Tips on How to Dress up For a Casino Night Out


Casinos, especially high-end ones, expect their guests to dress in a certain way. After all, these are a somewhat prestigious places where people come to get some entertainment and have fun. And depending on the casino, it can be challenging to follow the dress code and choose the proper attire.

Many casinos in addition of having dress codes, also have special etiquettes. That’s why some instead of getting dressed and spend money on their outfit, prefer to play games and look for entertainment online. That, and the non-distracting environment of course. Stats show that bet365 is a good choice for players because their site has casino games and a sportsbook for placing bets. But if you’re planning to visit a land-based casino, let’s figure out what are the best tips and guidelines you can use when going through your wardrobe.

The General Rule

You may be tired of hearing this, but the outfit should always fit you properly without exceptions – no matter where you go. This means that the clothes you wear need to look good on you, no matter the brand or the price tag. Avoid wearing too bulky or too tight pants, shirts and suits, because it simply looks bad. And if there’s anything to note about dress codes and casinos, is that everyone wears clothes that fit their shape.

Asking the Right Questions

The three questions you have to ask yourself when getting ready to dress up:

  • How high-end is the casino you’re going to?
  • Is the dress-code strict?
  • Will there be a party afterwards or some similar event that you want to attend to?

Once you know the specifics, we can start talking about some of the most popular dress codes that casinos have. You’ll often times hear about the black-tie dress code, which is fairly common among prestigious casinos. Other than this one, dressing semi-formally will most often suffice.

Dress Codes


The black-tie dress code means that there are specific guidelines about clothes that people can wear. There’s little to no space for experiments – especially for the guys. Men must wear an elegant white dress shirt, a black bow-tie and an evening jacket. Women have a bit more options which include wearing a ball gown, an ankle length evening gown which is often accompanied by a wrap or stole and gloves or a black-tie event cocktail dress.


This type of attire is applicable to the more casual casinos where people go in to have some fun and then go home. You should look presentable and dressy, but you don’t have to try as hard. Suits are always a good bet. Either a formal or a non-formal one will be good enough. A dress shirt and a blazer is also a great choice. In certain casinos, it’s totally fine to wear jeans as well. The similar principles apply to the girls as well. A cocktail dress or a more of a formal pantsuit are somewhat of the equivalents of the suits men can wear.


The shoes are a special case. A general rule of thumb is that your shes should always be as clean as possible. Dress shoes are an absolute must, except for Vegas, where you can see people wearing sneakers, flip-flops or sandals in most casinos. The shoes should always match your outfit – period. This means that the color, style, brand – everything should blend in with your other clothes.


Lastly, it is very important to blend in with the crowd. The stuff discussed here will help you in the most cases, but there are still some exceptions. Sometimes, casinos host retro-themed dress nights such as the ’1920s formal-wear’ or the ‘vintage 1950s’ theme. And if you’re not sure about this, it’s best to check online or even make a call and ask.


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