Top Tips for a Full Home Deep Clean; From Your Oak Wood Flooring to Your Bathroom Grout


Homes need a deep clean every now and then. Whether you are trying to sell up or you have important visitors swinging by, there could be any number of reasons why you choose to deep clean your home. You could even choose to do so simply because you feel like your home is a little stifling and in need of some clearing out. It might be a somewhat difficult prospect to manage, especially if you have something which you think might need a lot of care such as oak wood flooring. However, it might be easier than you think to put together a sparkling clean home. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make your home as clean as possible.

First Step – Declutter 

There is no point in cleaning your home from top to bottom if you are not also going to declutter and tidy at the same time. Decluttering is the perfect first step to help you get your home straight. It allows you to create some space to be filled at some point and also helps you to work out exactly needs to be done.

Decluttering can seem like a massive undertaking, but it can actually be quite easy if you break it down. It might be as simple as moving from room to room, or you could even do it cupboard by cupboard if that is too much. There is always a way for you to get started. Be ruthless with the actual declutter too. You can clear out plenty of space if you are willing to say goodbye to some things you don’t really need anymore. Take it as a brilliant opportunity to give some things away to charity if you need to.

Work from the Top Down 

No matter which room you are in, you should always work from the top of a room down to the floor. Start by checking the ceilings for any cobwebs and then get to work on high shelves or cupboards. Approaching a room in this way is exactly what you need to make sure that any dust or dirt is always being pushed down. At the end of a clean, you will only have the floors to deal with, but you know that the upper levels are all going to be beautiful.

Move the Furniture – And Take It Apart 

How regularly do you vacuum behind your sofa? If you can’t remember the last time you did it then it is definitely time that this task was done. The same can be said for any heavy pieces of furniture. Obviously, anything like a wardrobe or dresser might be too much for you to move, but anything like a bed or a desk can easily be shifted long enough for you to get the vacuum cleaner behind it.

Don’t be afraid to pull the furniture apart if you need it too. Something like a sofa-bed can trap dirt and dust in the mechanism. You, therefore, need to pull it apart and clean each and every part of it; especially if you know that someone is going to be sleeping on it.

Make Those Floors Sparkle 

Oak wood flooring is a stunning choice for any home, and it can actually be easier than you might think to care for it. Most people assume that wood floors need constant care and attention but that simply isn’t the case. With regular cleaning in the form of a sweep and a light wash down with a micro fibre mop, there is no reason why wood floor won’t be left spick and span.

However, a deep clean might mean that you want to give it a little more attention. If this is truly the case, then you may want to search for a specialised wood cleaner to give your floor a little something extra. You need to make sure that you do indeed find one which is made for wood floors as you might otherwise damage your oak wood flooring. Try to also find one which is as natural as possible so that you aren’t introducing any harsh chemicals to your home. Any little ones you might have or any pets will be much safer around natural cleaning products than chemical-based ones.

Don’t Neglect the Carpets 

Since you are paying so much attention to your oak wood flooring, it is only fair that you give equal attention to your carpets. This is actually even more important as you probably clean your wood floors more than you properly clean your carpet. However, a deep clean is the perfect opportunity for you to shampoo the carpets.

There are many ways you can do this. If you want to handle it for yourself, you could either invest in a carpet cleaner or hire one from a local store. Otherwise, take a look at the services in your area. You might be able to find a fantastic local company who are able to come in and give your carpets the proper attention they deserve. Just make sure you aren’t around when they tip the water out; you might be disgusted to see the filth that has been lifted from your carpet!

Tackle That Grout 

Trying to tackle bathroom grout often tops the least favourite cleaning jobs of many people. It is tiresome, fiddly, and time-consuming and yet it somehow manages to make all the difference in your bathroom. The first thing you need to do is use a sponge to clean away any of the surface mould in the grouting. The only cleaning products you will need here will be water and a detergent like fairy liquid as all we are trying to do is move the surface away.

With everything scrubbed away, you have the choice between several products. Bleach is popular amongst many cleaners, but others are choosing to opt for more natural remedies using concoctions with the base ingredient of vinegar. This plus essential oils like eucalyptus and lemon extract can remove the unpleasant smell that vinegar might have.

You need to apply whatever concoction you are using to the grout using an old toothbrush and make sure you are as thorough as possible. Leave it to sit for 30 minutes and then scrub it again with nothing more than clean water. When that is done, be sure to rinse the tiles really well; especially if you have used bleach as this is not kind to naked skin and you don’t want to cause irritation on the next person to use the shower

All the Glass 

Take stock of how many glass surfaces you have in the house; including windows. More than you might have initially thought, right? While you can get the outside of the windows professionally cleaned, you might be a little stuck when it comes to the inside.

Cleaning glass is one of those tasks which never seems like it has an end, but it really will make all the difference to your home once it is sparkling. As with decluttering, take each room one by one to make the task a little easier. You can use a designated glass cleaner with a dry towel, or you can use good old vinegar again with newspaper, so long as the newspaper doesn’t leave any ink fingerprints behind. It is also important to not let whatever you are using to clean get too wet as this is what tends to leave the streaks behind. For example, you will need to change a towel or rag fairly frequently if you want to avoid leaving streaks everywhere.

If you are cleaning both sides of a glass surface for yourself, such as a shower screen, a brilliant way to avoid streaks is to use a different direction for each side. For example, you might wipe one side vertically and the other side horizontally. This is a super-easy way for you to be able to work out what side the streak is on so you can get it cleaned away.

Work at Your Own Pace 

The fastest way to derail a deep clean is for you to take on too much at once. If you are cleaning just because you need to then you can set the timescale. If you have a deadline like a house sale or people visiting, you need to break up the work into reasonable chunks. There is no reason why you cannot slowly work your way through what you have to do just a room at a time.

Whether you love cleaning or can’t stand it, a deep clean is the perfect way for you to reset your home and make it feel like new; that can’t be denied. Why not make it a group activity? Get your family involved or break up the work amongst your flatmates. Many hands do make the work lighter and you all get to enjoy the clean house when it is finished. Make a plan for your next deep clean and then get stuck in today!


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