38 Creative Short Faux Locs That Will Protect Your Hair


If you are looking for a modern look that will provide protection to your hair, then these faux loc styles are exactly what you’re looking for. These styles don’t require any kind of long-term commitment. You can take them out whenever you want or leave them in all summer long. It doesn’t matter what hair type you have whether it’s thick or thin you can wear faux locs.

Dreadlocks are normally associated with long hair, but it doesn’t have to be. Dreadlocks can be worn with many different lengths of hair. The cropped styles come out just as gorgeous as the long styles do.

Faux locs are easy to create. It’s just a matter of swathing your hair with extensions or premade strops by the crochet method. You can get them in many different colors and many different lengths. Check out these 38 Creative Short Faux Locs That Will Protect Your Hair:

  1. Shorter Dreads

A great style that is fashionable and protective for the hair. You can have dreads with any length of hair.

2. Braided Styles

Long braided styles are a great way to protect your hair. With faux locs you don’t need to worry about the length of your hair. You can choose your length and your color.

3. Dread Styles

Dreadlocks have been around for a really long time and they are a very popular look. As you can see dreads can easily be a short style just as they can be a longer one.

4. Unique Styles

If you never thought you could have a stylish bob with dreadlocks, then you were wrong. These are styles that are both gorgeous and stylish.

5. Shoulder Length Styles

A great style that you are sure to love. It’s a medium length style and it shows off the fact that dreads can be beautiful too. This style is one that you can wear anywhere.

6. Short Looks

Try dreadlocks with a short style and you will start a whole new fashion trend in your neighborhood. This is a style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

7. Creative Elements

We love this style because it’s so sexy. It’s parted off to the side and you can tell she’s feeling confident. We love the gold hair accessories that are throughout the style.

8. Colorful Styles

A great many colors with this style. When it comes to faux locs, the sky is the limit on what you can do because it’s not real hair. So try out all the wild colors you have always wanted to try. This is a style you won’t regret if you want something edgy.

9. Grey Styles

Grey and silver are very popular looks right now and you are sure to love the color. This is the time to try out a cool color because the hair is fake. You don’t have to worry about coloring your own hair so try silver out.

10. Cool Styles

We love these styles because they are great for protecting your hair. But look at the amazing colors you can have with the look as well. This glamorous style can be kept casual, or you can dress it up with accessories for a night out on the town.

11. Hippie Vibe

We love all the little accents to this style that give off a fun and playful style. This short style is one that you are sure to love. It’s perfect for summer and we love how it’s all flipped to one side.

12. Cropped Styles

This style is very short but no less awesome. It’s an edgy style that you are sure to want to rock out at the next party you go to.

13. High Ponytail

This style is one that is sure to turn heads. If you like styles that have drama, then this is a great one for you. It’s a tight style to the scalp that has a pretty high ponytail. We love how thick and tight these dreads are so you know you can keep this polished style for a really long time. Try it out all summer long if you want.

14. Twisty Styles

This short style looks amazing because the dreads are styled in a kinky fashion. We could see this being worn at the office or even out for a girl’s night. The sky is the limit for a gorgeous look like this one.

15. Long Looks

A gorgeous style that you are sure to love. This long style will turn heads wherever you go. It’s long and elegant and has all the hair flipped to one side. It’s a look that will be great for a formal event.

16. Twisty Looks

A great look that is super short and choppy. We love this short faux loc style.

17. Blonde Looks

This gorgeous style is super short with some blonde elements to it. If you are looking for a big change, then this is the look for you.

18. Thick Dreads

A short style that is sexy and sophisticated. We love this style because it’s glamorous and you can wear it anywhere.

19. Thin Strands

If you want to give dreads a try, then this is the style for you.

20. Curly Styles

Another example of a short colored style that you can use to protect your hair all summer long. We love the light coloring of this hair.

21. Blue Styles

How can you not love a look like this one? If you are going to use fake locks then why not use a color like blue. These gorgeous styles are edgy and cool.

22. Shaved Style

If you want a really edgy style, then you can’t go wrong with a shaved look. We have the combination of dreads and a shaved side here.

23. White Styles

This bright white style is one that is going to wow you this summer. If you are going to choose a color then why not this bright shade.

24. Fun Styles

A gorgeous style that is sure to impress everyone. If you are looking for a fun new style, then this is it.

25. Golden Styles

A great new style that is part dread and part curly style. We love these golden looks.

26. Bun Styles

A great style that is long and styled high. If you are going to have any style this summer, then this is the one for you. Try dreadlocks this summer.

27. Small Styles

A gorgeous style that is sure to make you happy this summer. It’s a fresh new look that will brighten you up.

28. Singular Styles

Why not combine your natural hair with faux locs to create this gorgeous new style. We love how the bottom of the hair is super curly.

29. Stunning Ponytails

You won’t find a ponytail more beautiful than this one. We love these creative styles they are sure to help you to steal the show this year.

30. Bold Styles

We can’t help but love this short style. It will be perfect for the summer to keep your hair out of you face and short enough to be off your neck.

31. Classy Styles

A medium length style that is classy and sophisticated. You can have the same style you had before the dreads if that’s what you choose. These are great styles that you can wear to work or a party. It’s a style that will make you feel sexy and confident.

32. Shorter Dreads

This sexy style is curved around the face. It’s a stylish bob that frames the face and gives her a stunning look.  Why not protect your hair this summer with this classy and sophisticated bob.

33. Crinkled Style

It’s a really short style that is sure to turn heads. It’s multi-colored and will brighten up your look for the summer. You can still protect your style all summer long with this cool look.

34. Bold and Stylish

A classy style that is sure to impress everyone that you meet. It’s the kind of style that demands attention and we just love the added blonde touches.

35. Fushia Colors

This remarkable shade is one that is sure to draw the eye. It’s a bold color and one that is going to look amazing this summer. A long and thick style. A great style that is sexy and confident.

36. A Coppery Shade

A short style that has an amazing shade to it. We love this color and so will you. Try it out this spring and you will turn heads all summer long.

37. Vacation Styles

This sexy style is gorgeous for many reasons. It’s short, it’s messy and it has some accessories that make it feel like you just got on vacation. Try this style out for your next vacation and have a hassle-free time.

38. Stylish and Protective

One of the main reasons why people try these styles are because they will protect your hair. You can choose how long you want the dreads in for and your hair will stay protected the whole time. Why not have a stylish look like this one for a couple of months and heal your damaged strands.


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