Why Is Lakeside Living Becoming An Increasingly Popular Option For Urban Dwellers?

The rise in the demand for rural homes reveals the ‘profound psychological change” caused by the current global health situation, with many urban homeowners heading to rural areas to live in mountain or lakeside retreats. The rise in remote work opportunities, coupled with the calming effect that green living can bring, are two of the most powerful reasons for those who have already made a change. If you are thinking of moving to a lakeside setting, which of these motivating factors is most powerful and decisive?
The Physical And Mental Health Benefits Of Living Near Water
Research compiled by Neuroscience News indicates that blue space (lakes, seas, and other bodies of water) have several benefits for physical and mental health. These include a reduction in stress, an increase in levels of physical activity, and an improvement in mood and psychological wellbeing. One meta-analysis of studies by S Volker and colleagues showed that water impacts emotional wellbeing in a number of ways: it inspires greater spirituality and self-connection, instils a powerful sense of peace, and boosts attention, interest and fascination. It’s easy to see how living in a seaside or lakeside home – one in which the serenity of water can be seen from all angles – can have significant restorative benefits.
Scenic Design In Lakeside Homes
Modern lakeside homes are far from the simple ‘log cabin style’ homes made popular in the films of old. Today, they contain modern design elements, and reflect current home construction trends – including modernism, sustainability, and a passion for biophilic elements. In popular lakeside areas in the U.S. like Lake Travis, homes display luxury features such as high ceilings, exposed roof trusses with wooden beams, kitchens featuring a blend of marble and high-end metallic features, and beautiful stone and wood effect decks. They embrace natural scenery and sunlight through features such as glass walls and open floor plans. It makes sense to ‘let nature in’, considering the fact that these homes are often ensconced by hundreds of miles of shoreline, lush natural settings, and elegant features such as golf courses. The downside of lake living – including distance from major cities – is being compensated for by many developers, with everything from community gyms to shops being set up close to lake communities.
Water For Recreation
Lakeside living provides families with a host of fun activities that restore body and mind. These include sports like stand up paddle (SUP), water skiing, and swimming. Boating is another activity that home dwellers can take up with friends and family. Because lakeside homes are so close to water, it is important for families with young children to take steps to boost safety. Fencing and alarm systems can help ensure children are far from water at all times. Children should always be supervised when they are in the water, and they should wear certified life jackets. They should additionally take up swimming as soon as they are able to in order to ensure they are secure in the water and aware of common dangers.
City slickers are increasingly moving to green and blue zones to make the most of nature’s countless health benefits. Modern lake houses are aesthetically appealing, boasting design features such as natural light, open floor plans, and luxury fittings. They also provide the perfect setting for fun activities that children and adults alike enjoy – including swimming, water skiing, and boating.



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