Looking for long-term accommodation in Rotterdam


Are you planning to relocate to the Rotterdam, Netherlands? Well, one of the concerns that you need to deal with is finding a house for rent in Rotterdam. Housing is a critical subject that requires utmost attention regarding the fact that people have their preferences set to budgeting, scenery, the neighborhood among other things. Rotterdam is a fantastic place to settle down. With its stunning architecture, magical places to hang out, excellent healthcare and education systems, art and vast set of exhibition museums, it proves to be a great city which can facilitate an exciting lifestyle.

This article highlights the best tips that will assist you to find long-term accommodation in Rotterdam.

  1. Budget

Before looking for housing in Rotterdam, it is best to consider your financial stability and the affordable rent. The average rent for an apartment in Rotterdam is 1.250€. This rental price can vary greatly depending on location, size of the apartment, and whether or not the apartment is furnished.

  1. Find something that compliments your interests.

A home is something special. Consequently, your place of residence should satisfy you. You can decide to find accommodation on your own. You can achieve this by connecting with tenants and renters on social websites.  However, it is good to involve an agency if you can afford one. An agency is advantageous in the sense that it saves you time and energy and will find suitable accommodation per your preferences.

  1. Extra Costs.

When looking for accommodation in Rotterdam, it’s prudent to consider the extra costs such as security deposit and internet services. For security deposit, you should be prepared to pay rent for two months straight. Along with this, you should be ready to pay for internet and TV subscription as well as utility costs and maintenance.

  1. Finding a location.

There are many locations in Rotterdam that you can make your home. Neighborhoods from all these locations bring something unique to the table, and it is up to you to find which suits you more. At this point, it is prudent that you conduct research accordingly. People have diverging opinions when it comes to their valuation. Some prefer busy streets and nights while others value a quiet neighborhood.

  1. Get Searching!

After knowing what you want, where you want it and how much you can afford to pay for it, the next step is to get searching! While figuring out where to start the research process might be overwhelming, there are countless websites out there to guide you. Checking out on what other people say online will help you learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences and help you with your finding accommodation journey.



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