Planning the Perfect Bachelor Party: 3 Ideas for a Crazy Night


So, you’ve been awarded the highest honour of organising your best friend’s bachelor party. Planning such an event is a big responsibility, as you have only one chance to make the perfect bachelor party. With these 3 ideas for a crazy night, you’re sure to get the night just right and have the perfect bachelor party.

Choose an Exciting Bachelor Party Destination

If you want to plan a crazy party and don’t know where to get started, the best way to go about it is to pick a crazy and exciting destination to serve as the setting for the perfect bachelor party. Now, places like Vegas, New York or Atlantic City sound like the perfect places for a crazy and memorable bachelor party, but before considering any of these destinations, you should consider the budget and financial capabilities of everyone you plan on inviting to this crazy adventure.


If all of the invitees are flexible enough financially, the destination of choice should ideally be the place which can offer the best possible experience for the groom. Since the trio is mainly about him, you need to make sure it’s a place he will feel the most comfortable, no matter which of the popular bachelor party locations you pick.

Plan the Activities for the Party

After you’ve picked a destination, the second biggest thing you should do is to start brainstorming all of the activities you’ll do during the bachelor party. You can do all types of things to make the planning phase more enjoyable. Organise a pre-party where you’ll discuss details about the upcoming event, while you get some drinks, or play some games online. Casually hanging out at home with your best friends and exploring betting sites is fun – especially if they’re sports fans. That’s just one way to make things more interesting from the beginning.

While planning activities for the bachelor party, you should stick to the same mindset like before, and that is to do what the bachelor would like to do most. Is it a ski trip? Renting a yacht, booking a cruise or going to an exotic party destination? It doesn’t matter that much, as long as you keep it fun, and plan a variety of activities you’ll mix into the trip, so it doesn’t get monotonous.

Staying on the topic of bachelor party activities, it’s hard not to draw the age-old question: stripers or no stripers? This can be a dicey topic between couples, as not many brides will sign off on this. It’s certainly not a topic worthy of creating arguments over, so make sure you test the waters before getting your buddy into a heap of trouble. But, if this part of the plan comes to fruition, it is also essential to keep the expectations clear and behave accordingly to avoid unpleasant situations.

Carefully Draft the Invitees

Picking the perfect squad of guys for a bachelor party can be a more difficult task than it sounds. In many ways, it’s like drafting the perfect championship team. You should have as much information as possible on what kind of person each invitee is. This will make it easier to break the list down and see who knows who, who will get along and how will the entire group dynamic work. Though it is true that the bachelor will be the one picking his party guests, it’s still you who’s making the final list and organising everything.

That’s why you have the power to explore the options and have a say in who should or possibly shouldn’t be invited. For example, there will always be the guy who’ll try to score while on the trip or the guy that will try to make certain activities about him, while the rest of you are just enjoying the adventure. Situations like these can ruin your entire experience, so you’re probably just better off without inviting those types of guys.

How Crazy is Too Crazy?

If you’ve been picked as the guy in charge of your friend’s party goes well, it’s your job to make sure everything goes exactly as it should and that your best friend has a crazy and memorable bachelor party. Of course, don’t make it too crazy, as you want your friend to still have his life together at the end of the event. Make sure it’s all about lighthearted and harmless fun, and don’t let the future groom do anything stupid while on the road. Just keep in mind the tips we shared with you, and you’re guaranteed a monumental bachelor party the future groom will remember for a lifetime.


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