Why Safe Sex Is So Important


Sex can be an experience between two people that’s beyond magical. When you love and trust someone, the intimacy of sexual encounters can be felt all the more and the pleasure can be made so much greater. In order for the trust to be possible, you must practice safe sex. This is why safe sex is so important.

Pregnancy prevention

You must practice safe sex if you want to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Methods like withdrawal (also known as the pull-out method) contain too many variables for them to be considered effective pregnancy prevention. To avoid pregnancy, you need to use a reliable method of contraception, such as condoms, diaphragms, or birth control pills. Your chances of conceiving can be greatly reduced if these are used in tandem. You also need to make sure you’re using these items correctly, as improper use of contraceptives can negate their purpose. Condoms need to be worn properly and not reused. Birth control pills need to be taken on schedule. By taking responsibility for your sexual life, you can help to keep pregnancy from occurring.

STD prevention

If heterosexual relationships or ones between two men, if one member has a sexually transmitted disease, condoms need to be used. Even if things like birth control and diaphragms are able to prevent conception, they aren’t able to stop STDs from spreading. Some common STDs include chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HPV. Signs of these include pain while urinating, bumps around the genitals, and general discomfort while having sex. For women in same-sex relationships, condoms can’t be used, but there are ways to prevent STDs. Partners can use dental dams to prevent infection when oral sex is performed. If any sex toys are used, they need to be cleaned as thoroughly as possible after each use. Should you receive an STD or suspect that you’ve been infected, you need to get tested. It can be embarrassing and scary to receive an STD diagnosis, but the good news is that many are treatable and go away as long as you follow your doctor’s orders. Before you get intimate with a partner, make sure to disclose STDs with each other. Even if yours has been cured, it’s still good practice to talk about these matters.


Whether or not abstinence counts as safe sex is debatable. While it’s the only method that’s guaranteed to completely rule out the possibility of pregnancy and STDs, it’s also not actually safe sex, but the absence of sex entirely. However, abstinence can be a good practice, especially if you have goals that you don’t want to be potentially hindered by pregnancy or an STD. The most important thing with abstinence is that you’re doing it because it’s just your decision. If you’re doing it due to other people forcing you into it, you’re going to become uncertain about what exactly it is that you want. The same goes for being sexually active. You shouldn’t be having sex because others are or because your partner pressures you into it. You should be having sex because you enjoy it and you want to.

Discussing safe sex

You and your partner might have fairly different ideas of what constitutes safe sex. Before getting intimate with them, you need to discuss what it means to each of you. There could be gaps in your respective definitions that need to be resolved. Let your partner know that your desire for safe sex comes out of wanting to keep each other safe and happy. If they’re not willing to live up to the reasonable guidelines you’re setting forth, then it might be for the best that you not continue your relationship any further. Having to be abstinent or in a potentially sexually dangerous situation due to the stubbornness of a partner is not fair to you.

Practicing safe sex means putting in a bit of effort for an immense amount of relief. Not only do you get to avoid unwanted pregnancy and STDs, but you also get the satisfaction of knowing that you and your partner don’t just want to give each other sexual pleasure. You also want to keep each other healthy and freed of any sort of long-term sexual consequences. To help these concepts stick, make “safe sex” and “sex” interchangeable in your vocabulary.


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