Top 5 Bizarre Beard Style and How to Maintain It


Many men love beards because they instantly man you up. This is why you will find a majority of gentlemen investing in pro cutting tools like andis master to perfectly shape their beards. While many will go for the classic or elegant beard cuts, some adult males think outside the box to come up with some weird facial hair styles. Here is a list of the top 5 bizarre facial hairstyles, and what it takes to maintain these unusual looks.

The Dali Moustache

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While there is nothing peculiar about wearing a moustache, the Dali version is quite out there. The look features 2 long strands of hair on either side of the moustache. To maintain this look, you have to give the beard some time to grow so that you can trim off all the other unnecessary facial hair. You might also need to apply styling gel on a daily basis to keep the long strands in position.

The Rogue’s Smile

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This is not a look that many dare to have on. The few who can are required to grow a long thick beard that will lay on the side of the face all the way above the ears. The middle part of the chin below the lower lip should remain cleanly shaven. It is ideal for gentlemen who can grow their beards very fast, so that you do not have to wait an eternity to wear this look. You must also invest in products that will allow the beards to remain in shape.

The Half Beard

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Why rock a full beard when it is possible to wear a half one? This is a school of thought that some men find exciting. What this means is that half the face all the way from your hair presents a well-done beard while the other side remains bare. This style dictates that you wear the facial hair short not letting it grow too long or having a stubble look. The half beard also features a half-moustache that looks well-kempt. You can, however, choose the length of facial hair that you find suitable for your face.

The Braided Goatee

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A goatee is a beard style that is loved by quite a number of men. Some members of the menfolk are not content with growing the “basic” goatee. They want to grow it so long that it falls beneath their chest. This is not it, because they go ahead and braid the facial hair. A few will have one long braid will the others may have several braids. Besides this, men who like this style also tend to dye their beards a different colour. Surprisingly, this was a trend that was quite popular in the 90s and it is looking to make a comeback.

Bat Stache

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Whether for the love of Batman the superhero or just bats in general, some guys find it ideal to have a bat stache on their face. You can tell by the precision of the cut that this is not something very easy to come up with. In fact, if you are not keen and committed, you might have to hire a professional barber anytime you want to step out in this look. It is, however, perfect for anyone who does not want too much hair on their face. The style is also ideal for costume parties. 


Weird beard styles are a preserve for gutsy men who are not scared to go the extra mile with their facial hair. Can you rock a different or “funny-looking” beard style?


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