107 Striking Silver Hairstyles For Sophisticated Women


Undeniably, the fashion of silver hair becomes more and more popular, take note it does not seem it is leaving anytime soon. In fact, it is a very beautiful style that you wish you would also have.

However, if you’re planning to have a whole new hair color that will make you stand out anywhere you go, then you cannot go wrong with a silver color. As a matter of fact, it is glamorous and elegant. Furthermore, having silver colored hair will make you feel more beautiful than before and it will change your life.

Even so, the silver hair trend is like a platinum blonde however, it is so much cooler. That is why, if want to have something that’s totally different then you should give the silver hair color trend a try. On the other hand, sure, perhaps, silver hair is not for everybody. In simple words, it all depends on your sense of fashion/style as well as personality. Actually, dependent on your innate hair color it will need various touchups as a blonde style would.

But nevertheless, if you think silver hair is perfect for you then check out this list of 107 silver hair ideas/inspirations. Rest assured there is at least one style that will suit you the most.

What are The Perfect Hairstyles for Silver Hair?

Depending on your preferable length as well as hair texture, there are lots of best hairstyles where you can choose from. Either way, silver hairdos look dignified. They draw attention, make your facial features look fancy, and frame your face stately. You may also incorporate bangs to your silver hairstyle, however, you need to make sure that they are well-styled or trimmed to one side and light.

  • Short Silver Hairstyles

If you prefer pixie hairdos, make sure to keep them edgy and sassy. You can also add lots of texture to make it look more modern. In case your chosen hairstyle is based on a classic bob you can surely style them using a side parting or curly and messy in a bouncy manner.

  • Medium Silver Hairstyles

Medium length silver hairstyles can make the finish of the ends or accent on layers texture. As a matter of fact, they are refined and simple showing off your healthy curls with a brilliant hue.

  • Long Silver Hairstyles

Long silver hairstyles aren’t so popular simply because they are not easy to maintain. But who knows, perhaps you’re an exemption.

107 Silver Hairstyle Inspiration For You To Try This 2018

Simple Transition

A great silver hair idea that features plenty of stunning transitioning colors. Make sure to try this style because one thing is for sure you will not regret it.


silver hair

Beautiful Twists Silver Hair

Keep in mind that hairdos with twists are always worth considering. Either way, if you want to look simple yet stunning on your next event then you should give these beautiful twists a try.

Subtle Shades

When choosing a silver hair, it does not have to be crazy and bold. Most importantly, choose a style that makes you feel more comfortable.

Crazy Colors

Without a doubt, this style is perfect for any season. As a matter of fact, the shades are mysterious as well as dark. Also, this hairdo is also ideal for teens who want to surprise their friends with a new and elegant hairstyle.

Magical Colors

This color will make you feel magical at all times. In fact, this shade of silver is perfect for summer. Furthermore, a lighter shade is more difficult to maintain while the darker ones can offer you more room to wiggle.

Shimmering Styles

Another good example of a silver style. However, if you want to have a whole new look this year, then make sure to try this style.

Curly Looks

Dark and light colors together are always a perfect combination. As a matter of fact, curly hairstyles will make you stand out wherever you go and draw attention with ease.

Sexy Styles

Do you want to have a fresh and new look? Then you should take advantage of this sexy and short silver hairstyle that is suitable for all ages.

Ghosted Style

This silver style is ideal for girls who have dark blonde hair. So, if you’re one of those girls, then this style is something worth getting.

A Ponytail Style

It is a simple yet eye-catching style that can be worn wherever you go. Additionally, if you’re looking for a style that is a bit more casual then a ponytail style is a good choice.

Softer Look

A simple silver colored look that has plenty of impressive elements. Also, it is a beautiful hairstyle that has an awesome style and gorgeous shades.


Curly and Short

A new and cool trendy hairstyle that perfectly combines extremely tight curls as well as short style. Nonetheless, if you want to try something new then this one is something worth getting.

A Popular Style

This stunning style will definitely give you a messy but very gorgeous look. Either way, the color is beautiful and bright as well. Plus, it is perfect for girls who prefer a long silver hairstyle.

Ghana Braid

You will surely find this famous and very beautiful hairstyle and hair color interesting and awesome. Also, you will achieve a unique look with this silver hairstyle.

A Rebel Look

This style is made of light silvers and dark greys. As a matter of fact, both of them are great and perfect color choices.

Darker Elements

If you prefer darker shades, then this style is perfect for you. As a matter of fact, with this style, you do not have to overthink about your roots, because you can make it longer in between appointments.

Unique Braids

An elegant and unique hairstyle that you can wear to your next formal event with ease. In addition, if you to look simple yet sophisticated on your next formal event, then you should give this hairdo a try.

Beautiful Grey Styles

This hairstyle for long hair has a vivid shade of grey that is pretty striking. Nevertheless, you can wear this hairstyle casually without styling it.

Silver Braiding

There is no doubt, this a stunning hairstyle not only because of the attractive braid design, but the silver is simply gorgeous. Take note, this is the type of style that will make you that talk of the night. So, what are you waiting for? Give this style a try. Trust us, you will not regret it.

Glamour for Silver

A fresh and gorgeous style that you should try this year. However, as you can see in the image below, it seems that the woman kept the upper portion of her hair natural, while the rest is lightened up.

A Stunning Silver

You can see silver, dark grey, as well as black colors in this stunning hairstyle. This style, on the other hand, is perfect for both casual and formal events.

Simmering Styles

Silver, as well as blondes, are featured in this style. Even so, if you are looking for a hairstyle that is going to glow, then this the perfect option for you.

Silver Hair Braid

This silver hair will make you feel like a royalty. So, if you want to become a queen on your own way, then you should give this silver hair braid a try.

Darker Blues

The combination of dark blues, as well as greys, are really stunning and perfect.

Bold Options

It is an edgy hairstyle that every girl out there will surely love. Nevertheless, as you can see the roots are black and the rest is lighter.

Add More Colors

This mixture of silver and blue is really great. In fact, it is a good hairstyle option for a fresh and new season.

Funky Updo

The contrasting color mixture makes this hairstyle natural and more beautiful. In fact, you will look more elegant in this hairstyle if you will apply minimal makeup.

Purple Hues

You cannot go wrong with a hairstyle like this one. Either way, this style is ideal for spring.

Silver and Grey

With this simple style, you will be able to achieve different shades of silver and grey.

White Buns

Another edgy hairstyle that combines darks and lights together.

A Braided Look

This type of braid is a perfect way to safeguard your hair. In addition, you can get this braided look in silver shades.

Slate Grey

Every girl will certainly love this simple but elegant style.

Cool & Warm

In this hairstyle, you will be able to reap the benefits of warm beiges and brows as well as cool shades of silver. Indeed, it is a perfect combination.

A Great Style Option

An impressive silver hairstyle that can be worn at formal and casual places or events.

White Styles

Actually, there are lots of silver shades that are very light, but this one is the best.

Natural Looks

It is always a good time to embrace your natural look as well as you age with this hairstyle.

Choppy and Short

Want to have a whole new different look this year? Why not consider this great color and cut?

A Bold New Look

You will definitely like this medium length hairstyle that features beautiful waves.

A Beautiful Look

A stunning style that can give you a stunning look.

Flattering Hairstyles

This distinct hairstyle only features silver shades in front.

Sparkling Silver

An impressive silver shade that’s going to look great under the sun. Nevertheless, this hairstyle only requires a minimal maintenance.

Partial Brade

It is a great hairstyle that has lots of tones of silver in it. Also, it can offer a bold look and you will definitely love its braided design.

Mystique Braids

A perfect braided style that will reveal your silver locks.

Super Curls

Allow you silvers stand out naturally as well as embrace them.

Subtle Highlights

Put some subtle highlights to your current hair color for a whole different look.

Short Waves

An awesome look that you’ll definitely need for this season or year.

Edgy Looks

It’s an eye-catching look that you’re sure to like.

Wavy Looks

Another beautiful color and cut that is worth trying for.

Bold Braids

This style that is made of two beautiful and well-polished braids will complete your overall look.

Simple Bun

Based on the image below, the silver shades look amazing with any style that you can think.

Wide Fishtail

It is a gorgeous hairstyle that you’re sure to like for its sophistication.

Stunning Blue

A stylish silver style that has a sign of blue in particular

Punky Color

A unique hairstyle that has lots of mystery.

Different Tones

With this hairdo, you will be able to come up with different shades of silvers and blues.

Stunning Colors

Another bright silver style that can be worn during summer.

Long Curly Silver Hair

This style inspiration is perfect for ladies with long hair who are looking for a new hairstyle.

Cropped Styles

Transform your cropped hairstyle a bit edgier with this style and shade of silver.

Shocking Styles

For you to achieve this hairstyle, you will be needing lots of hair.

Greyy Dreads

Provide your style the shade they have been demanding for.

Long Braids

It is a beautiful long hairstyle that has an amazing color.

Stylish and Short

This stylish hairstyle is suitable for any age. Ladies, on the other hand, will surely love its bouncy curls.

Silver Waves

A casual hairstyle that will look stunning and good at the beach

Silver Spikes

A great short hairstyle that has a cool as well as pretty color.

Great Braids

A goddess hairstyle with spectacular braids that everybody will surely love.

Touch of Silver

If you’re looking for a new hairstyle with silver highlights, then this one is for you. It seems as if there are some silver touches against a blonde or lig brown color.

Shaggy Style

This style would be an awesome color and cut for summer months. Either way, shaggy stypes will keep you fresh and cool especially when it is hot.

Blue Lights

This silver hair features plenty of blue highlights.

Silver Highlights

If there are blue highlights, of course, there are also silver highlights. Actually, you can combine silver highlights in any hair colors. Either way, this style looks gorgeous.

Formal Styles

Looking for a hairstyle that you can wear to your next formal event? Then this stunning hairstyle is worth considering.

Flower Elements

A beautiful hairstyle that goes from dark to light. On the other hand, the flower elements offer a fantastic touch.

Silver Styles

Another stylish example of silver shades that you should try this year.

A Sophisticated Look

Searching for a silver style that is sophisticated and classy? Look no further, because this one is for you.

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Neutral Shades

This style looks very chic and features some beige tones.

Beautiful Layers

It is a beautiful hairstyle that has the mixture of a vivid new shade and stunning layers. Believe us, you will not regret your decision if you give this style a try.

Shiny Styles

No matter what your eye color is, one thing is for sure, this shiny style will your eyes much more beautiful.

Bright Lights

This silver style is really breathtaking. Even so, if you are looking for a light silver style, then this is for you.

Granny Silver and Black Hair

Because of the braided design and color, this hairstyle can give you a bolder look. Also, it is a fishtail braid that can help you to expose your new hair color.

Cascading Styles

Cascading hairstyles look really amazing especially when integrated with waves.

Two Tone Hairstyles

A beautiful hairstyle that begins with darker shades and finishes using an exceptional light shade.

White Lights

A bright silver style like the image below will make you feel dazzling.

Darker Shades

A silver style with a medium tone. Also, your partner will certainly love this style.

Shining Styles

The color that is used in this style will make you shine and sparkle especially when you’re under the sun.

Dark Designs

Want to maintain a dark hairstyle? Why not try this one? Actually, this style has a dark silver shade.

Popping Style

Actually, we are not certain which part of the hairstyle is the best one. Is it the beautiful color or the amazing curls? What do you think?

A Blossoming New Look 

Another beautiful example of an extremely light shade of silver.

Bright Colors

This silver style will surely make your eyes pop.

Beautiful Bob

This hairstyle that is very chic features an awesome color and sleekness of a bob style.

Creative Style

Undeniably, braids are very popular. Thus, why not give them a try using this silver style.

Ombre Shades

Are you a fan of ombre styles? If so, then you would definitely love this hairstyle. In fact, most women like the color transition, which is from dark to silver.

Glorious and Grey

A very beautiful shade that you’re sure to like during warm months.

Attractive Style

A sexy hairstyle that you can wear to your upcoming party effortlessly.

Bright and Bold

A distinct hairstyle that will make you the center of attraction wherever you go. Furthernore, it is suitable for ladies who prefer long hairstyles rather than the short or medium ones.

Rainbow Colors

You will surely love this amazing hairstyle that features a rainbow going over the silver locks. This hairstyle is ideal for those who want to rock colorful hairdo with ease.

Model Styles

Indeed, it is one of the most popular and loved silver shades right now. Actually, this will also make you the center of attraction wherever you go.

Trendy Style

Take a look at this beautiful style that is perfect for ladies with short hair. Also, this trendy style can be worn on your next formal event.

Add More Blue

This stunning silver shade features a blue tinge that you will surely love. Either way, if you’re looking for a rocking style, then this is for you.

Celebrity Style 

Do you want to look like a celebrity or a queen? Then this style that looks elegant and fashionable is something worth getting.

Darker Styles

Similar to other hair colors the are several shades where you can choose from with silver. For instance, the image that you have seen below.

Bold Styles

Incorporate this style with amazing makeup for you to achieve a runway look. Besides, this hairstyle is very easy to achieve.

Gothic Style

No matter what your personality or style is, you can still rock gothic style perfectly. This hairstyle, on the other hand, is perfect for women who want to look chic and fierce. Either way, apply some makeup to finish off the look.

Medium Length

A beautiful hairstyle like this one can be worn for formal events or casually. Nevertheless, every girl can rock this hairstyle perfectly, no matter what your personality or style is.

Short Styles

Looking for an edgy hairstyle? Then you cannot go wrong with this style. Either way, this hairdo is ideal for ladies who are looking for short silver hairstyles that they can rock this season.

Slight Wave

Do you want to have a fiercer look? Then you should try this silver style to achieve the look you want to have. As a matter of fact, this hairstyle can be worn for a formal occasion or casually.

Long Locks

A simple yet beautiful silver style on long hair that is always great to try out. Who says that a long silver hairstyle does not look great at all?



The silver hair trend is not only for the elderly. Silver, on the other hand, is super on trend, edgy, sexy, chic, as well as sophisticated. In addition, ladies of all ages can rock the silver hair trend. Either way, if you are planning to change your look, check out the silver hair photos above and choose the shade that suits you the most.

We hope this content help you a lot in choosing the right and best style that suits your personality and character.


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