66 Selena Gomez’ Tattoos and Meanings


Expressing oneself through the tattoos is an art, and celebs are on the front lines for this as well. There are so many ideas that we take on from them, and we are going to talk about one here! Selena Gomez tattoo ideas are also a form of inspiration for all youngsters and her fans go crazy over them. She has decided to get inked multiple times, and there are at least ten on her body as far as we know. If you are looking to follow in the steps of the singer, then hang on to this article. And learn about the meaning she attaches to them.

Here we are talking about her most famously snapped images and how we can see the ink on them. The ‘heart wants what it wants’ singer has gotten inked in several places, and she has not been shy about showing it off. There is a lot of love and dedication she attaches to each of her tattoos, and that is clear. She also took to Instagram to announce some of her tattoos and what they symbolize for her. We will guide you through the journey of the star. We are sure you will love the mix of simplicity and complexity on all of these tattoos.

You can also steal the style of this Selena Gomez tattoo and try them on yourself. We urge you to get ready and do something similar if you are a fan of the singer. If you cannot wait any longer, then jump straight into these images here! We have collected 66 pictures that show off her ink perfectly! On regular days and also glam events, she manages to flaunt them gracefully. Take cues from her and head on to a tattoo salon as soon as you can!

Life and struggles of Selena Gomez

Selena is a pop artist and an international sensation. She has millions of women out there, and they are fans of the singer for her personality and the songs she puts out. We do not need to introduce her to you. She catapulted to success and fame as she started her work with Disney and got more success in shows like Wizards of Waverly Place, and people began to recognize her. She made several appearances on Hannah Montana which was a hit show of the time. Ever since she became a singer, she has received more success than ever! Thus we can say is she has achieved a lot for her age.

You can see that even though her professional life is a success, her personal life is usually a matter of talk. She has suffered from lupus and had a kidney transplant from her close friend as well. Her on-again-off-again relationship with Justin Bieber gave rise to Selena Gomez tattoo Justin searches all over the internet. Her personal life has undoubtedly had a lot to do with how she feels and expresses in songs and tattoos. We suggest you take time to analyze the meaning of them before you get on to trying them out for yourself!

The number of tattoos she has!

If you want to know how many tattoos she has on her body, then we are here to answer your question here! There are about ten tattoos that she has on her, and we have a list of those right here!

  1. The Selena Gomez tattoo with music notes on her wrist
  2. Selena Gomez tattoo with roman numbers
  3. The symbol with Arabic words
  4. Selena Gomez tattoo with writings on her hip
  5. Tattoo of the word ‘OM.’
  6. Selena Gomez tattoo with initials on her ear
  7. Sunshine tattoo on her foot
  8. The famous Selena Gomez tattoo of the semicolon
  9. Selena Gomez tattoo of the number ‘1.’
  10. Selena Gomez tattoo with the number ‘4.’

These are the tattoos that have been confirmed and talked about in the press. You can find the singer talking about them in interviews and also on some magazine covers. If you want to know about the meaning, placement, and rumors regarding these tattoos, then head on to the next sections of our article. There we will put a light on the purpose and symbolisms and also tell you when she got them!

Selena Gomez tattoo with music notes on her wrist

Selena has a tattoo with a music note on the right wrist, and she has flaunted it a lot of times. She got it done on February 22 of 2012, and it is a small tattoo that can go unnoticed if you do not pay attention. She had recently announced to take a break from the music carrier and head on to acting. And this tattoo debuted soon after that announcement. You can check out pictures of the ink on her social media posts and some fan compilations too!

This tattoo was made in honor of the singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez who Selena has been named after. She was a Tejano singer, and Selena’s mother has a special connection to the name. Selena has said that the Tejano singer has been a big inspiration for her. And how it means a lot more as she was named after her as well. She also mentioned on several occasions that her mother is fond of the music and hold a special place in her heart for that name! It is said that she got inked n a tattoo place called under the gun and the artist was Louie Gomez. This is the Selena Quintanilla tattoos you may have heard about in the news.

 The tattoo with Arabic words

This was her fourth tattoo, and the artist Bang Bang also did it. He has made revelations regarding this one, and we are sure you will love it! It is an Arabic tattoo that translates to ‘love yourself first,’ and it is a beautiful meaning. This tattoo is placed on her side, and it looks fantastic! So many of her fans have tried to recreate the symbol. But they do it in English so as to show the relation. You can see several such Selena Gomez tattoo out there, and we love it too.

Her artist says that Selena was prepared for this one and had the wordings already written out when she came to the salon. This was the detail that he gave to E! News. He also said that this was about four inches long and it looks stunning. She has flaunted them on a lot of occasions. When she wears a backless, it can be seen clearly so you can say that it is a significant tattoo. This is a meaningful tattoo as it asks a person to love oneself before they love anyone else. Fans say that this is a lesson to not be hurt by loving someone and a piece of good advice!

The famous Selena Gomez tattoo of the semicolon

The Selena Gomez tattoo 13 reasons why gave birth to was this one! The idea behind this is excellent, and you can see how it merges the meaning and symbolism all into one. You can see this is a tattoo that represents the life we have and the significance of it as a whole. If you are someone who believes in second chances in life, then you should get inked with it. It may seem like a small tattoo, but the meaning it holds is far superior to anything. You can get the feel of the symbol as you get it on yourself.

This is a semicolon, and it means that life at his point could have stopped, but it didn’t. When she read the book, she got inspired to make a series out of it. Selena Gomez tattoo semicolon was not only followed by her fans but a lot of her team on the show as well. It is to say that life could have stopped and finished at that point, but it did not. This was her passion for saving suicide victims, and she also urged a lot to call the helpline at the end of the show. This was surely a conversation starter, and it helped a lot of people as well.

Selena Gomez Tattoo

 Selena Gomez tattoo with roman numbers

Selena is not the first celeb to have a roman number tattooed on her body. Many have added on roman numerals to indicate dates and time in their body. It is a nice ideas of getting yourself a particular number that is close to you, permanent on your skin. She has the number ’76’ engraved on her body. This was her second tattoo, and she got it on the back of her neck. These roman numerals are thought to be a tribute to her mother. This is purely speculation as no one knows the real thing!

Her tattoo artist Bang Bang explained that this was a tattoo she as a remembrance and honor of a family member who she held close to her heart. Most people assume that it is for her mother since the tattoo reads ‘LXXVI” and it is t the number 76. Her mother Amanda Teefey was born in 1976, and this is the connection. She got it done on September 29 of 2012. This was done in Newyork, and it came out great! The tattoo artist also said that the singer held the hands of her friend the whole time as she was scared of being hurt. We guess it was worth it since it looks good!

Selena Gomez tattoo hand

Tattoo of the word ‘OM.’

The singer decided to get inked with a tattoo again, and it was seen as she hit the beach in September 2015. It is not known when she got it done as she hid this one very well. People are always estimating and trying to figure out a timeline for the ink she has arrived, and it makes a good look on her. She has the symbol of om on her left hip. This is a sacred symbol in a lot of religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. It is said that this is the sound that the universe has!

It is highly regarded in meditation, and many try it on for a peaceful feeling. Many also believe that one who chants om will feel mindful and have control over his life. On the singer, the om is inked with delicate lines. It is almost not visible from far. It can be seen that she has a liking for a tattoo with thin edges. If you are a fan of the singer, then we suggest you also take a look at this ink and admire how symbolic and beautiful it is on her. You may even want to get it for yourself!

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Sunshine tattoo on her foot

This is another tattoo of the letters sunshine on her foot. She got in inked on the right foot, and this is a bit bolder than the ones she got before this. You can spot this on her as she makes public appearances. You can see how adorable it looks on the sensational star. Many love this idea, and her fans have tried it on as well. This tattoo was first seen in April 2016. The ink that lies on the top of her right foot was for her grandmother, and it is a sweet gesture for sure.

The word sunshine in itself gives us a feeling of pleasant warmth, and it makes us experience better as well. You can get that girly feel with this kind of ink, and it also has this stunning feel to it. Some simple words can make you feel good and have that edge to it. You can choose the synonym to a word like this or get in any kind words and get it done. People also get it done with their handwriting. Many actresses got the same on themselves.


Selena Gomez tattoo with the number ‘4.’

These were the group Selena Gomez tattoos 2018 saw, and it was widely celebrated by her fans as well. She got the word ‘4’ tattooed on her side with her friends. It was to celebrate the fact that these four have an unbreakable bond between them. You can also see how she has it in a small ink on the side as usual. It is not bold and not too loud as well. This was done on her elbow, and she also announced it on her Instagram page. You can see it there till now, and it is one of her most loved tattoos.

The symbol of unity between the four friends s an inspiration to all of us. She also said that this was a tattoo that represents the inspiration. And the strength that all of these women have provided to her in her life. Having someone who loves and admires you is perfect.

This was one surprising and emotionally satisfying way of celebrating the birthday of a close one for sure.

 Selena Gomez tattoo with initials on her ear

This Selena Gomez tattoo ear searches went on to create a lot of buzz as most thought of the letter ‘g’ as the letter j for Justin Bieber. There were widespread rumors that she had gotten inked in the initials of Justin as a show of love. But it is not the case. She has a letter g behind her left ear, and she got it for her baby sister. This was seen in June 2015, and she spoke about it months after that. She put all the rumors aside and talked about the inspiration behind the ink.

She said that it had been an emotional one as her mother had a miscarriage back in 2011. Her mother was expecting a baby girl at that time, too with the name ‘Scarlett.’ She was thrilled when her mother gave birth to her stepsister Grace Elliot Teefey! As Selena was a single child until then, she was more than happy to have a sibling on board with her. Back then there were a lot of celebs including Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin who got inked with the same letter in the name of Georgia Veach who suffered a brain disorder that is incurable as well. So there was much said about Selena following the same path.

 Selena Gomez tattoo with writings on her hip

This was yet another tattoo that Selena has openly talked about. This time around, she stuck with something religious and got the words ‘God who strengthens me” on her right hip. Her tattoo was well hidden, and most did not spot it. She said that she did an excellent job while trying to hide the tattoo. When it came to the public eye, it was about a year old already. So we do not know where this tattoo was done and who the artist is. But you can get it done at a salon if you want to.

Selena went on the show ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest” and talked about this script on her right hip. She spoke with Ryan and told him that is taken from The Philippians 4:13 verse of the Bible. She went on to say that this was her favorite line and a loved passage as well. It was on November 5th, 2013 that she revealed that it means that she can go all things if Christ is with her and strengthens her. This is all about finding faith in God and moving forward in life thinking about he guides you. You can tell that she is one who believes in connections with the almighty.

 Selena Gomez tattoo of the number ‘1.’

Selena has a very close friend Courtney Barry, and she celebrated her birthday by getting tattooed along with her. They got the ‘4’ tattoo to symbolize the close circle of four friends and then got inked with the number ‘1’. This was a rib tattoo, and it showed that they are number one on each other’s list. It was a symbol that showed that both of them adored and loved each other. That they had only each other to turn to when times were hard.

Selena took to Instagram to announce her new ink with her best friends, and you can check it out as well. You can see that there is a close bond between them, and it will surely stay the same for a long time to come. More than friends, they considered themselves to be sisters, and that is admirable in all forms.


Reaching the end

As we reach the end of this article on Selena Gomez tattoo, we are sure you have had enough idea about the matter. We made sure to include the inspiration that the singer had when she got inked with them. When a celeb tries on things like tattoos, they are surely talked about a lot, and we are sure you also may have seen talks about them in many magazines. Since they are famous celebs, there is a lot of speculation with each of their actions. So through this article, we tried to show what meaning they attach to their doings.

If you enjoyed this article and found it to be informative, then make sure you stay with us. We are always coming up with new and fresh ideas. Share it around with Selena Gomez tattoo fans, and we are confident they will thank you later! You can get more of such photos if you enter the hashtag on Instagram! You can also check out the Instagram page of the singer herself if you want to see her original posts regarding these inks! We would also love to hear your side about these tattoo ideas so sound off in the comment section below!

These are the collection of the singer’s tattoos that we know of till now. This is one of those ideas that anyone can try, and collectively, it tends to make sense as well. You can also surprise your loved one with a view like this. So head on to celebrating your life and honoring the relations you have made! We hope this was an inspiring article for you!


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