125 Best Long Hairstyles for Your Face Shape


There are so many long hairstyles out there. But you need to try out the one that makes you look best. And thus we are here to help you out! This article was created to make you aware of the countless options out there. Styling your hair has never been this easy! When you have long hair, it is like having a large canvas to work with. From elegant updos to intricate details on hairdos, there is a big range to try out. Coloring your hair is also exciting when you have such a length. Check out our options to get an idea!

There are some traditional hairstyles as well some modern touches to some. These are ideal hairstyles for all of you, stunning ladies. There are so many Instagrammers out there who sport long hair and show off a lush look. When we lay eyes on them, we cannot help but get inspired. Get ready to receive compliments wherever you go. Create a fun look or try out a chic appeal; whichever is closer to your style! These long hairstyles remain stylish for a long time, and it never goes out of trend. The romantic look is ideal for everyone.

Here are 125 stunning long hairstyles that you can navigate through in this section.

Leaving them loose

The best idea for women who need to look good without putting a lot of effort is the one we are sharing here. You can opt for overnight hairstyles to save some time in the mornings. There are some dark hues on the top here, and the soft waves on the base are alluring. We are getting attracted to this hairdo for sure, and you will also not be able to take your eyes away from it.

long hairstyles Medium hairstyles for everyone!

If you cannot handle long hairdo, then you can try cutting your hair to a length where it touches your collar bone. These mid-range hairstyles are ideal for women who want the perks of long hair but do not want the hassles of handing these long tresses! Add some bright hues on, and you are set to look charming all day every day!

 Pinning them down

An easy way out for special occasions is to get the hair rolled and pinned down. The lighter shades on the hair add the perfect shine! The knotted hairstyles are ideal for days when you are in a hurry. The ringlets on the side have this romantic vibe. You can also wear this for a date night!

Youthful long hairstyles

Are you a teenager looking for hairstyles that can make everyone else envious of your styling skills? Then here is the best option of long hairstyle for you. The ideal choice here is to get your hair up on some braids. Try a sectioned braid with a top bun or opt for side sectioned multi-braids. In case you want an effortless hairdo, you can wear a free-flowing hairstyle like the ones on the top.

Get them in layers

Want to try out long hairstyles for round faces? Then these options are perfect for you. Ask your stylist to get these well-sectioned layers to your locks, and it can frame your face to give you an oval face in an instant. The idea is to get your hair to look thick and conceal the rounder sections well.

long hairstyles

Taking cues from celebs

In the hunt for long hairstyles 2019? Then choose hints from the styles that these incredible celebs have on. You can see that we have Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston, Aishwariya Rai and even Kim Kardashian showing off these long locks. Check out the colors and cuts they have on and get inspired by them. You can recreate them when you have time!

The braided hairstyles for long hair

Are you interested in braids or tend to lean on them a lot? Then it is high time you make them look a bit different and try out a flexible look. Here we collected some hairstyles that you can wear to high profile events and even to music festivals! If you want to head to the mall, then also you can wear them!

Sleek, pulled back style

These were the haircuts for long hair in 2018 that everyone wanted to get! Models loved the elegant and pulled-back look, and we spotted them on all glamorous events trying out these beautiful hairstyles! Here we are showing you a couple of ideas that you can wear for an attractive look! You can keep them all pulled back or opt for a middle-parted smooth option as well.

Perfect for the photos!

There is a culture of getting your hair done and then getting the pictures up on your social media sites! And so it is crucial for you to get that picture-perfect look. That looks amazing in photos under all lights! Here are some models showing off the long hair with a sexy vibe on them.

Long hair with bangs

Getting long hairstyles with bangs are an excellent combination, and they give a face-framing appeal to the whole hair that is unavoidable. There is no age limit to trying on these hairstyles. You can add them at any length as well. We suggest you try out these side swept bangs if you are into a transitional look. For a more concealing effect, you can try out full frontal bangs. To follow a wild trend, you can try out longer bangs that touch your lashes!

The long hair options with straight hair

Are you looking for haircuts for long straight hair? Then you can lay your eyes on the choices we chose for you here. When you have long hair, it can look dull if you do not add some fun elements to them. So we recommend you get your long tresses to look fluid by inserting a sleeker and lighter vibe to them. You need to get them straightened to get that lustrous shine.

Messy and beautiful

You can get messy and still look extra special! This is one look that has a wide craze among women of all ages. If you do not opt for layers, you will only have a dull looking long hair. So try to rejuvenate your locks and get them to look alive! This can be done by adding casual beach waves on them. The image here shows off a beautiful salon blowout type of look. This is perfect for days when you need to look sexy!

The ones with grey tones

There was once a time when everyone associated the idea of grey hair with aging. Now the times have changed, and there are some stunning tones of grey silver hues becoming trendy. You can try them out as well for a modern look. They are not hairstyles that only mature women love. Teenagers also adore these for a fun vibe. There are celebs like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna trying out the same shades. So you know they are worth trying.

The pop star looks to try

Rihanna sports so many hairstyles and makes it look special every time. Her asymmetrical bob, or her headscarf look; all of the styles she tries on become the fashion trend to follow. Her enormous fan following respects her as a singer and now as a powerful businesswoman as well. Back in the day she tried on these long hairstyles and set the fashion world on fire. Her long bangs are also shaped well if you pay attention. They are styled in pink magenta tones as well.

Natural big curls

Have you noticed women with such voluminous, bouncy curls? Then we are sure you are inspired by it. Embracing your natural locks can get you to feel free and relaxed! There is an effortless vibe to these hairstyles, and we are sure you will enjoy the liberating appeal that comes with them. There is no need to style them for they are a fashion statement on its own! Head out and enjoy your day as you look fab in these natural curls.

Long black hair

Here we compiled some styles for women who love the dark black hair! These have a smooth appeal to them, and the depth is something we can get lost in. If you want you can get them smoothed out! You can also get a deep side part and leave the rest in an entwining curl. Your makeup and attire can set you to a new level! So make sure you keep it as bold or as natural as you want to.

Side shaved hairstyles for long hair

Most women have a misconception that long hairstyles are boring and dull for the most part! But there are some fun ideas we are showing off here. Our collection has this side shaved long look that has a bold look and yet manages to look elegant at the same time. There is a feminine touch to these options, and yet it has a fierce vibe. You can feel strong and also show off your personality with this fantastic cut!

The bun to try

This bun here is ideal for an office look, and also for some special events that you need to attend. It packs the elegance and the formal appeal both correctly all into this hairdo. The dark base has a depth we adore. The rest has light blonde hues on them. There is a mysterious appeal to the look. The bun on top is big and voluminous. And it is wrapped around with some braided fishtail braids.

For a fun day out

Snag this look by taking a screenshot of these hairstyles, and heading to your salon. Ask your stylist to get you some beautiful layers, and you can add on some tousled waves! If you need to head out for a fun day, then you can sport any of these looks. Leave them loose with some slight waves. Or get a dual braided look like the next image we have here. This one will take some time for sure. If you are looking for a cuter appeal, try a high pony with some waves.

Everyday wearable hairstyles

This hairstyle here has a chic appeal with a straight texture. The hair looks shiny with perfectly feathered hair ends. There is a lot of movement that comes with such hairstyles. You can enjoy a fuller-looking hair without worrying about the length. You can also try out the blonde balayage one if you want a transitional look. The best thing is these are ideal for everyone who wants an approachable look. These need little to no styling to look good.

The one to try for events

Need to head out to an event and look your best? Then try these long hairstyles in here. They have this sexy appeal to them, and we are sure you will admire yourself in the mirror as you leave your house. Here are three options for everyone. For those who want a carefree look, you can try the first one. Do you want to put more effort into this, then get your hair curler to do the job? The last one has braids on them, and the ornaments add that fabulous touch.

  Colors that are bright and fun

There are so many colors that are fun and vibrant here. They are so stunning that they make these long hairstyles guys want to try out as well. The one on top here is undoubtedly a fun one! The bright, red tone is ecstatic, and it steals everyone’s heart! If something this bold is not good for you, then you can wear brown tones for subtle color. For a better combination, you can take a section from the front and add light blonde hues on them as highlights.

Getting long hair styled

Styling is the key to looking good each day for sure. And there are some fun ways to get some texture into your hair. You do not need to put in a lot of effort and labor into making your long locks look beautiful. You can work smart and get these hairstyles on yourself. Get your hair combed and then part it in the middle. Use your hair curler and add those beautifully textured curls on the bottom. If not then follow Cara Delevingne and keep it sleek and smooth.

Perfect lazy day hair

There are days when you have no energy to do anything. And the last thing you want to get on with that day is styling your hair. For those exact days, we are showing you some long hairstyles. Take sections on the top and make a mini bun. Secure it at the top, and you are done! If the one on the bottom entices you more, then condition your hair thoroughly. Then you can sweep them to one side.

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Crown braids for long hair

Crown braids have a feminine and youthful vibe for sure. You can try to make them as thick as you want to give off a lovely vibe. Here we are showcasing fishtail braids that have been pulled on from either side. This gives it a fuller look and adds to the definition of the whole attire. The rest of the locks fall free. The dark and light hues are showing off well in these twists as well.

Top tied long hair

Ombre hair has its appeal. And women who live for this particular style. Check out the shiny blonde to brown tones in here and get them on to enjoy a sexy charm. The dark black shades on the roots are adding the needed depth here. And the fun look here is ideal for everyone who wants to make an impression. Since there are some long locks here, you can keep your pony as high as you want.

Twisted hairstyles for long hair

These African style of braiding styles are iconic, and we are sure you have seen them on by now, on any hair color you want. If you check out the ends in here, then there are some fun details to notice. There are loose ends on the base here. They are not knotted down, and it adds a unique appeal to these hairstyles. This is one fabulous long hairstyle to try if you want to stay close to your traditional roots!

The ever so beautiful hairstyles

Long hairstyles with a touch of golden hue on them is a lovely combination to try out. These are ideal for women who want to follow celebrity styles. Opt for dark brown hair color and add on beautiful light blonde tones on them. That acts as the highlights on dark hair and balances out the colors as well. Check out these flexible options out here and head to a salon to get them done! You will be tired of seeing people staring at you for sure!

Easy hairstyles for college

You can search for some long hairstyles 2018, and you will end up with these casual looks! When you need to head out in a hurry and still want to look cute, these will come in handy. You need only a bit of time in the morning to sort out this hairdo. The one on top with the interlocked hairpins is a popular idea that is making the rounds nowadays. It lifts the messy bun to a whole new level of excellence.

The ones to try for vacation

When you head out for a relaxing vacation, you need to have a fun hairdo as well! Only then can you enjoy your holidays and get the pictures that show them off as well. If you are still fishing for ideas, then check out these stunning long hairstyles with dark and tones on them. The one on top has a beautiful balayage going on as well. The brown blonde tone is complimenting the pale skin tone well.

Different views of long hair

Some hairstyles can fit any personality if you search well enough. You need to consider how you want your style to show off before you decide on a look! But before you choose one, it is best you check out the hairdo from different angles. All of the options in this section has some beautiful layers on them. But you can notice the way you cut these short sections can make a lot of difference.

The conclusion!

With all these hairdos out there, you may be wondering if there are some long hairstyles men can wear as well. There are so many handsome Hollywood actors that sport a mane, and they give off a fun and flirty outlook. You can check them out as well if you want your man to wear long locks. Here in this article, we focused mainly on the options for women. You are sure to have seen colors and cuts of different kinds in this collection. Give them a try once you get a chance. If you are yet to make a decision, then take help from your stylist!

Try out textured curls for a polished and composed look. And if you want a relaxed option then let your hair fall freely! Use some trusted hairspray to get them fixed once you are done styling them. If you are looking to frame your face, then choose the options that have layers in them. You can also go for hairdos that have bangs in them. There are so many styles to create with long hairstyles. Try an edgy and glam look for special events. And a soft, loose beach waves for a romantic date night. Exhaust all these options as soon as you can!

We are sure you enjoyed this hairstyle article! You can try out any of these looks to appear as fabulous as a celeb! Getting your hair styled in a polished fashion can help you look and feel great. So make sure you sport a flattering look for yourself. If you enjoyed this, then stick around with us for more on such trendy topics.


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