81 Classic Stacked Bob Trends To Experiment This 2020


This New Year 2020 , experiment your looks with the classic and trendy stacked bobs. This is basically the hair pattern where  you will have your hair piled up in layers one above the other. The stacked bob is the perfect blend of fashion and elegance , that gives you a younger and fresher look. It is an elementary hairstyle that does wonders on the short hair or the neck length hair, where the hair is chopped and stacked at the level of  the jawline .

The stacked bob initially came into fashion in the  1900 s , followed by again in the 1960s,  and now trending in the 2020 and very well experimented by the women of all ages and profession .

So girls , flaunt your attitude and confidence this year with the wonderful.


Basic Stacked Bob for Thick Hair

stacked bob

This is the basic simple style where the hair is cut in not many layers . The length of the hair is chopped upto to the length of the ears and stacked evenly in just two or three layers.

Blonde Stacked Bob

This style looks perfectly beautiful and flawless on the blonde colored hair. The color gives a different touch to this lovely hairstyle.

Highlighted Camel Hump

The hair is cut into many layers where the hair looks like a camel hump. Also, the hair is highlighted in vertical alignments to give your hair a funky touch.

The Ocean Waves

Identical to the mesmerizing ocean waves, your wavy hair looks absolutely stylish and diverse with this hair chop offs .

Leaf Layered Stacked Bob for Thin Hair

If you have thin hair and in less quantity, also, you do not want to cut it off very short, this style is what you should opt for. The hair is not chopped very short also not many layers are aligned so that your hair looks like a beautiful fresh leaf with a long edge at the end.

The Granny Fringes

This is the simple and elegant hairstyle our grandmothers love. Only a few numbers of layers are maintained keeping the style very simple and lovely. To twist it and to give a younger look, the length of the fringes are made depending on your preference.

The Bird’s Nest

In this haircut, the hair is layered in many sections and keeping it very short length hardly up to your ears.

Thick Stacked Bob

This style is the perfect solution for you if you wish to maintain the dense volume of the hair and not to keep it extremely short.

The Thin Layered Stacked Bob

If you have a small and flat face and also have thin hair, then, this look is the best you should try your hand at, It looks immensely smart and fashionable. Also, it gives you a completely professional look.

Immense Dense Stacked Bob

When you have immensely dense thick hair, and you have no idea what to do with you, to make it look edgy and trendy, this hairstyle is the perfect option for you.

Chubby Bobby

This hairstyle works wonders on big or round faces. The hair around the face is kept long and gradually cutting it short at the back and around the neck. The longer hair around your face very nicely covers your roundness and chubbiness of the face.

The Fashion Queen

Flaunt your attitude and beauty with this very fashionable haircut. This style looks splendid on all hair types and faces. Also, you do not need high maintenance for the hair to keep you with style. Just use a good shampoo and conditioner to maintain the look.

Bob but not a Bob

Just in case you do not want to experiment with the bobs, yet want to get the look of a bob, opt for this hairstyle. The hair is not cut into many layers also keeping the length long enough to cover your neck. There you go !! You do have a bob like look now.

Edgy Stacked Chops for Dense Hair

This edgy chops created on your hair look so so elite on small and thin faces. The hair is cut very short and cutting off several layers with sharp edges. Overall, your hair will look like a mesmerizing waterfall where the hair is flowing evenly in the same direction.

The Purple Haze

The purple textured hair provides an extra glaze and touch of freshness to your boring and monotonous life.

The Evening Breeze

Longing for a makeover for a long time, but not confident enough to explore your hair, this is our hairstyle to try. The hair flows like a pleasant evening breeze on your face.

Mushroom Layers for thick hair

This haircut appears moreover like a mushroom with a big round umbrella at the top and gradually shrinking at the roots; It gives you a very funky and hippy makeover.

Wooden Highlighted textured layers

If you wish to not to look shaggy and funky, but look smart and sleek, try out this wooden textured highlighted layers.

Supermodel Chop Offs

Allow people gaze at you with this incredible chop offs like a supermodel on the ramp.

Ninja Warrior

Get the feel of a Ninja Warrior with this very sharp and very very stylish haircut.

Soft layered waves

Resemble a celebrity with this vivacious layered waves. The lovely small waves always add up like a cherry on the cake.

Mystic Blue

Just in case you want to play with the colors, this mystic blue looks very different and playful . On the top, this hairstyle will add a touch of color to your confidence.

Short Random Layers for Messy Hair

This short random layers furnish you with a very artistic and funky lookout.

Topsy-Turvy little Stacked Bob

The topsy-turvy bob has very few layers with less hair at the back and gradual elongation at the front . This is simply an inverse bob.

Professional Soft Slices

The professional Bob looks more like a puff on the head with soft slices of hair keeping it very simple , smart yet bold .

Lazy Layered Stacked Bob for Straight Hair

When you do not have ample of time to spend on the maintenance and nurture of your hair, this lazy bob is there for you . Just run a comb over your hair and you are all set to go anywhere you wish to .

Soft  Hazel Bob for Slightly Wavy Hair

The gentle hazel bob looks exceptionally beautiful on soft and slightly wavy hair . The color and the flow of the hair looks magical together .

Inverse Wavy Stacked Bob for Rough Hair

The inverse wavy bob appears proper on you if have rough hair . Just swirl your fingers around your hair and you are ready to rock the look .

Multicolored Bold and Edgy Stacked Bob

Multicolored bobs look wonderful and fresh and playful. If you have the gut to play with the colors and flaunt your attitude , then girl, this a go-go for you . The hair at the neck is colored different and the surface hair a the scalp is colored different keeping the look very bold and edgy.

Edgy Hide and Seek Inverse Stacked Bob

The sharp inverse hide and seek bob has small hair at the neck with several layers chopped off and sharp edgy long hair in the front with the touch of little color in the hair.

Cloudy Waterfall for Straight and Silky Hair

This cloudy waterfall bob looks more like a beautiful waterfall with clouds wandering above it . The hair is cut off in equal few layers and stacked together. The length of your hair is upto your neck and not very short . This haircut looks marvelous on straight and silky hair.

Clipped Sharp East to go Bob

When bobs are easy to handle and do not trouble your face or eyesight , they look more dramatic and bold. This clipped bob style gives your face a perfect cut and tidy look.

Magical Burgundy Babe

Magical Burgundy Bob is the super trendy look that you can experiment this year. Be it an office gathering, rock concert or Christmas party , this hair trend makes you stand of different and stylish above others.

Supernatural Rainbow Bold Stacked Bob

Show the world your attitude and confidence by putting your hand at this supernatural rainbow Bob. Bright , light and vivacious hues are used to give your hair a marvelous rainbow hair color adding to the bold bob.

Messy Grey Bushy Stacked Bob

Do not know what to do with your messy volumnious hair, we have the solution for you . Embrace this hairstyle to make the appropriate justice to your natural hair. You do not need to spend a lot of time on fighting with the comb and the tangles in your hair . Just a quick move of the fingers over your bob will you party ready .

Side Parted Bangs for Small and Flat Face

In the case you have thin short hair and a small flat face, this side parted bangs will give a perfect edge to the jawline and cut of the face . Tuck your hair behind your ears to make your ears and face as much as possible to make your hair and face outshine each other equally.

Feather Razor Inverse Stacked Bob

Adding to the small twist in the tale, this feather razor inverse bob gives a very bold and edgy lookout to your hair. The magenta color on the ends of certain hair gives it the looks like a wonderful feather flying down the sky . The razor is used to sharpen the ends of the hair to give it the look and texture of a feather.

Multi-Layered Stack Bob for Thick and Dense Hair

Go for a multi-layered straight cut hair stacks bob this winter. When you have thick an dense straight hair , and you do not want to carry a whole kilograms of the weight in your head, opt for this multilayered stack bob. This haircut gives you a perfect glaze and playful look .

Lively Easy to go Bob

When you are a working women or a full time working mom, and you do not have enough time to doll up yourself and your hair , this bob is apt for you . This simple straight cut bob gives a touch of style , elegance and liveliness to your busy , boring and monotonous life. Not much care and maintenance is required for keeping this hair style in place. Run a gentle comb over your hair in any direction you wish to and there you go .

Cute Side Partition Short Stacked Bob

If you are wondering which style to try for a recent make over this year , go for this cute and simple side parted bob. This short stacked bob with side partition gives you a bubbly and lovely look and looks cute and young on any face and of any age.

Side Partition V Shaped Stacked Layers

Side V Falling side partition stacked layers appears very sleek and stylish. You do not have to come out of your comfort zone to try this style. The length of the hair is kept long enough upto your shoulders or neck and when you side part your hair , it gives the complete V shape like a leaf.

Very Short Compact Bob with Polished Highlights

The shiny and glossy polished highlights lets you explore more with your hair. This short hair compact bob gives an immense edgy and bold look to your face and jawline . You can very well showcase your sharp jawline and face with this very short equal hair chop off bob.

Sunset Inverse Stacked Bob

The sunset inverse bob gives you a perfect hippie and funky touch . The hair looks very trendy and exhibits your confidence very well .

Grey Razor Cut Edge Bob

The grey razor cut edge bob with soft bangs work wonders on small faces . This style looks equally marvelous on wavy hair as well. The end of the hair strands are chopped sharp and edgy to get that pointed bangs.

Soft Jawline Sliced Bob

A soft jawline bob is the perfect option for all hair types and face cuts. The soft layers are sliced upto your jawline keeping it very bold , edgy yet very simple and elegant.

Long Angled Blonde Bob for Voluminous Hair

Voluminous hair is what everyone longs for these days. But the volumes are equally very difficult to manage in our day to day busy lives. This bob style very nicely creates multiple layers and textures to maintain the volume as well as make it appear tidy and easy to manage.

College Girl Simple Layered Bob

Want to look like a cute lovely and young college girl, try your hand at this stacked bob. Few layers are cut off and small fringes are made at the front forehead to add the touch of liveliness and freshness to your face.

The Rockstar Inverse Bob with Long layer

Rock your life and look with this tremendously funky inverse stacked long layered bob. The violet color adds to a terrific bold look . The hair at the neck is stacked in several layers with short chop offs. And the hair at the front is kept in long layers as compared to the neck.

Rough Blonde Inverse Bob

Got rough hair and have no idea what to do with the unmanageable hair , the rough inverse bob is the right destination to your problem. Slice off the rough tangles into multiple layers and you are all set to give a magnificent look to your frizzy rough hair.

Bouncy Bob for Dense Straight Hair

The best way to look smart and bold with your long dense and straight hair is this bouncy bob. This gives a very sleek and marvelous texture to your smooth silky dense straight hair . Adding to the texture , this cut gives a very lovely bouncy look and feel to your hair making you feel prettier and younger .

Symmetric Bob with a side Slant

The Slant symmetric bob yields a very nice and super defined look to your beautiful face

Super Trimmed Stacked Bob for very Bold Girls

A very sexy , very funky and extremely bold style to exhibit your confidence . Nothing else can beat this haircut .

Easy Breezy Stacked Bob for Bouncy Volumes

Let your gorgeous hair do the talking for you. Allow them to move to and fro with the wind and and walk . This sleek stack gives a very comfortable and smooth finish to your look making you look very easy and breezy .

School Girl Stacked Bob with polished highlighted Strands

Feel like a school girl with this new trend .

Bold and Beautiful

Looking for some adventure this year, jump into trying this haircut. Show the brave and fearless side of you to the world with your hair .

Side fall Bold Waves

There is different deal and amount of magic your hair can do . Your hair speaks a great about you and your attitude and boldness.

Graduated Stacked Bob

Wondering what style to wear this year? Jump into the magical graduated bob with a very exciting touch of a bright purple blue highlight like a birds feather.

The Cool Waves

The cool wavy hair bob is definitely the best thing that u can do to your hair . This look does complete justice to your face cut and jawline.

Asymmetric Textured Chops for Rough Hair

Got rough and frizzy hair . Chop off your hair into asymmetric textured layers stacked all together.

Sophisticated A Line Bold Bob

Exhibit your poise and boldness with this super sexy sophisticated A line stacked bob

Uneven Random Chops

Got some lovely grey curls and want to make it appear more sleek and smart, run for this uneven randomly chopped curly bob .

Old Hat Blunt Stacked Bob

Style up your hair like a professional with this very easy to go and low maintenance layers.

The Easy Regular Stacked Bob

This haircut is the best for the thick bouncy straight hair . It gives you a magnificent look like a supermodel walking the ramp everyday.

The Fearless Slices

Display your fearlessness to your friends, relatives and colleagues with this smart and sleek hair slices.

Bold and Beautiful Exclusive Stacked Bob

Be bold and beautiful both at the same time with this very gracious hair set up.

Soft and Sophisticated Look for all Working Women

A women can be both soft and bold at the same moment of time . This bob is for you girls . Feel super confident and like a supermodel at your job or work everyday.

Straight Simple Bob with Light and Shade Touch of Red and Grey

Straight Bobs with a touch of magical color provides you a very classic and elegant touch to your boring and discolored hair. A touch of a slight reddish and grey color does perfect magic of light and shade reflection to your hair.On the top , the straight bob gives you a very bold and beautiful look.

Extreme Edgy and Bold Stacked Bob for Tiny Hair

Experiment with this very edgy and extremely bold bob this year .

Miraculous Ringlets for Curly Hair

Showcase your charisma and let people feel the magic in your hair with this very dramatic hairstyle .

Jolly Stacked Bob for the Lovely Mommies

Stay juvenile and jolly at any age with this super stylish hair do . This bob gives a very decent as well as bold look to your hair and very well makes you feel and look 10 years younger and playful.

Long Straight Hair layered Stacked Bob for Thin Hair

When you love your hair so much that you do not want to chop off the length and also are afraid to experiment and explore more with your hair , the simple layered hair is for you .This style not exactly gives a stacked bob but looks like an overall bob with long layers .

Swirls and Twirls

Stand out different among all like a celebrity with the mysterious curly bob. The curls swirl and twirl around each other like a sky full of stars wandering around each other. This hairstyle is a perfect blend to showcase your attitude, beauty, confidence , fashion and style of course.

Side Parted V Shape Stacked Bob

The side parted V shaped sliced bob gives your hair and face a sharp edgy cut to the neck and the jawline. The hair at the neck is chopped off into many layers and stacked together like a bun , and the remaining hair around the face is side parted and cut in a V shape . But the length is kept longer than the jawline hiding your extra elongated or chubby face. If you have a big elongated or round face, this style would do complete justice to to your hair and face.


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