Keep Your Sex Life Healthy With These Exceptional Tips


A study conducted by the National Health and Social Life Survey found that 75 percent of men polled claimed to orgasm during sex. However, only around 29 percent of women claimed to have achieved orgasm during intimate moments with their partner.

Failing to focus on your overall sexual health can cause both physical and mental problems. If your partner does make an attempt to satisfy you in the bedroom, chances are you will look for this satisfaction elsewhere.

There are a number of things you can do to ensure you stay sexually healthy and here are just some of them.

Focus on Eating Healthy 

Most doctors agree that sexuality is an accurate reflection of your overall health. If you want an active and pleasurable sex life, eating the right foods is a must. Providing your body with healthy fuel will allow you to get the most out of the sex sessions you have with your partner.

Unhealthy men are far more likely to be affected by things like erectile dysfunction. Rather than letting an unhealthy lifestyle get in the way of a good time, you need to take eating healthy seriously.

Put Down the Cigarettes 

Did you realize that smoking cigarettes can actually affect your sex life in a negative way? Every time you smoke cigarettes, the blood vessels in your body constrict. This can cause issues with blood flow to your penis when trying to achieve an erection.

While quitting smoking may be difficult, it is worth the effort you invest. Consulting with a medical professional is a great way to get advice on how to quit this nasty habit once and for all.

Maintain a Healthy Weight 

People who are overweight typically have a higher risk of developing conditions like hypertension and diabetes. These conditions will not only shorten a person’s life expectancy, they can cause them to be unable to perform in the bedroom. Rather than having to deal with side effects of these conditions like erectile dysfunction, you need to get healthier.

Finding the right diet will take some time and effort. Getting motivated and taking back your good health will benefit you greatly in the long run.

Monitor Your Alcohol Consumption 

Going out and having a few drinks with friends is a great way to blow off steam. However, drinking high levels of alcohol on a consistent basis will generally lead to negative impacts on your sex life. High levels of alcohol makes it hard for both men and women to get sexually aroused.

Communication is Key 

If you are in a relationship, keeping the lines of communication open is important. The last thing you want is for the intimacy in your relationship to disappear as a result of no communication. Making sure your partner knows about your fantasies and what you don’t like is essential. With this information, both you and your partner can maintain a healthy and enjoyable intimate relationship.

Spicing up things in the bedroom is easy with the right sex toys. Shopping on a website like can provide you and your partner with information about what sex toys are available. With a bit of research and some in-depth discussions, you should have no problem finding toys that both you and your partner enjoy.

Waiting until problems in the bedroom occur to change your unhealthy habits is foolish. The key to avoiding these problems is being proactive.


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