The Dopamine We Get from Playing Slots


Online slots are among the most popular games at online casinos around the world. Players can choose from multiple options and make the most out of the gaming experience. Playing slots make the patrons feel above the moon and we can compare it with certain stimulations that happen when you take some energetic drink. These games are perfect and there a lot of reasons for that.

Online slots are becoming more than engaging in the latest period. Developers are including as many features as possible, allowing customers to enjoy unique graphics, immersive themes, and exciting gameplay. All these come together with attractive audio effects and an action-packed experience. This century is all about gamification of online slots and users are more than impressed.

What is Dopamine?

Most experts connect slot excitement with an increased level of dopamine. This hormone is activated when we experience something exciting. The same hormone is triggered when you eat something delicious or receive a reward. The level of dopamine is going even higher when you are close to recognition or a certain prize. Playing online slots is a similar experience as you are always a spin away from winning.

Feeling High with Slots

Slot developers are trying to create progressive games that attract customers and keep them interested. One of the methods which they use is near miss strategy, which makes players believe that they are close to winning. For example, matching two out of three symbols on the active reel, keep players excited about their chances. Followed by the previous experience, players continue with the same game while believing that next time will be their lucky day!

It is very disappointing to hear that hitting two out of three symbols brings the same result as not hitting any symbol at all…

Another casino strategy is allowing players to stop the reels while spinning. It makes players believe their action matters. However, when you release the spin button without winning, you will start wondering what will happen if you have proceeded with the game. It is another way for casinos to boost the level of dopamine and force you to spin one more time.

Winning Real Money at Online Casinos

If you are playing long sessions without success and then earn big after a while, you are getting excited more than usual. At the same moment, you start wondering whether to stop or continue spinning. Players start online slots because they believe that they can choose how to spend their money.

There are a number of studies that show that players who invest more in winning slot games finish their sessions with empty hands, while those who are playing without concerns can easily manage their balance until the winning occurs.

Talking about moderate gambling and spinning slots for as little money as possible. we cannot forget the no deposit free spins bonuses that are available at many online casinos now and provide the chance to play slots with out investing any money.

Even free games make players think about the possible outcome in case of real money session. It additionally activates brain, forcing them to invest money and start the real game.

Slots Are Becoming More Sophisticated

With the development of new tech solutions, players are attracted to video slot options rather than classic variations. Customers choose to spend their time and money on games with extra features, engaging graphics, and alluring sound effects.

Slot developers recognize customers’ preferences and needs. For that reason, they choose to create the most advanced machines ever and attract more customers. In addition to it, slots are starting to resemble video games and become more interesting for users. Gamification of slot machines is key to success for most developers in the market. They create games with free spins, bonus features, numerous symbols, and jackpot options to overwhelm regular players. The level of dopamine increases with every single spin and players believe that their actions matter.

Playing slots machines is one of the recommended options for all casino lovers. However, you should continue with gaming experience as long as you enjoy it and play for entertainment purposes. It will allow you to have a high level of excitement while playing responsibly either for free or real money.


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