66 Selena Gomez’ Tattoos and Meanings


Getting tattoos is a creative way to express your individuality. No wonder, the 25-year old singing sensation Selena Gomez showcases her tattoos to express her personal style, along with the things that hold great significance to her. If you wish to decode her sexy yet mysterious tattoos, keep reading for our guide.

  1. Music Note Tattoo on Her Wrist

If singing is your passion and music is your first love, what would be the first symbol of tattoo you’ll think of? Music note tattoos are popular among music aficionados, as they say “music makes the world go round.” No wonder, Selena Gomez’s first tattoo was a music note on her wrist. In fact, she told in her interviews that her named was inspired by Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, making her a big inspiration to pursue her singing career.

The most intriguing part of getting her music note tattoo in 2012 is that she had just announced her plan of taking a break from music to focus on her acting career. What do you think her tattoo symbolizes for? Many people speculate that Selena just want a reminder for herself of her love for singing even she’s doing something else. If you’re inspired by her music note tattoo, you could also visit the Under the Gun tattoo parlor in Hollywood to get a similar tattoo like hers.

  1. Roman Numeral Tattoo at the Back of Her Neck

One of the most intriguing and mysterious tattoos is a roman numeral symbol. Do you know that Selena Gomez’s second tattoo was a line of roman numerals on her nape? If you’re now wondering what does her tattoo means, keep in mind that most people opt for roman numeral tattoos to remember the special moments in their life—their birthdate, anniversary, and even lucky numbers. This tattoo is also perfect if you want to remember those good old memories of yours in your life.

Her roman numeral tattoo LXXXVI—translated as number 76—is believed to be a tribute to her mother Amanda “Mandy” Teefey who was born in 1976. Yes, roman numeral tattoos are great for reminiscing memorable dates in your life in a more mysterious and striking way than standard digits and Arabic numbers. Also, they look more elegant and sophisticated, especially when they’re laid out in a long line.

  1. Arabic Writing on Her Back

Apart from roman numerals, Arabic writing is an artistic and exotic design in tattoos, where native speakers of Arabic even find their calligraphy aesthetically pleasing. In fact, it’s often the choice of non-Arabic people even though they cannot read or understand the Arabic language. If you’re wondering why, the Arabic calligraphy looks unique and mysterious to people who cannot read it.

Selena Gomez got her Arabic writing tattoo “أحب نفسك أولا”—translates as “love yourself first”—on her back. When thinking of getting an Arabic tattoo, the key is to find the perfect spot. You wouldn’t want to make it too long or too short, or too big or too small.

Also, you have to acknowledge that Arabic writing is more complicated than Roman Numerals, and you cannot just get the letters from an Arabic keyboard and lay them out together. In fact, an Arabic writing works more like a cursive handwriting than a printed one. On English language, you can write in a print or cursive style, but in Arabic, you have to properly connect the letters, or else you’ll end up with just letters, not words.

There is nothing wrong with getting an Arabic writing tattoo even you don’t know the language as it’s absolutely striking when done in the right way. However, if Arabic is not your native language, it pays to seek some advice from a professional translator—after all, your tattoos are permanent.

  1. Religious Writing on Her Right Hip

If you have a motto in life or an inspiring thought that you want to remember all the time, getting a tattoo in a form of writing can be great. Selena got her written tattoo “God who strengthens me” on her right hip. It actually a Biblical tattoo, since she got it from Philippians 4:13 verse that states: “I can do all things through God who strengthens me.”

Some religions view tattoos unpleasantly, reasoning your body is sacred so you shouldn’t put those things in there. Getting tattoos is a personal choice whether you’re religious or not. Also, you can get your own motivating quotes and phrases and have them inked in the perfect spot.

  1. Om Symbol on Her Left Hip

Some tattoos are not just personal, but also spiritual. One of the most sacred symbols in Hinduism and Buddhism, the Aum or Om symbol ॐ was marked on Selena’s left hip. Most people associate the symbol as the connection for peace, gratitude, and meditation.

Do you know that Hindus even consider this symbol as the universal name of their God? They claimed that they got the symbol of Om in the ancient Indian Scriptures, believing that their god created everything after chanting those phrases in their language. The Om symbol is a common sign for the philosophy of Hinduism, and nowadays, it can be seen everywhere. Whether you’re a Christian or not, you can use religious symbolisms in your tattoos—after all, your body art is something personal.

  1. A Lowercase “g” behind Her Ear

One of the most common styles of tattoo design, an initial or letter can mean a lot to the wearer. Do you know that Selena got a lowercase “g” behind her ears? Though it’s more like of a “j” that most people associate with her boyfriend Justin Bieber, the young singer claimed that it was actually a “g” letter that’s for her baby sister Gracie. We can now see how a sweet sister Selena Gomez’ is.

Do you know that Gracie’s birth is special? Selena’s mom had a miscarriage with the previous baby girl, and Gracie is Selena’s very first sibling.

  1. “Sunshine” Writing on Her Right Foot

Tattoo is a form of expression, so you’re free to choose any word or phrase that means a lot to you. Selena got a “sunshine” tattoo on her right foot, which is believed to be for her grandmother who raised her when her parents divorced.

Often straight to the point and simple, one-word tattoo can say it all, so you may think of a word that means something personal to you and have it inked. In fact, it can help you make a bold statement without having to speak. All you need is the courage to pick the word that’s meant for you and take some serious guts.

If you like, you can even get a word that can help you have a positive outlook in life, a word that will remind you of your goals, or a word that can encourage you to take chances. You can put your tattoo anywhere, but if it’s a reminder for you, then placing them on areas you’ll often see is ideal. When life is getting chaotic, your tattoos can save you.

  1. Semicolon Tattoo on Her Left Wrist

More than just a punctuation mark, a semicolon is used by non-profit organization Project Semicolon as a symbol of suicide prevention. In fact, Selena Gomez, along with the “13 Reasons Why” cast got a semicolon tattoo on their wrists. According to them, the semicolon symbol stands for something that have stopped—just like ending one’s life through suicide—but doesn’t have to. If you’ll write in a sentence, you’ll often use the period punctuation mark to end it. For them, it’s actually a beginning of a new life on contrary to ending one’s life.

  • What is Project Semicolon?

It’s a non-profit organization that is dedicated to prevent the suicidal tendencies among teenagers. In fact, Project Semicolon gives hope and love to those who are experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, and even mental illness. Regardless how hard your life is, their mission is to make you realize that “your story is not over.” Suicide can be prevented—but every person in this planet should be aware and responsible too.

Founded by Amy Bleuel, the Project Semicolon strives to raise public awareness and save lives. In fact, the founder herself experienced a lot of obstacles in her life—bullying, stress, anxiety, depression, abuse, suicidal thoughts—and wanted to share her story to inspire others to get on with their life and believe in hope for a better tomorrow.

  • The Relevance of “13 Reasons Why” TV Show to Selena

Do you know that Selena Gomez became one of the executive producers for the “13 Reasons Why” television show, which is based on the book “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher? That’s the reason why the semicolon symbol is so dear for her.

If you’re not familiar with the story, it actually narrates about Hannah Baker, a high school student who committed suicide and left a series of tapes for the people who hurt her. One of the people who received the tape is Clay Jensen, a classmate of Hannah—so he knew the thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life.

The show actually has a heart breaking story, that’s why some critics even view it offensive. Depending on your perception, you might think that the character of Hannah Baker should seek help about her circumstances instead of committing suicide. It’s just easy to reason out that one should appreciate his life and get help, but if you’re in the depressed situation, you see no way out, but think of a suicide as a graceful exit to end all your suffering.

The show may be offensive for some, but the young singer and executive producer Selena Gomez defended the television show for being realistic about the problems teenagers are facing today. In fact, she admitted that she fell in love with the tragic story, and hoping that it can enlighten those people that need help.

Selena and Her Semicolon Tattoo

Selena doesn’t only talk about depression, but she actually experienced it herself, and therapy changed everything. That’s the reason why the young singer became the voice of youth for overcoming anxiety and depression, as well as an inspiration for others to believe there is hope.

In fact, Selena revealed that she cancelled her Revival tour last summer just to check into a treatment facility because she was getting panic attacks before and after her performances. According to her interviews, Selena visits her therapist and undergo in a Dialectical Behavior Therapy—a treatment for patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and even borderline personality disorder.

According to her, the Dialectical Behavior Therapy completely changed her life. The said therapy is actually more of a skill-based approach on helping someone to deal with emotional ups and downs. That’s also the reason why the young singer is dedicated to support the Project Semicolon and she got her tattoo, since the organization helps those suffering from anxiety, depression, and even thoughts of suicide.

Selena simply wants others to know that that you don’t have to end your life just because you feel depressed. Remember, the young singer used to be a victim of depression and admitted that things can get better if you seek help.

Indeed, Selena Gomez’ tattoos are personal—they are for honoring her loved ones and for keeping her on the track. If you wish to be as expressive as her, think of the things that you hold so close in your heart and get them inked.


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