiest to manage. It accompanies cleanly trimmed sides with hair flicked to back. You can run your fingers through your hair to the extended portion to side. If you are the guy, who likes to use the brush, brush it for the more natural look.

Medium Trim Faux Hawk

Get medium trim on your sides, end your back with a faux hawk feel with long hair swayed back and you have got yourself a fantastic hairstyle for you. The medium trimmed sides and swung back hair are another hairstyle match made in heaven.

Low Fade Mess

Don’t like spending much time managing your hair; low skin fade mess can be your choice. The hair on the side gets high skin fade to leave your hair shorter than short length top and hair on top is left messy.

All Angle Pomp

The all angle pomp starts with wavy pomp from all sides. The pomp gradually descends from front to back. The pomp leaves a false part line on your medium skin fade.

Edge Up Side Sway

The edge up hairstyle is brilliant because your edges on front and side are made to look clean and sharp. The undercut goes well with edge up as it makes the hairstyle look fresh. The swayed long portion of hair to the side with a clean trim on your side.

Mid Fade Edge Up

A neat looking mid fade with a clean edge up on the front with the faux hawk is unique design for your hairstyle. People often use the spiky or faux hawk to make the hairstyle look even better.

Medium Fade Mild Beard

A mohawk undercut is another option for guys getting disconnected undercut. The mild beard in a bottom, medium trim hair on sides and cool spiky hair, perfect isn’t it.

False Hard Line Side Part

It is another variant of pompous side slicked with a little twist. The previous option requires the hard part to split your hair for disconnection but combing your hair and applying gel creates a false part.

Viking Beard With Undercut

If you love keeping beard and mustache long like the Vikings, undercut is the hairstyle to match your needs. Long beards can be topped off with a slicked-back hair and clean sides.

Good things never disappear completely and make a comeback after it goes unnoticed for a short period. Its, the same with disconnected undercut hairstyle, it may seem to have been gone for some period but its back. Its resurgence is a symbol; it will remain and be famous for many eras to come.

The distinct feel which radiates from this particular hairstyle will always make it a top choice for men. It is loved by movie stars to hip-hop artist to general men. The handsome artist like Justin Timberlake and Brad Pitt have rocked this look for walking down red carpets.

The distinct ability of disconnected undercut to blend with any other style is a key factor for being accepted by everyone. It helps people become unique and reflect their individuality by tweaking it to personal choice. The experimentation available to undercut hairstyle may not be the same for another hairstyle. We hope undercut hairstyle is one which will land on your choice in days to come.


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