How Dental Implants Can Fix Chipped Teeth


Dental health is important. Your smile can show others the type of person you are — so we can’t downplay dental health by any means. Dentists constantly remind people around the world to brush their teeth after eating a meal and using dental floss to limit the growth of cavities. However, sometimes people forget this advice from their dentist, and over time, it results in substantial dental damage.

Teeth are made of enamel, and when cavities form, it weakens. There are also foods that contribute to weakening the enamel, like hard candies, coffee, citrus, soft drinks, and sports drinks. If someone continues eating these foods without taking care of their teeth, it might eventually break.

What Happens When Your Teeth Start Breaking

A damaged tooth could cause a lot of health problems, and it also contributes to lower self-esteem. If the damaged tooth was removed, an improper tooth formation might happen and it could cause the misalignment of other teeth. The gums will be exposed, and it could become a breeding place for bacteria. Too much bacteria on the gums could cause infection, and it might cause further health issues, especially now that the bacteria could travel freely inside the body because of the access from the gums. Another thing that concerns people the most would be the advance aging caused by the missing teeth.

Problems can also arise with speech and eating. People who have a damaged set of teeth might have difficulty speaking. There are sounds that can be made unique thanks to a complete set of teeth, but it could change when a tooth falls out. Eating certain foods can also become problematic if the tooth shows damage. The placement of the tongue can feel unnatural at times, and it would bring discomfort for an individual if it happens. These physical problems experienced with a damaged set of teeth can lead to a severe health condition if it is not addressed as early as possible.

People who have a damaged set of teeth can also be affected emotionally. Having a great smile with a complete set of teeth is taken as a positive trait in society, but those who have missing teeth have a different connotation. They can be mistaken as someone who is from an extremely poor household who could not afford a visit to the dentist, or they can be mistaken for a drug user. Many also attribute people who have lost a tooth to someone who has poor hygiene. To summarize, those who have a damaged set of teeth would eventually find themselves without the confidence to face the public because of their altered look.

To ease the problems caused by the damaged teeth, we recommend an individual to visit the dentist to have the issue corrected. The dentist will provide a solution to the problem, and depending on the type of break, they could apply a series of restoration techniques that would surely restore one’s smile. The dentists have a comprehensive knowledge of how the teeth work, and through properly examining their patients, they can identify which type of approach is recommended the most to help them with their dental problems. Those who wanted to have their issues corrected should call their preferred dental clinic and set up a schedule when they can visit.

Treatments for Damaged Teeth

There are many types of breaks, and depending on its severity, the dentist would have an appropriate way to correct it. For those who have a tooth that has been broken, chipped, or cracked, they could resort to dental bonding. This process involves the molding of a new tooth and then applying it into the broken area. The tooth will be hardened using ultraviolet light, and then it will be polished extensively to match how the other teeth looked like. With proper care and maintenance, dental bonding could last up to ten years. After the time period has passed, it is highly recommended to visit a dentist once again and see if a new dental bonding can be applied that will last for another decade.

Another type of treatment that the dentists are using to address the issue of a damaged set of teeth would be applying a crown to the affected area. The dental crown is one of the most common treatments for a damaged tooth, and it covers the damaged area from further infections and injury. It is used by many dentists to avoid developing tooth loss. People who have a damaged tooth can lose it if they chew strongly, and applying a crown on the affected area would prevent it from falling out. The procedure on applying a crown is easy, and the dentist would only need to get an impression of the tooth and then attach it to the remaining structure.

For those who have irreversible damage on their teeth, they can resort to dental implants. These implants would require the dentist to remove the tooth completely by rooting and then implanting a new artificial tooth as a replacement. The procedure takes a while to complete, and the dentist would need to place a biocompatible titanium screw directly on the jawbone. It might sound painful, but someone would be under the effects of anesthesia to minimize the pain experienced. When the dental implants start to heal after a couple of weeks, you will be required to go back to the dentist and have a crown installed on the new implanted tooth to protect it. Or you could all of these done within 24  hours like it’s done with G4 by Golpa. This new tooth would feel just like the original one.


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