109 Cute Ways You Can Wear A Dutch Braid And A French Braid


Braids just don’t get enough credit for doing a good job of making us girls look good, huh? From quick three-strand styles to more complicated bridal updos, the hairstyle’s always got our backs.

While there are plenty of braid variations, and we’re betting creative hairstylists are even coming up with more, today we will focus on one of the most popular ones: the Dutch braid.

If you don’t know yet, this braid style is a variation of the French braid except it’s done through crossing the hair strands under instead of over each other. Thus, you’ll end up with a braid that seems to be resting on top of the hair instead of being weaved into it. In fact, the Dutch braid is actually also called the inverted French braid.

Before we give you a rundown of the many ways you can wear a Dutch braid, let’s begin with a short lesson on how to do the simplest version of the style.

The step by step of a simple Dutch Braid


  • Start by parting your hair in your preferred kind of part. Make sure that your part extends to the back of your head down to your nape if you want to do a classic pigtail Dutch braid. Separate the two sections of hair, so they don’t mix with each other.


  • Divide one section of hair into three more small partitions, preferably just about half an inch thick each.


  • Start braiding by doing a regular three-strand French braid but remember to weave the strands under instead of over each other. To make it simpler, the rightmost strand should go under the middle one and then leftmost one goes under the previous two.

How To Dutch Braid: Step By Step Tutorial | Luxy Hair Blog

  • Repeat this pattern while adding more of your hair as you go down your head creating new sections.


  • Switch to a regular braid pattern once you reach your nape. Secure your hair with a tie and repeat the entire process on the other part of your head.

Simple and easy Dutch braid hairstyles for the lazy gal

Now that you know how to do a simple Dutch braid, practice your new skill with these easy yet cute braided looks. They’re the perfect five-minute hairstyle to wear on days when you’re just too busy to do something elaborate with your hair.

A loose side Dutch braid is a great place to start. Its looser style gives the look more dimension than when you just stick with a simple Dutch braid. You can either weave your hair loose as you braid or take the butt of a comb and loosen up your braids after. Be sure to secure the end of your braid behind your ear with a couple of hairpins and you’re good to go!

If you have a little bit more time to spare, you can do the braid on both sides of your head and create a sort of braid crown. The style remains the same except you need to connect the two Dutch braid ends at the nape of your neck. You can choose to pine them together at your nape, underneath all your hair, for a neater look or just pin them on top of the rest.

Of course, you can go the classic route and opt for a pigtail Dutch braid like the one above. Now that it’s back on trend, you won’t have to worry about looking like a middle school kid anymore. Better make the best of the style before the trend shifts again.

To give the classic pigtail Dutch braids a simple twist, do them in a looser style. And instead of braiding until the ends of your hair, stop at your nape and take the braids together to create a low ponytail. Keep the look chic and use a section of the unbraided hair to serve as a “hair tie”.

Dutch braid buns and updos for special occasions

The great thing about Dutch braids is that they can easily be upgraded into seriously gorgeous updos with just a few tweaks. Case in point is the adorable updo above. Get the look by doing loose Dutch braids on your hair and bringing them together into a volumized low bun. Et voila! You’ve got a semi-formal hairstyle to wear on special occasions.

Not a fan of low buns? No problem. Opt for a top bun instead. Get a little creative and do reverse Dutch braids instead of leaving the back of your head unstyled. You can also make the bun a tad more fancy through twisting it in loose strands before pinning your hair securely. Don’t forget to spritz a layer of hairspray for good measure.

Here’s something a bit more informal. This trendy street style is a mixture of two trends: space buns and Dutch braids. It’s definitely the perfect style to wear on your morning run or gym workout. Hey, you gotta look while you sweat, right? You never know who you might run into.

Looking for a simple yet elegant bridal updo? Look no further than this Dutch braid wraparound. Don’t be afraid to edit the look to suit you better. For example, you can ditch the middle part for a deep side part for a sexier look.

Go a more laid-back chic route and ask your stylist to mess your Dutch braids up a bit. Let a few loose tendrils out for good measure and you’ll look effortlessly fresh and beautiful on your big day. Also, don’t be afraid to upgrade your updo with some accessories. A simple hair barrette usually suffices but you can also opt for fresh flowers for a more rustic style.

Here’s another reincarnation of the bridal Dutch braid updo. This time the two braids are overlapped instead of connected together.

Channel your inner Westerosi with complex Dutch braid hairstyles

Whether you’re a fan of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones or not, you can’t deny how utterly beautiful the braided hairstyles some of the female characters sport in each episode. While most of them wear wigs for the show, there’s no one stopping you from recreating their elaborate looks on your own hair.

We’re particularly biased for anything the mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen is seen with. A great example is this fantastic mix of Dutch braids and ponytails that she usually wears in the later seasons.

Think you can put your hair in something like this for your friend group’s next viewing party for the final season of the show? Well, luckily you’ve still got a month left to practice.


Here’s a relatively simpler style you can do instead of the one above. We bet even girls with medium-length hair can pull off this Dutch braid and fishtail braid hybrid. What do you think?

If you still can’t manage that, why not try this one instead. Just spice up your look with some low-lying wavy curls and you’re good to go. The secret to any Daenerys-inspired look is really just piling or layering up your braids. Done and done.

Not a fan of Daenerys for some reason? Take inspiration from the acting Warden of the North Sansa Stark instead. Think you can handle a four-strand weave braid? Challenge yourself and give it a try.

Or go another route and just mix different types of braids

Using the same principle you used in creating Game of Thrones hair looks, you can think up new ways to wear Dutch braids through mixing multiple braid types in one look.

The look above is a great yet simple example of this principle in action. Here are some more.

We’re particularly biased for styles which put Dutch braids and fishtail braids together in one look like this one. Separate the two braids with the creative use of hair strands as a pseudo hair tie to avoid incorporating distracting elements into your look.

How To Do Dutch Braid?

Here’s another way you can wear the two braids together. This crown style one looks a bit more romantic and feminine than the previous one, don’t you think? Definitely a fantastic choice for coffee dates or summer afternoon picnics with friends.

If you’ve been scrolling through Pinterest as of late then you’ve probably seen this stunning but complicated-looking braid style all over it. These braids are called pull-through braids and sort of looks like a Dutch braid except they’re made through a different process.

Check out this tutorial to know how to do them on your hair.

Of course, fishtail braids aren’t the only braid type you can use for your Dutch braid look. This complex zipper-style braids also work pretty well to create a casual and hip look that’ll be perfect for your next Insta-selfie.

Dutch braids on colorful hair

dutch braid

Take your Dutch braid to a whole new level by coloring your hair with the colors of the rainbow. We absolutely love how utterly clever this tri-color hair look is. Why not reinterpret it on your own hair?

Don’t be afraid to go ham with the hair colors and put it all of your favorites on your hair. Whatever you do, chances are your hair will still look good when you put it in just a simple Dutch braid. Case in point is the ultra-colorful look above.

Not a fan of bright, look-at-me colors? You can still enjoy fun hair dyes by opting for muted tones instead. Another trick is to color your hair with these dye in a sort of ombre balayage technique so you’ll still have some of your natural hair color showing.

Or you know, just stick to one solid color and enjoy it. Go full trendy millennial and opt for a dusty pink color and pair it with loose Dutch braid pigtails. Who’s the coolest kid in the block now?

Granny hair is also pretty in trend now. Just remember to tone your hair if you go for this color. You don’t want to be looking rusty, right? Show off your hair color with some simple two-layer Dutch braids for good measure.

You can also try injecting some bright highlights of color into your gray hair and wear it in a messy Dutch braid updo. Gotta admit this is the perfect prom or clubbing look depending on your age.

Loose Dutch braid hairstyles for thick hair

Thick-haired girls are lucky ’cause they’ve got a lot of hair to work with. What more, it appears that their hair is just about the perfect canvas for creating loose Dutch braid hairstyles.

With thick hair, you won’t have to tease or loosen up your braids too much to get the look. If you have some wigs, you can also do the style on them.

We find that Dutch braid pigtails work particularly well with a thick mane.

See what we mean. it can be pretty hard to achieve something like this on thinner or finer hair as they hold less shape.


The best Dutch braid hairstyles for short hair

Don’t despair, short-haired girls, you can definitely rock Dutch braids despite your hair length. Although it’s best to keep your expectations in check as to what you can achieve with what you have.

Of course, it’s a given that a regular Dutch braid can work on something as short as a chin-length bob though some loose tendrils will be inevitable.

One trick you can keep in mind when braiding short hair is to focus on the top portion of your hair. Another one is to keep your braids on the tiny side. Try something like the half-up bun Dutch braids pictured above.

Good news is that you can definitely pull off loose Dutch braids with no problem. Just make sure to keep much of the styling towards the top side part of your head and you’re good to go. Style it with a bit of a mess for a casual everyday look.

Don’t hesitate to try out regular Dutch braid pigtails as well. We gotta be honest, the style looks way cuter on short hair than long hair anyway. Just look at those adorably short pigtails!

A wrapping Dutch braid crown is perhaps the best go-to braided hairstyle for girls who are currently rocking or growing out bobs or lobs.

Rocking Dutch braids on long hair

Of course, we can’t end this style compilation without giving you long-haired girls you’re own special section.

Channel you’re inner Lara Croft with this Tomb Raider-inspired cornrow Dutch braid look. Quick trivia: Did you know that cornrows are traditionally done with Dutch braids? Well, technically the style is simply just a series of Dutch braids next to each other. The more you know, huh?

Take advantage of your hair’s length and sport a classic Dutch braid pigtail look. The style is the perfect one to wear with your athleisure clothes for a quick errand run or a day out in the city with some friends. Not to mention, the style is a great way to keep your hair out of your hair and in place while still managing to look cute.

Not a fan of the loose Dutch braid style? Keep it tight and simple like the one above. This way, your hair will feel more secure longer as you go about the rest of your day. Hey, no one’s got the time to redo their hairstyle if it gets messed up in the middle of the day, right?

Add a touch of vintage coolness to your hairstyle and try out something like this Dutch braid and 60s beehive mashup of a look. It’s definitely a great style to wear to any formal event you might need to attend be it a prom, a wedding or anything similar.

Dutch braid hairstyles for kids

Got an overly active kid? Make sure their hair stays in place all day at school or daycare and tie it in regular tight Dutch braids. Simple and school-appropriate? Definitely yes.

Of course, you can always get a little more creative with styling your kid’s hair especially if they’ve got a lot of it. Take inspo from this bun and braids look. Think you’re daughter will be up for wearing this to school or at home?

If you’ve got relatively older girls, say middle school-aged ones, show this fantastic Dutch braid ponytail look to give them ideas of hairstyles to wear to school. They’ll definitely thank you afterward when their crush notices their cute ‘do.

Determined to win the Mom of the Year award? Try your hand at this super complicated but incredibly adorable Dutch braid weave with a yellow ribbon.

Other ways to spice up a simple Dutch braid

Already mastered the Dutch braid? Test your skills with this four-strand version.

Or this four-braid cornrow hairstyle instead.

Make your Dutch braids fancier and incorporate some fancy hair accessories to amp up your look.

Though a simple ribbon may also do the trick just fine.

Did you find a Dutch braid hairstyle you want to try? Don’t forget to bookmark this article or save your favorite looks so you can go back to it later.

Scroll down to see the rest of our gallery of Dutch braid styles!

dutch braid

Multi- French Braid

Double Dutch Braid


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