13 Genius Hacks to Get Heatless Curls (and Make It Last All Night)


Having a perfectly curled hair is every woman’s dream. The hairstyle will make you look more romantic, sophisticated, and feminine—perfect for date nights, parties, and glamorous events. If you think you need to go to the salon or spend more time in the morning with a curling iron, keep on reading for our genius hacks to do heatless curls and make it last all night.

Why go for heatless curls, and what are the disadvantages of hot tools for curling your hair?

If you’re a woman on the go, spending half an hour to curl your hair won’t be practical. Also, in the summer months, spending ten minutes under the heat of your curling iron just to get that bouncy hair wouldn’t make you cool no matter how you look.

Apart from it, overusing curling irons and wands will damage your locks in the long run—it dries your locks and pull your tresses, making your hair dry and brittle. Women with a very dry hair should be mindful when using curling iron to style their hair as it can make it a lot more frizzy and weak.

Some women even use their blow dryer and iron to make their damp hair dry faster. It can be a hair hack to get out of the door easily, but it will cause more damage to your hair. Do you know that the perfect heat of your iron will depend on the thickness of your hair and texture?

Hair experts even recommend using hair serums with coconut and olive oil so it will be protected. If you think hair oils will make your hair greasy, simply resort to a hair moisturizer. Do you know that heat damage can be treated, but it cannot be repaired? Instead of using high heat to set your hair longer, use medium heat and finish the look with a setting spray or moisturizing mousse. After all, minimal heat can be beneficial to your hair.

If you’re really dedicated on using your curling iron, apply some heat protectant to your hair first before curling it. It will lessen the damage of the heat, but still, it cannot protect your hair completely. Also, make sure your hair strands that you’re curling are big enough to hold the tension, but it shouldn’t be too big that the top layer of your hair will be burned by your styling tool.

Best Hacks to Do Heatless Curls

  1. Hair Extensions

If you wish to get the same amazing curls without the heat of your curling wand, think of using hair extensions. This hack is perfect if you have a shorter hair—and you’re always struggling with the decision to style it. Think of mermaid waves, spiral curls, beachy waves, and such that will make you look effortlessly chic without that curling iron.

In fact, hair extensions will let you try out a hair trend without committing to it completely. This is especially true if you’re a woman with a kinky, curly hair—it can be challenging to try out the stylish curls with your real hair. Also, some hair textures tend to shrink, dry out, and get tangled when getting a new look, and hair extensions can save you from the problem.

A great thing, hair extensions are the ideal method for women who want to flaunt their natural curls, as well as ones who are transitioning from short hair to long hair or waiting for their natural curls to come back after straightening them. Not to mention it will add more length, thickness, and fullness to your real hair.

  1. The Headband Method

If you want to achieve loose, beachy waves, the key is to make your curls more natural and not professionally done. After all, a surfer-girl hairstyle doesn’t have to look too sleek and polished, especially if you’re heading to the beach.

A headband is one of the chicest accessories a girl must have—and it can also be your best curling tool for heatless curls. Go for an elastic headband and wear it in a bohemian style, wearing it over your hair like a crown where it’s placed diagonally on your head.

The key is to opt for a wider headband and twist your strands around it—you can divide your hair into section so looping them on the headband will be easier. As you twist one section of your hair to your headband, do another twist with the combined strands. Twist your hair around the headband until you reach the back of your head.

It’s just okay if you’ll start with a damp hair so your locks will curl naturally. It’s up to you if you want to leave the curl for hours or overnight. When you wake up in the morning, loosen the twists and apply some hairspray to your hair to get that loose beachy waves.

  1. The Pin Curl Technique

This curling technique is perfect if you want to get a retro look and voluminous, glamorous curls. Compared to other heatless curling methods, this one will take some time. All you need is to prepare your bobby pins and setting spray. It would be best if you’ll start to curl your hair after shower, as the naturally damp hair will make things easier.

Depending on how thin or thick you want your curls to be, take your hair at three to four inches section and wrap them around your fingers to create circles. When each section is already coiled, you may secure the circles with a bobby pin and place it at the top of your head. As a reminder, put the bobby pin at the center of the circle, so you’ll avoid getting some messy curls.

Repeat the procedure until you finish the rest of your hair. Since you’ll sleep having pin curls in your head, use a bandana scarf to protect your hair while sleeping. In the morning, remove the bobby pins and use a heavy-duty hairspray that will keep your curls last all night.

  1. The Twist-Out Method

If you already have that naturally curly hair, this curling technique is just a breeze for you. It would be great if you’ll start with a damp hair, or apply some leave on conditioner to your locks. Just start gathering your hair at the nape of your neck, and in each section, create a simple twist. The key is to continue twisting inward or outward till your hair dries.

If you’re in a hurry, you may undo the twists once your hair is completely dried. Don’t use a comb or brush—simply loosen the curls with your fingers. If you wish to leave it overnight, simply use hair oil in the morning to eliminate the frizz in your curls. Just keep in mind that twist-out curls don’t always end up the way we’re expecting it to, as frizz and curl size are unpredictable.

You may also think of single-strand twists or two-strand twists. You’ll need to use a lot of hair gel instead of a hairspray to set your hair. The goal in the finger coil is to twist your hair until you form a coil, while the latter uses two strands of hair to twirl.

  1. The Sock Wrap-Up Technique

If you wish to be more creative on curling your hair without heat, think of using your socks—just opt for nice and stretchy ones. If you have a coarse or straight hair, this curling method will work for you.

Depending on the waves you’re trying to get, you may divide your hair into four or six parts. Grab each section of your hair, wrapping it around the middle of the sock. Do you know that it’s easier to start at the bottom of your hair and work your way up?

Just leave about one or two inches at the end of your hair loose. Roll the sock to secure the curls and tie it at the top of your head. Repeat the procedure till you finish the rest of your hair. You’ll be able to use around four to six socks to curl your hair.

When you wake up in the morning, remove the socks from your hair and use your fingers to loosen your curls. Just set your hair with a hairspray, so your “I woke up like this” look will last till night.

  1. Soft Curler Method

If you like a more traditional and old school way of curling your hair, you could never go wrong with soft curlers. All you need is to wrap your hair around them before you go to bed. If you want to make your curls more defined, grab thinner strands over thicker ones. If you’re aiming for a more voluminous curl, grab thicker strands—the thicker the better. Just don’t forget to set your hair in the morning with a setting spray to hold the curls till night.

  1. Hair Strips Technique

If you don’t have any styling tool at home, make one. With this method, you can improvise a curling tool out of your old t-shirts, handkerchiefs, bandanas, and scarves. Simply cut it into long, one inch size strips.

It’s better if you apply some leave on conditioner to your hair—and divide them into small sections. Tie the strip around your hair at the roots to create a tight curl. Continue wrapping your strand with strips until it covered the ends of your hair—then wrap it back to the top. When the ends of your hair strips meet, tie a knot.

Repeat the process till you’re done with the rest of your hair. Women with shorter hair might need to use 8 strips, while women with longer hair would need up to 20 strips. After leaving it overnight, untie the strips from your hair in the morning and apply some moisturizing hairspray to set your hair while eliminating frizz.

  1. Sleeping in Braids Method

If you wish to get a more defined curl in the morning, try sleeping in braids. The kind of braid you’ll do will depend how curly you want your hairstyle to be. The smaller the braids the kinkier your hair will be, and the bigger the braids the looser your waves will be. Just apply some hair oil or setting spray to your beautifully braided hair to make it last.

Think of two pig tail braids, Dutch braids, French braids, mermaid braid, fish tail braids and such. A great thing, you can wear the stylish hairstyle on the day, and extend the naturally curly look the next morning. You may think of a dry shampoo to clean your hair and some moisturizing hairspray to lessen the frizz. Take out the braids carefully and loosen your curls with a rat tail comb to get that heatless beach waves.

  1. Paper Towel Technique

Are you on a vacation and you forgot to bring your hair tools with you? Don’t fret as you can use paper towels to create natural curls. This curling method will work for women with straight, frizzy, or even layered hair.

A damp hair will work in this technique, or if you want, apply your favorite hair cream to add some bounce to your curls. Wrap each section with paper towel and secure it with a hair clip or bobby pin. Or, tie the ends of the paper towel to secure your curls, but don’t put much tension as the paper towel could break.

A great thing, paper towel absorbs excess oil and moisture from your hair while setting the curls. Once you remove the paper towels, you’ll get instant heartless curls. Just set it with a moisturizing hairspray to make it last all day.

  1. Two Buns or a Top Knot Trick

Your messy hair don’t care look can now be used to get heatless curls—and this curling method will work for women with fine, medium-length hair, or straight, long hair.

For the two buns trick, simply add some hair oil or moisturizing treatment to smoothen your hair—then divide it into two sections. Twist each section of your hair and secure the buns on the side with bobby pins. Since you’ll leave them overnight, wear a headscarf to avoid getting frizz, or sleep on a silk pillowcase.

Getting a top knot is a breeze—but use some setting spray to your hair to hold the natural curls. You may use a hair tie instead of an elastic or rubber band, since it will only create kinks. After a full night’s sleep, loosen your top knot with your fingers or a brush, giving your that naturally curly hairstyle.

  1. Hair Clip Method

If you love the old school ways of curling your hair, think of hair clip method. All you need to do is to divide your hair into sections and twist them up, using the hair clip to secure them into place. Do you know that placing hair clips at the roots will add some volume to your hair and boost its fine curls?

If you started with a damp hair, leave them until your hair is completely dry. It would be better if you applied leave-on conditioner to a dry hair that will hold your natural curls longer.

  1. Ponytail Curl Trick

Are you looking for an effortless curly hairstyle for a lazy day? Make your typical ponytail then divide your hair into sections. With the ponytail still in place, start curling each section of your hair—you may wrap your hair around your fingers and secure the curls with a bobby pin. Just make sure that your curls are close to your hair tie as possible.

It would be nice if you’ll leave the ponytail curl overnight, so your hair will set the curls naturally. When you loosen your curls in the morning, expect a beautifully curly hairstyle.

  1. Straw Curl Method

Yes, the same straw you use to drink your favorite milk tea or frappe will work on getting heatless curls. All you need is to get your hair done while it’s a bit damp, and wrap the sections of your hair around the straw. Remember, the smaller the wrap the kinkier your hair will be, so if you want some loose curls, add some space while wrapping your strands.

If you love that messy 1980s-style perm hairstyle, then this trick is perfect for you. This time, you don’t have to make each curl uniform, and it’s just okay to have stray hairs.

Once your reach you strands’ ends, simply bend the straw and secure it with a bobby pin, elastic band, or hair clip. You may leave them overnight or simply wait until your hair is completely dry. This curling method is also perfect if you’re aiming for a spiral curls that looks a bit bohemian and carefree.

Heat styling tools always come handy, but you don’t have to pose some risk to your hair’s health just to look great. By using simple tools like bobby pins, paper towels, hair extensions, straws, soft curlers, headbands, hair ties and such, you can get the perfect curl that you want without harm.


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