17 Love Quotes To Say To Make Him Feel Special


Love quotes are far too many in the internet but sometimes they don’t really illustrate how much you love him. Sometimes you don’t need to be too fancy with how you say it. Keep things simple with these simple lines that you could say to make him feel special.

Let’s start with the more romantic lines, shall we?

  1. My love for you goes as far as the moon and back.

This works best when you’re stargazing or camping together.  Let your love for him be illustrated by the starry night and the round moon. It mimics the romantic scenes of novels and movies, perfect for a memorable date. The line is kind of similar to your usual love quotes but this line sure is something you can use when you’re trying to be romantic but not too sophisticated.

The moon itself is a romantic object associated with an eternal love despite changing its phases. Add that to how romantic it is to reference your love for him to the far distance of the moon and you’re sure to make him smile throughout the night.

  1. I think of you every night before I go to sleep.

A lot less fancy but still romantic nonetheless, this is something you could say through a phone call or when you’re sleeping beside each other. This makes him feel that you need him and you miss him. The longing feeling it builds makes him want to be beside you all the time. Definitely something you can say when you’re far apart from each other.

Love quotes often express so many things at once to your significant other but if you want him to focus on him being the idea that keeps running in your head then it is best to go with this phrase.

  1. I want to spend every day of my life waking up to your voice.

The line is very intimate and affectionate as it makes him feel as something you look forward to every day. It turns him into a valuable part of your life you probably can’t live without. There is also a sense of longing with the phrase that wishes to hear his voice every morning. This love quote is definitely intimate but not overly romantic.

  1. Words are not enough to express how much I love you.

Words really can’t express it enough but this phrase can. If he feels that your love for him is beyond love quotes then you can bet that he is genuinely happy. This one takes off from the classic idea that love needs no words to be expressed.

Making him feel as if he’s a part of your daily routine is also a subtle way of being romantic. Everybody wants to play an important part in someone’s life so why not tell him just that?

  1. Your smile brightens up my day.

Who wouldn’t want to be that special something that brightens up their significant other’s day? The line is so sweet yet so meaningful at the same time, especially when said while he is smiling. It is a subtle way of showing how much you crave for his attention.

If you prefer a little bit of flirting while showing your love for him then this is the line to go with, rather than those lengthy love quotes. Short, sweet, and simple makes for a good flirting pick-up line. You can catch him by surprise by sneaking these lines during your conversation.

  1. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

This one is a classic because everybody wants to hear it at least once in their lifetime. Much like a wedding vow, the line creates an eternal promise between the two of you. Don’t use it though if you know he’s afraid of commitments.

If you are both getting sentimental and want to capture the moment with a love quote then this is certainly the phrase you need to say at that moment. Make him feel that he’s the one you have been looking for all this time. Just remember that this also means you’re going to have to be there for each other when the tough times come around.

  1. Things just don’t feel the same without you

Another line to say when things get a little sentimental or when you have that irrepressible feeling of anxiety and you wish that he’s there right beside you. Being separated is tough especially if you are going to be apart for a long time, but you can always say this line to him whenever you miss him and I’m sure that he will miss you too after hearing those words.

When you feel a little bit melancholic and you want him to know how you feel, make sure to tell him this line. Knowing that your significant other misses you while you are apart can be assuring and sweet at the same time.

Remember when I said you would be going through problems together? Here are a few lines you can say in your good and bad moments in life. Make him feel special by appreciating the efforts he provides just to make you feel loved and cared for.

  1. I keep calm whenever I hear your voice

If you want to appreciate what he does for you whenever you are overcome by negative emotions, then do say this line as often as you want. Nothing beats knowing that your significant other appreciates your efforts.

Remind him how lovely it is to hear his voice when you feel troubled as if hearing it washes away all your troubles or how his words make you feel a special sense of security.

  1. I enjoy celebrating every moment with you.

Relationships become more meaningful because of the hardships you surpass. Often, most couples forget that good things should be celebrated as well. Remember to appreciate his effort of celebrating the good things with you and don’t forget to tell him this line.

A subtle love quote like this can be the difference between a simple celebration and an unforgettable celebration. You don’t need to spend much money in celebrating the blessings you got if you can pay up using your effort.

  1. Memories become more memorable when I’m with you.

It is fun to make a lot of memories and capture them for you to remember. But it is more fun to have those memories made together with your significant other. Tell him how much you appreciate his efforts of being with you in those important moments by telling him this line.

Let him feel that his presence is wanted and that every moment you shared is something worth keeping in your heart. Memories probably do mean a lot more when you’re with someone special like him.

Telling him how much he means to you is always a good idea. Here are some more lines you can tell him whenever he makes you happy to make his actions feel appreciated.

  1. Your smile keeps my frown upside down

He probably makes you feel that way every time but you can always tell him about it whenever he gives that extra effort to make you happy.Having a sweet way of thanking him is something that would be sure to make him smile a lot more when he thinks of you.

Let him know just how important it is for you to see him smile and how he brightens up your cloudy days. Make him feel like he is the sun that lights up your days.

  1. Your love keeps me warm inside.

Here is another line that is perfect for those cold and rainy seasons. You just have to tell him this while you’re hugging or cuddling, whichever you prefer. Make him know how much you enjoy the warmth of his love and presence.

If you want to make the moment feel as light-hearted as possible, why not try to do it with this love quote? Add some warm chocolate drinks, a nice blanket to share with him, and a few hugs and kisses in between and you’re all set for the cold weather.

  1. I would spend my rainy days cuddling with you on a warm bed.

He is probably looking for your warmth in a cold rainy day, but you can always surprise him with a love quote like this and make him all fuzzy inside. You don’t need warm chocolate drinks or blankets for this one. Just some warm hugs and kisses would probably be enough for him.

Be the warmth he needs and let him know willing you are to be there for someone as special as him in your life.

If he’s just that special in your life, you have to let him know. You won’t regret saying these lines to make him feel that your love for him is special.

  1. Words mean so much more when they come from you.

Whatever the occasion is, even if there is no occasion at all, let him know that he’s the only one that’s this special for you. Make him feel just how much you take his words seriously. Let him know how much you love listening to what he says.

If you’re deeply attached to him, don’t miss the chance to surprise him with a love quote like this. I’m sure he would love to hear you say this to him in person. Make him feel special through your appreciation of who he is and what he does for you.

  1. Bad days aren’t so bad when I’m with you.

If he’s the one you run to whenever you need help, make sure to acknowledge his efforts by telling him this line. It is such a waste to let the opportunity slip after all the times he carried all your emotional baggage. Let him know how much it means to you whenever he’s around to help you get through those rough days.

Remind him that his presence means a lot to you, and that he keeps you sane through all the troubles you face daily. He probably feels special when he knows you feel safe around him.

  1. Time just stands still whenever you are with me.

There might be times that he sweeps you off your feet and makes you lose your focus of the things around you. Whenever he makes you feel like it’s just the two of you in this world, tell him this line and make his heart flutter with joy.

He has to know that he’s the special one who can make you lose control over your senses. Whether it is joy, love, or passion that makes time stand still, he definitely has to hear it from you.

  1. My heart pounds faster just by being beside you.

Whenever his sweetness makes your heart beat faster, be sure to let him know how much that means to you. Reward him with a sweet line like this and make his heart pound faster too. Describe how you feel to him through lines like this and make him remember how much he excites you.

Nothing is more exciting than making his heart race with joy as well when he feels that he is special to you. Let him know just how much that feeling means to you through your own words and expressions.

Here are just 17 examples of simple love quotes you can say to your significant other. You don’t need to use fancy love quotes to make him feel special, just say the words the come right from your heart.


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