104 Beautiful Light Brown Hair Color Ideas For Your New Look


If you are thinking of a fresh new look aside from the dark brown that you have been living with, then just lightning up your current shade is exactly what you need. You may not want to go as light as blonde, then light brown may be the perfect shade for you. There are many different ways that you can sport light brown hair to fit your own personality. We have all the styles that you are looking for. Check out these 104 Beautiful Light Brown Hair Color Ideas For Your New Look:

  1. Gorgeous Ombre

What you might be looking for is a mix of light and dark. We see the light brown at the bottom of this style in an ombre style.

light brown hair color

2. Soft Lights

You can lighten your whole look with light brown highlights. It will give you a soft look that anyone would love.

3. Curly Styles

A pretty style that is light and curly. It’s a beautiful look.

4. Simple Styles

A soft style with a light brown shade. It’s a great look that has some light waves to it.

5. Full Color

This is a full-color look that embraces the light brown color. The best part is all those gorgeous waves that show off the color.

6. Gorgeous Styles

This light brown has a touch of red in it which gives it a very warm vibe.

7. Bright Highlights

This is a gorgeous light brown coloring that has some gorgeous blonde highlights throughout the color. If you are looking for a beautiful new look, then this is the style for you.

8. Pretty Shades

This is the kind of look that you should have if you love the natural styles. It’s fresh, clean and inspiring.

9. Light Styles

Sometimes all you need is a few highlights to freshen up your look.

10. Full Style

This style is short and it has a full color. Embrace your brown and show it off with this cool style.

11. Straight Styles

A great look that has a simple style. If you don’t want a big change, then try a style like this. It’s simple and cool.

12. Bright Lights

A great style like this is classy and elegant. There is a lot of blonde mixed in with the light brown. It’s a great way of freshening up your style.

13. Ombre Styles

You can start with a darker style and lighten it more as it gets to the bottom.

14. Bold and Beautiful

A great look that is polished and sexy. Show off your style this way.

15. Wavy Styles

This is a very popular look in Hollywood right now? Try it out yourself this year.

16. Celebrity Styles

Jennifer Lopez has been rocking this style for years. It’s a popular look that you can embrace as your own.

17. Bold Looks

Another great look that you can sport all year long.

18. Subtle Styles

Adding a few highlights in can really change your style.

19. Darkening Designs

The light brown is only used as highlights here and they are minimal.

20. Model Style

A lot of models keep their natural hair colors and there is a reason why. They are naturally beautiful.

21. Light Designs

This is a lighter style that will have you embracing brown again.

22. Cool Designs

A darker root that flows into a much lighter pattern. If you are looking for a fresh new look, then try this one out.

23. Soft Colors

This is a great shade to try if you want a cool color. It’s a shade that is soft and elegant.

24. Summer Shades

Everyone seems to lighten their look for summer, but just because summer is over, it doesn’t mean you can’t try a lighter shade.

25. Cascading Colors

The best way to change up your brown is to add some highlights.

26. Gorgeous Styles

Another shade of light brown that is sure to put a smile on your face.

27. Adding Blonde to Brown

Tips: One thing to keep in mind when you are going from dark to light is that there may be a transitioning period. Depending on how dark you are you may not be able to go as light as they have on the tips here.

28. Ombre Styling

Tips: If you want a natural look like this one then don’t go more than two shades lighter than your natural shade. Otherwise, you will end up with a more dramatic look.

29. Sharp Edges

This is a great example of a transitioning look.

30. Sweet Shades

Do: An all over color if you aren’t comfortable going light.

Don’t: Highlight unless you can continue with the maintenance, otherwise, it looks sloppy.

31. Natural Looks

If you are looking for more of a natural shade, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

32. Fresh Looks

Tip: If you add highlights in the front of the face, you will make your look stand out more. It will bring a glow to your face.

33. Blonde and Brown

If you are looking for highlights, then adding blonde to brown is always a great choice.

34. Short Looks

Just the tips of the hair are highlighted which gives her a unique hairstyle.

35. Highlighted Looks

Styles like these take a lot of care.

Tips: if you want to maintain a style with this many highlights you should visit the salon every six weeks.

36. Feathered Look

Feathering your hair back in this way is a great way to show off your highlights.

37. Subtle Changes


If a big change is not what you are looking for, then just add a few thin highlights, like what you see here. It will add some dimension to your style.

38. Warm Styles

This blonde and brown combination really warms up the face.

39. Casual Looks

If you naturally have light brown hair, then there is no need to change up your look. Embrace it and love your style.

40. Long Styles


If you have long hair, then you will need thicker highlights, otherwise, the highlights can get lost in all the hair. Thicker highlights will stand out more.

41. Gorgeous Locks

Jennifer Garner has always embraced a natural look. She may add some highlights in it here and there, but for the most part, she loves being a brunette.

42. Subtle Browns

There is less brown here than there is blonde but the brown really warms up the look.

43. Doll Styles

Do: Rock a natural look as often as you can’t

Don’t: Add highlights if they are unnecessary to your look.

44. Edgier Styles

Maybe you are looking for a style that is more dramatic. The highlights here are much thicker which creates a cool look.

45. Flirty Styles

There is always something great about adding highlights to your look.

46. Sultry Styles

This sexy look is sure to have heads turning wherever you go.

47. Choppy Styles

It’s hard to believe that Miley Cyrus ever had hair this long and thick. We see her in short styles these days, but this is still a great look to copy.

48. Cool Browns

Another great example of a natural shade that anyone would love.

49. Deep Designs

This is somewhere in between a light brown and a dark brown, but we still love it.

50. Flowing Locks

This is a really casual look that is wispy with some light brown shades.

51. Bold Looks

Angelina Jolie is another brunette that embraces the look. She may lighten it up every now and then, but she likes the look.

52. Sweet Looks

This is another great brunette style that you are sure to love this year.

53. Long and Curly

This is a natural shade of light brown that you can easily copy.

54. Soft Delights

Another great style that has an ombre look to it with the bottom much lighter than the top.

55. Warm Styles

This is a great look for someone who doesn’t want a big change. It’s just a shade lighter than the natural.

56. Romantic Looks

A great look that is great with the waves and light brown shade.

57. Cool Highlights

These gorgeous highlights are just a shade lighter than the natural.

58. Creamy Colors

If you are looking for a solid color, then you should try this look out.

59. Blessed Blondes

A stunning shade like this is exactly what you want for a fresh new look.

60. S0fter Shading

A long look that is wavy and brown.

61. Fun Colors

You can easily prove that brunettes have more fun with this style.

62. Pretty Looks

A great style like this is beautiful with just a couple of highlights.

63. Gorgeous Layering

The best part about having long hair is that you get to show off these gorgeous highlights.

64. Modeling Looks

This casual look has been made perfect with these gorgeous locks.

65. Thick Styles

A cool look that has some amazing highlights throughout her thick locks.

66. Soft Coloring

This is a very natural type of look and one that you are sure to love.

67. Flowing Styles

If you want to feel and look like a goddess, then you are sure to love this style.

68. Shining Lights

If you want a brighter look, then you are sure to love a style like this.

69. Natural Lights

Another natural look that has bright coloring all over the style.

70. Pretty Highlights

If a lighter look is what you are after and try this warm shade. It will brighten up your complexion in no time.

71. Stunning Shades

This is a gorgeous look that you should definitely try out this year.

72. Cool Vibes 

This is a great look if you want something that i8s considered to be cool.

73. Hot Looks

There is a lot of contrast to this coloring and if you want a bold look, then this is it.

74. Brighter Looks

A great brunette style that has some thin light brown highlights.

75. Stunning Lights

A great style like this is pretty and light.

76. Shimmering Highlights

A great light brown style with highlights.

77.  Curly Styles

Curls are always a great look for a brunette.

78. Red Tones

If you want a warming look, then all it takes is adding some red tones into your brown.

79. Shimmering Styles

This great style brightens up the look because of the highlights around the face.

80. Fun Highlights

A stunning brunette look that has highlights.

81. Light Shades

There are lights and darks all over this style. The bottom is dark while the light is spread all over.

82. Flowing Love

If you are looking for a fresh new style, then this is it.

83. Bombshell Styles

We’re not sure what we love more the style or the colors.

84. Fun Looks

Brunette styles are not meant to be boring but beautiful.

85. Layered Looks

This layered look really showcases a beautiful style.

86. Messy Styles

A great look like this is everything you need right now.

87. Dark Roots

These golden highlights really make this brunette style stand out.

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88. Warm Looks

A long look stands out perfectly in this style.

89. Cool Shading

All you need is some highlights to change your look up a bit.

90. Warming Lights

There are many different colors in this style that go from dark to very light.

91. Shockingly Light

This is a great style for brunettes who want to go really light.

92. A Long Look

A lightened look that you are sure to love.

93. Simple Looks

A beautiful look that has cool highlights.

94. Lush Locks

A great look that you will love because it’s creatively light.

95. Beautiful Highlights

This brunette style is filled with tons of highlights.

96. Pretty Styles

A stunning look that would put a smile on anyone’s face.

97. Great Lengths

This short look is rocking this brown coloring.

98. Lush Styling

Another great light brown style that you can rock out this year.

99. Sunny Style

This breathtaking style is one to try out this year.

100. Interesting Looks

This is a great look that is light and bright.

101. Pretty Browns

A great look that is naturally pretty.

102. Bold and Straight

A straight style like this is beautiful because of the highlights.

103. Goddess Styling

This warm style is gorgeous with the bright highlights.

104. Brunette Bliss

A great look like this is exactly what you are looking for. It’s darker than most but still a beautiful choice.




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