69 Genius Hacks to Get Heatless Curls (and Make It Last All Night)


The environment today leaves our hair feeling dry and brittle. With the pollution around us, our hair suffers a lot! If you are one who loves to style your hair, then the heat is sure to have caused a lot of damage to it too! So these heatless curls are outstanding for all of us who want to save our hair from excessive damage. You can look polished and also get the feminine vibe when you add on some heatless waves to your hair. They sure do take some time to get done, and you will need to be patient as well.

When you are always in a rush to head out, it is logical to want to try out a hairdo that works overnight and lets you wake up with a graceful appeal. These curls are not challenging to do, and you do not need to head out to buy equipment to get them done. You can take everyday things you have in your home and transform it into a tool that gives your hair these curls. If you have straws or napkin roles, or even some socks, you are set! Here we will show you some of these ways as well, so you need not worry!

Here are 69 heatless curls that can transform your look from simple to gorgeous overnight!

The heatless headband method

When you research ways to get these curls, you will find some heatless curls with headband ideas in there for sure. Many Youtube beauty gurus have a tutorial on this method. You can get a headband and wrap all your hair around it to get the curly hair look. Here are some images that can show off this idea for you! So if you have not tried it out yet, you are surely missing out. They give you that salon blowout hair with minimal effort. This is perfect for women with all hair lengths!

heatless curls The wild curls

These curls in here are natural, and they look so beautiful. The dark hues on this image here are to die for. You can attain the same look if you are bold enough to carry out the full and voluminous look. It gives your hair a natural lift, and it makes you look exotic. Such images are seen in fashion magazines, and we would love for you to try it out. We sure do envy women who are born with these big, voluminous waves! These can be attained well with heatless curls methods as well!

The types of curls to create!

Curls can be of different types. You can get out the tight ringlet or even try out the loose waves! The beach waves are an exciting look, as well. There are different curls that you can try out on different occasions. According to the vibe you are going for, you can try out any of these waves we have here. Learn how to get them all by following some beauty guru’s heatless curls techniques! It all depends on how you wrap the hair around the tool that you are using currently!

Heatless curls with pins

Here are some heatless curls short hair here that you will find to be very helpful! Women with thin hair can also try out the same for themselves. All you need is some hairpins! Start by taking a one-inch section of our hair and wrap it around your finger. When you are done, you can take it out and pin it down neatly! Here is an image that can show you how to get it done correctly. This method is time-consuming, and you need to stay on with it for some time, but you will end up with natural looking soft, voluminous waves that you can flaunt with pride!

The braided process

This has to be one of the oldest methods of getting heatless curls on yourself. When you get the hair up on braids, you will end up with loose beach waves. If you are already used to braiding your hair, then this is an easy option. This is also an easy way to keep your hair untangled at night when you sleep. Here is an idea that can work out for most women. No matter what hair texture and length you have, you can try this braiding technique on yourself!

When socks come in handy!

We all have socks that we do not need anymore or are just fed up with! You can find a fun way to use them! There are many heatless curls with socks ideas on the internet today, and you are sure to love it on yourself. You can take it up and use it to wrap your hair around and then secure them by tying them around itself! Here is an image that can give you some idea as to how you can get it done! These are ideal if you have no hair styling tool!

Natural and damage free!

Natural curls are a beautiful hairstyle for sure. You can look charming and chic when you get your hair on these waves. This is one damage free way of getting that bounce and lift in your locks. We are sure you will appreciate these techniques on days when you forget to pack your hair styling tools! Be the effortless beauty that everyone adores by trying on these fun hairstyles.

Big Rollers to the rescue!

You can use the big set of curler if you want to look your best. These curlers add that thick and voluminous curls that look natural and work out well for all hair lengths! There are another one outrageous hair curling idea and one that you will have a lot of fun trying out for sure. Make use of the plastic cups you have lying around and get some sexy, big curls.

 Napkins are handy too

You may have never seen something as simple as this being used up to curl your hair. Take the napkin rolls and use them to get some stunning curls on yourself. You can wrap your hair around it and secure it on top. This is one innovative idea, and we are sure you will appreciate it for days when you have nothing else handy! You can find napkins anywhere, and they are ideal for soft wavy curls. Here are a couple of ideas for you to check out. Try them out once before you use them for significant events!

The long hair

It is not hard to get your hair curled when you have long hair. But you may need to invest a lot of time if you want to get these fabulous curls on your locks! In this section, we compiled some ideas of hair curling methods to try out for women who have very long locks. Check them out here, and you can get inspired to grow your hair out. If you want faster results, then you can opt for some hair extensions and pin them up well. Opt for beach waves to get that chic vibe!

The twist and pin

This one is as easy as making a messy bun for yourself. You can wrap your hair in this fashion on top and get this stunning look. All you need to do is take small sections and roll it around a top bun. Secure it with your hairpin and sleep on it. Remove all the pins carefully in the morning. Being hasty can get your hair to look frizzy and enhance flyaway. Go slow, and you can add the curls to your hair with minimal effort. You can find helpful tutorials for this method online!

The easy one

Here is an easy idea, and you can do it no matter what level of expertise you are in the art of hairdressing. You can use something as basic as clips and pin your hair down to get these curls. This image here shows it off well, and it works out for all hair lengths as well. Achieve the defined shiny curls you always desired. Keep your hair away from heat and still manage to look fabulous with this hairdo. This image here shows off the heatless curls, and you need to try them out as soon as you can!

Pens and straws

The next time you are done with your pen or your straw, you need to save it up and not dispose of it! You can save it up for times when you need to style your hair and have nothing else to work with. We are showing you one exciting way to try out the straws and pens as your curler! You can get defined curls when you get them wrapped around it. These will get you the ringlets that you always wished for. So bookmark this idea and try it out the next time you get a chance!

The old t-shirt hack!

There are countless ways to use up your old tee, and we are showing you one that you may not have known! We use them to clean, or we complete a DIY project and wear them again. But with this method, you can use them to create heatless curls on your hair. You can start by cutting down your hair in medium sized strips. Take the sections you chopped off and start rolling your hair around it. That way you can get the hair up in completely perfect shape by the time you get up!

Take help from ribbons!

Ribbons also work out great for when you try out the heatless curls. You can see that hair is rolled up in these long ribbons tightly and they will give you the tight curls that you have wanted to try out for long. You can find the ideas for this on Youtube, and there are written guidelines as well. They are an excellent option as they do not come in the way of you sleeping. They lay low and help you look fantastic in the morning. Use some hair spray, and you can get rid of some curly hair as well.

The classic use of rollers

We all have seen our moms trying on these fun rollers whenever they needed to look great, and we also loved to try them on for ourselves! Now you can go back to feeling nostalgic and trying on the same for yourself. Here is an idea to try out that you are already comfortable with! There is no hassle in trying them out, and if you are used to it, it will only take you minutes to get them all rolled out! So what are you waiting for? Head out today and get them for yourself!

 Tools to use for heatless curls

You can find a lot of heatless curls products you can find on the market today. There are options out on the internet as well. Here we have a form of roller we are sure you must have seen in some infomercials! Instagrammer love trying on fun things and you can see them trying these rollers out. They are easy to use, and they come with a tool that helps you place your hair strands on them. You can see how your hair looks after you have put it on for some hours!

Bendy rollers to use

If you are looking out for heatless curls for medium hair, then you will find it all in this section here. You can see how these curling tools are ideal for hair that is neither too short nor too long! The tool we are talking about is the bendy roller in here. They are easy to use rollers that do not need you to clasp them down using another clip. You can take an inch of your hair and wrap it around the roller. Leave it for at least five hours, and you can enjoy your curls. Check out some tutorials online if you need help to get it done!

The back view of the curls

Curls are showcased in so many different ways. But we all know that the perfect view of these waves are when they are pushed back, and you can see how well they cascade along with each other. You can that once your hair looks good from the back, you are set to head out! They will work out well in any way you style. So try them out today. And we are sure these images here can help you out. There are colored long hair with waves formed from heatless curling methods.

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The variations

When it comes to any hairstyles, there are a lot of options to choose from. It is the same with the heatless curls methods! You may think that you can only attain a specific type of look when you try the no heat method. But the truth is that there are a lot of other ways to get the kind of curls you want. The technique may differ according to the style you want. So make sure you check out the methods online before you get on to trying them and then not enjoying results!

On natural hair

Natural hair is not that easy to style. It can have a rigid body of its own, and that is hard to manipulate as per your liking! As the hair strands are thin and more prone to being burnt and damaged, you should not use heating tools on them. Here you can see how to achieve the flawless look by taking on the heatless curls method. Use small curlers and add them on to your almost dried up hair and leave it on to achieve a stunning hairstyle! Here is an image that can show you how it all ties down.

The wedding looks

Here are some ideas of heatless spiral curls overnight that are sure to save you some time in the morning. These are ideal for a wedding when you want to look effortlessly beautiful. The curls have that natural vibe when you avoid using the heating tools. We carefully compiled these hairstyles here to show you how you can attain the relaxed soft curls by using things that are commonly available in your home! They can be done by using the bendy curling rods that you can buy from your local beauty supplier. If not you can make use of some old t-shirt as well!

Crimped heatless curls

There are many styles of curls and the crimped hairdo is undoubtedly on that got a lot of attention back in the day! The ’90s were filled with looks from our favorite celebs trying on this look, and they are still a crowd pleaser. You surely do remember the days when you saved up to get the excellent hair straightener that has the crimping plates on them. Now it is time to get on the same look by choosing the heatless method. The results are the same, and you will notice how the hair looks great and feels smoother the next day as well.

On colored hair

This season we have seen a lot of fun hair colors making the rounds on the internet. The ones that we are a fan of are the shades of platinum blonde, pastel tones, and the ever so beautiful ash tinges! Women of all age groups are sporting them, and if you are active on Instagram, you are sure to have seen them as well! Stylists have bought on these fun hues, and we love it as well. You can also prevent your hair from damage from the heat after you get the hair colored!

Achieving the perfect heatless curls

Looking perfect each day is something we all want! You know that feeling of confidence that rises in us when we look into the mirror and look stunning. Getting your hair on point is one step to looking and feeling beautiful! Here are some heatless tight curls that we are sure you will want to try out the next time you need to look fabulous! This image here is enough to get anyone excited. You can achieve this look by trying on the straw method of heatless waves. You can wrap your semi-wet hair on a straw closely together and leave it overnight to get this look!

If you are a teenager, we are sure you have searched up ways to get the heatless curls on yourself countless times. But it is not only for teenagers but also for other women who want to these hairdos out. It may seem like a time-consuming process, but you will thank us later when you realize your hair is looking its best now than ever. It will need less conditioning and care as well now that it is less prone to heat and damage. Women who care about having long, thick hair need to swap their ways and change to trying these methods today!

We are heading towards a future where we need everything to be done quickly. But getting things done also rapidly has its share of consequences. You need to realize that your hair is an asset, and you are solely responsible for how it looks throughout your life. It can be the step you take that helps you wake up looking flawless each day. Follow the steps we talked about in this article and get on the better side of things! You can feel beautiful and get that natural look today and head out with confidence!

This article was carefully put together to show you the best hairstyles that you can attain with heatless curling methods. We are confident these methods will come in handy at some point in your life! If you liked it then, show us some love by sharing this article with your friends, and we will see you soon with another stunning hairstyling ideas. Since you are here already, check out some other fun topics, we have here and get the dose of entertainment you want!


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